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Zhang Honggen: the secret for dealers to do their own brand well is here

Dealers all have a worry: the products are owned by manufacturers, and the agency right is unstable.
As a result, many dealers will ask: “pro, do you have your own brand?” The response is often a song “cool” telling the heart.
Zhang Honggen, general manager of Wuxi Duoduo Trading Co., Ltd
However, there is a dealer with his own brand, Captain snail, who has established a firm foothold in the leisure food market. This person is Zhang Honggen, general manager of Wuxi Duoduo shopping Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Duoduo purchase”).
Since its establishment, Duoduo has become a representative of the free brand of Jinqiao non-staple food wholesale market in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. So, how did Zhang Honggen rewrite the fate of free brand and perform the real version of “the destiny of private brand is up to me, not to heaven”?
01 choose products suitable for your own channel
The pricing of products in the circulation channel is user-friendly. If the products with higher prices are mixed, they may be put on the shelf and nobody will pay attention to them. If you put this product in a high-end snack shop, it may become a best seller.
Zhang Honggen, who has rich sales experience, knows that to be a private brand, he must choose the products suitable for his own channel.
Many purchases are focused on offline channels, and the private brand “snail captain” is also integrated into the sales thinking of a large number of offline channels. Under the leadership of Zhang Honggen, the snail team leader was warmly welcomed by consumers after it was listed and spread to the sales channels.
In order to optimize the product mix and better drive the sales of his own brand, Zhang Honggen also acts as the agent of baxiandao, Mengbao, Sanguo Wuwei, snail Xiandao, Qian Jiaxiang, iesijia, laoxiansheng, Wutang master, grain era, Zhengguang, miaofe and other products. With the method of “taking the best with the best”, Zhang Honggen has made the snail captain famous in the leisure food market.
Only the products that match the channel can be marketable. Don’t try to spread one product to all channels. If you have a private brand suitable for your own channel, how can you worry about not selling it?
2 changing the thinking of “dealers”
Most of the dealers are in the distribution thinking, that is, the traditional traders, who buy low and sell high to earn the price difference. When operating their own brand, they will inevitably take the marketing thinking and lead to failure. Is it because the dealer’s ability is not strong?
The answer is No. many dealers have achieved business of hundreds of millions or even billions, and their business mind and ability can be called the best in the industry.
The reason why he failed in private brand management was that his role and position affected what he saw and made judgments.
Zhang Honggen decided to run the snail team leader, largely because he was guided by his good friend’s successful precedent. With the help of his good friends, Zhang Honggen reversed his thinking at the beginning and asked the team to change their original thinking together.
He understood that in the process of introducing a new brand to the market, market acceptance needs to have a process, and it needs to rely on steady operation to establish market awareness. After a period of accumulation, snail captain captured the favor of a large number of consumers.
Therefore, when making their own brand, dealers must change their inherent distribution thinking, so as to lay a solid foundation for the success of their own brands.
Marketing planning of 03 brake system
The nature of Jinqiao non-staple food wholesale market determines that dealers can only achieve more long-term development through their own brands. However, Zhang Honggen knows that private brands are not simply imitating the best products on the market, but need systematic brand and marketing planning.
Systematic brand system generally refers to product force, brand culture, brand content, image recognition and value logic. To this end, Zhang Honggen made great efforts in the logo design of the snail captain, and finally showed a playful and aesthetic image, which caught the attention of consumers at the first time.
Of course, if a brand does not have a professional and systematic marketing planning, such as product structure, price system, channel planning, promotion mode, etc., it simply and roughly marks a price for a product, and then it starts to directly shout out special prices. Most of the results are very little, and even suffer terrible losses.
In order to avoid this problem, Zhang Honggen at the very beginning formulated a strict planning scheme, focusing on offline channel sales, so that the snail captain can have a foothold in the Jinqiao non-staple food wholesale market, and gradually move towards a broader market.
04 success depends on persistence
Zhang Honggen’s successful experience is worth learning. So, how should dealers master the fate of their own brands?
First of all, we should improve brand influence. Dealers should create their own products to enhance the channel competitiveness and enhance the brand awareness of their company. At the same time, we should also strengthen the protection of private brands.
Secondly, dealers should create differentiated products. In order to attract consumers and improve sales volume, we should have our own characteristics from packaging, specifications to product taste.

Then, the dealers should conduct full investigation on the market and then set the price, and avoid blind pricing.
Finally, products must match their own channels. After private brands are put into production, they should be put into the most suitable sales channels.
The success of team leader snail is only the starting point of Zhang Honggen’s private brand. Next, he will continue to innovate and become a better private brand dealer and provide more products welcomed by consumers.
At the same time, the future leisure food market, also need more dealers to invest in the operation of their own brand, together to create a more perfect market.
Source: original copy of snack express needs authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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