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Fresh milk cross-border moon cake, fresh words every day this move is fresh enough!

In addition to drinking fresh milk directly, how can you taste it? The answer is that you can eat it!

A few days ago, daily fresh language and Shanghai intercontinental star kitchen launched a new moon cake gift box with fresh milk. In addition to daily fresh milk, there is also a fresh milk ice skin flowing heart moon cake.

It is reported that daily Xianyu announced the production method of fresh milk ice skin flowing heart moon cake on the micro blog platform while releasing the moon cake gift box. It is not difficult to find that daily fresh language, which has always been focusing on high-end products, not only hopes to more accurately target high-end consumers through cross-border, but also hopes to further expand the drinking scene and strengthen the high-end positioning with the help of the festival marketing.

“Fresh” business experience

As a brand of fresh milk, why does the daily fresh language take a fancy to such an unfamiliar field as mid autumn moon cake?

It is understood that the main product of daily fresh language is fresh milk series. The purpose of this crossover is to “highlight the freshness of daily fresh language products in a more timely way” with the help of the traditional festival of Mid Autumn Festival.

It is reported that after two months of continuous polishing, the intercontinental star chef finally selected the daily fresh milk to make this fresh milk ice skin flowing heart moon cake.

“From the perspective of ingredients, making moon cakes with fresh milk also caters to people’s needs for quality and health.” According to the brand related person in charge, the company found through market insight that after the outbreak of the epidemic this year, people’s requirements on the quality, safety and freshness of food materials have been improved.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and treatment nutrition diet guidance was released at the beginning of the National Health Protection Commission and other departments. In the guidance, it was clearly stated that “try to drink 300g milk or dairy products every day”, which also brought new growth momentum to the whole dairy sector, and the demand for fresh milk was also significantly improved.

An obvious example is that after the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of the year, a number of fresh milk brands, including Daiyu, have achieved high growth this year.

In addition, Great Wall Securities quoted Euromonitor statistical data in a fresh milk industry research report that the year-on-year growth of fresh milk sales in 2015-2019 was 6.13%, 8.22%, 9.71%, 10.67% and 11.56%, respectively, with continuous growth for five consecutive years and entering the double-digit growth stage.

Euromonitor also predicts that the compound annual growth rate of fresh milk market sales from 2019 to 2024 will be 6.56%, and it may reach 47.2 billion yuan in 2024, which is a new structural growth point of the whole dairy industry plate.

High end strategy

In fact, in the context of this year’s Spring Festival consumption affected by the epidemic, the Mid Autumn Festival, as another of the most important traditional festivals for family reunion, is expected to usher in a new peak of family consumption this year.

The launch of the mid autumn moon cake gift box not only hopes to grasp this wave of consumer market, but also hopes to form a differentiation with other brands and explore a new way to enter the high-end gift market.

From the perspective of product channels, the brand chooses to cooperate with five-star hotels, and the target is more directly reaching high-end consumers. It is understood that the daily Xianyu mid autumn moon cake gift box is targeted at “high-end exquisite women aged 25-35” in terms of product matching and packaging design, and hopes to tap a broader consumption space for high-end families by influencing these family purchase decision-making groups.

The snack generation has noticed that the daily fresh language has been positioned as high-end fresh milk since it was launched in early 2018. In order to highlight the brand positioning and tonality, the brand took the lead in cross-border online flower ordering platform to “spend some time”, creating a high-end brand image by launching theme flower fresh milk gift box. In April this year, when the new product desert organic fresh milk was launched, the chef of Michelin star restaurant was invited to participate in the live broadcast.

At present, the high-end strategy of daily fresh language has begun to show results. According to Nielsen’s monitoring data, from January to August 2020, daily fresh language sales increased by 138% year-on-year, nearly 10 times the growth rate of fresh milk category, and remained the first brand of high-end fresh milk above 25 yuan / L.

According to the data, the milk source selected by the daily fresh language comes from the ranch which has obtained the “gap first grade ranch certification”. The brand mainly focuses on the fresh selling point of “2 hours from the ranch to the factory”, and “every 100 ml of fresh milk contains 3.6g high-quality milk protein and 120mg primary high calcium”.

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