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Wang Laoji and LINGJI join hands in “super Dan”! Zhong Nanshan praises the king of vitamin C again

Later, Lin Dan and Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, went into the studio to bring goods for cilingji. The combination of “lindan miracle medicine” caused heated discussion.


On the day of signing the contract, xiaoshidai had an exchange with senior executives of Guangzhou Wanglaoji big health industry Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. on the current operation situation and future planning of spiningji in Guangzhou headquarters.

Expected to exceed 500 million sales target


It is reported that since this year, Guangyao Wang Laoji has taken the two pronged approach of “consumption poverty alleviation + industry poverty alleviation”, and it is estimated that the sales of cilingji series products will reach 500 million yuan this year.


Weng Shaoquan, general manager of Wanglaoji health company, said in an interview that cilingji’s sales volume consists of two parts: cilingji high-dimensional C beverage and leisure food. Among them, the overall sales of high-dimensional C beverage in China has reached about 70%, which can be said to be a successful breakthrough under the test of the epidemic situation He said. In terms of leisure food, Wang Laoji pharmaceutical company director long Guanghong told xiaoshidai that its sales volume has exceeded 100 million.

“For our sales target of 500 million yuan this year, we are very confident to achieve it.” Weng Shaoquan said.

Rosa roxburghii Tratt is known as the king of vitamin C. its vitamin C content is about 100 times that of lemon, which has high nutritional value and medical research value. However, due to geographical limitations, few people know. Driven by the “consumption poverty alleviation + industry poverty alleviation”, Wang Laoji is accelerating the exposure through a series of measures to vigorously enhance the national popularity of “cilingji”.


Signing site of cilingji brand spokesperson

At present, the market coverage of Wanglaoji cilingji products is mainly in Guizhou and Guangdong. It is understood that sales of cilingji products mainly rely on Wang Laoji’s channels and team resources, and has successfully arranged catering, supermarket, community, retail stores, e-commerce, gift market and online channels, Weng said.

In terms of online channels, cilingji chooses to focus on new retail. For example, it has settled in tmall, pinduoduo, Jingdong and other large e-commerce platforms, and issued 200 million yuan of cilingji poverty alleviation consumption coupons to the society. According to the current information, about 10% of the total revenue of LINGJI is from the online channel.

The invitation of lindane to become the spokesperson of cilingji brand is believed to further enhance the brand influence and communication power of cilingji, and expand the consumption market of cilingji. During the activity, Lin Dan and Li Chuyuan went into the live room to promote CI Ningji. Lin Dan also sent Autographed rackets to netizens who helped the industry of Rosa roxburghii in Guizhou. Lin Dan joined hands with Guangyao, and the combination of “lindan wonderful medicine” has triggered a wave of hot discussion on the Internet.




Before that, Wang Laoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Dufen International Co., Ltd. founded by Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang, and jointly established Guangzhou Dufen Health Industry Co., Ltd., and released the first cooperative product ciling Jiqi Paojiu. Around cilingji, Wang Laoji and Lin Dan once again join hands to enhance the national popularity of cilingji and create a more fashionable, more youthful and more dynamic brand image.


For young people


As a century old brand, Wang Laoji knows the importance of communicating with young consumers. “We attach great importance to younger brands and attract young people through numerous marketing activities,” said Weng. Including: WeChat, micro-blog, Jo, B station have built official accounts of tiktok Ji, and Papi, Li Jiaqi, viya and other top network red, anchor, through in-depth and in-depth communication with fashionable and interesting content and young consumers, to young consumers, planting a thorn, and promoting the transformation of consumer education and sales.


Wang Laoji’s senior executives, Olympic champion and CI LINGJI brand spokesperson


“After the endorsement cooperation with lindane, we will also develop the sports consumption scene and outdoor consumption scene of cilingji according to its health attributes, expand the product circle, enhance the popularity of cilingji, and create a more fashionable and youthful brand image for cilingji.” Weng Shaoquan introduced the future planning of the brand.


In order to meet the diversified taste needs of young consumers, cilingji has also carried out a series of new product innovation and development work in addition to vitamin C drinks, including starting the upgrading work of cilingji gas bubble wine, and successively developed Rosa roxburghii juice, Rosa roxburghii preserved fruit, cilingji moon cake, Rosa roxburghii probiotic yoghurt and other new products to further enrich Rosa roxburghii product group.


Not long ago, pan Gaoshou and Pepsi Quaker cross-border cooperation to create China’s first nutritious oat thin. It has been revealed that the two sides will further cooperate in the development of rare Rosa roxburghii oats and integrate fashion and health products with poverty alleviation.


There are three main reasons why Wang Guangji is not well-known at present, although they are not well-known at present


First of all, in the post epidemic era, consumers’ demand for health is increasing. Because Rosa roxburghii Tratt is rich in natural vitamin C, it naturally meets the pursuit of consumers’ health needs;


The goal of Guangyao Wang Laoji is not only to enlarge the brand of cilingji, but also to revitalize the healthy, fashionable and ecological Rosa roxburghii industry in Guizhou.


“Consumption + industry” poverty alleviation


On September 28, the party and government delegation of Guizhou Province came to Wanglaoji health company to investigate the poverty alleviation work of Guangyao group and Wang Laoji to the Rosa roxburghii industry in Guizhou. Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangyao group, reported on the relevant work and the poverty alleviation achievements. The guests also included Zhong Nanshan, the winner of the medal of the Republic of China and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, as well as Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang, the couple of world badminton champions.


Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, reported


Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangyao group, introduced that since the end of 2018, Wang Laoji of Guangyao has effectively launched cilingji series of products. Through continuous brand promotion, Guizhou Rosa roxburghii industry has achieved remarkable poverty alleviation effect. In 2019, the total sales volume of cilingji series products exceeded 100 million yuan, and the sales of Rosa roxburghii production and processing enterprises increased by more than 30% year on year, indirectly driving over 28000 people out of poverty and increasing income.


It is reported that this event is also the second time that academician Zhong attended Wang Laoji’s related activities in half a year. As early as April 28, at the “2020 Guizhou Rosa roxburghii Industry Development Forum”, academician Zhong Nanshan led the establishment of “Rosa roxburghii respiratory disease research joint research group” with Guizhou respiratory disease research institute and Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group to further study and excavate the efficacy of Rosa roxburghii Tratt. The first batch of research projects, including the full component analysis and related efficacy research of Rosa roxburghii Tratt, are stepping up.

At the meeting, academician Zhong interpreted the importance of vitamin C in medicine, and also expressed his views on Rosa roxburghii Tratt. “Rosa roxburghii Tratt has high vitamin C content. Every 100 grams of Rosa roxburghii Tratt has more than 3 grams of vitamin C. It tastes good to make it sour and sweet.”

This time, he and the party and government delegation from Guangdong and Guizhou came to Wang Laoji to inspect the poverty alleviation achievements of cilingji. As for Rosa roxburghii with thorns all over the body, affecting picking and eating, Zhong Nanshan said that “how to play the role of Rosa roxburghii, Guizhou and Wang Laoji have done a good job”, again for the thorn Ningji praise.


Academician Zhong Nanshan praised Rosa roxburghii again


It has been revealed that Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group is currently working with the academician team of Zhong Nanshan to accelerate the research of Rosa roxburghii Tratt. It is expected that the research and development results will be achieved as soon as the end of the year. At that time, it will bring advantages for the promotion of Rosa roxburghii and cilingji.


Zhong Nanshan and other leading guests unveil
for the joint research group on Rosa roxburghii respiratory disease


According to the data, since this year, while fighting the epidemic, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group has continuously increased its efforts to help the poor, and has made every effort to tackle the task of poverty alleviation through industrial layout and consumption poverty alleviation.

In terms of industrial layout, Guizhou Wanglaoji cilingji Industrial Development Co., Ltd. has been listed in Qiannan, with a total area of 300 mu. The production line has reached 600000 cans of Wanglaoji herbal tea and 500000 cans of cilingji per day. Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will establish southwest operation center in Bijie, set up Guangyao Wanglaoji scientific innovation base and Guangyao Wanglaoji (Bijie) Industry Co., Ltd., and will cooperate with qixingguan district government to build cilingji Runhou sugar production line.




In terms of consumption poverty alleviation, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group and Guizhou Province jointly held the 2020 Guizhou Rosa roxburghii industry development forum to give full play to the advantages of Rosa roxburghii “king of vitamin C”, create healthy anti epidemic and consumption poverty alleviation product selling points, issue cilingji poverty alleviation consumption coupons worth 200 million yuan to the society, and launch the first full staff marketing and carrying goods in the history of Guangzhou medicine.


It is reported that in the future, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group will continue to develop Rosa roxburghii fashionable leisure food and health care products, and at the same time, it will vigorously promote the construction of Guizhou Bijie Runhou sugar production line, strive to be put into production by the end of this year, drive local employment, and help Guizhou to fight and win the battle against poverty. With a view to the future, with the all-round development of cilingji industry, the Rosa roxburghii industry in Guizhou will also inject high-quality development momentum and become a new economic growth point. The future of 10 billion fashion Rosa roxburghii industry is expected.

A kind of

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