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Not the same Laifen! The “first snack” has completely changed its style this year

Lai Yi Fen, who wants to speed up on the snack track, has decided to change his game completely.

One obvious change is that recently you may find that the local snack giant is increasingly emphasizing “freshness” whether it’s in offline stores or online stores. At the same time, the proportion of “fresh snacks” is also increasing among the more than 200 new products launched each year by Laiyi Fen.

The snack agent noticed that on September 27, laiyifen held a “fresh ceremony” to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Wang Yibo, the brand’s new spokesperson, recommended all kinds of “fresh snacks” products of the company, including its newly launched “100 cent snack box” composed of 42 kinds of fresh snacks.

New celebration for the 20th anniversary of Laifen

“Under our new strategy, you will eat Lanzhou ramen, snail powder, dried milk curd and other packaged snacks, which are close to the taste of ready-made and sold, and become the substitute meal of consumers in different scenarios.” Wang Fang, vice president of supply chain of laiyifen, revealed to the snack agent today that in the future, more than 50% of new product research and development will consider making fresh snacks.

Data shows that at present, laiyifen has more than 800 products, mainly covering 10 categories, including fried nuts, meat snacks, dried fruit preserves, cake biscuits, fruit and vegetable snacks, dried bean curd snacks, seafood ready to eat, Tangqiao jelly, puffed food and imported food. In addition, the company also launched fresh, fruit, coffee, tea, meal substitute food.

We might as well pay attention to the brand-new way of playing the “first snack”.

“Fresh snacks” account for 40%

First of all, what is the concept of “fresh snacks” proposed by Lai Yifen? “Our definition of fresh snacks is” freshly prepared, served in a central kitchen. ” Shi Yonglei, co-founder and chairman of laiyifen, said at the company’s “fresh snack brand strategy” conference in May this year.

That is to say, the new competition strategy decided by the local leisure snack giant is actually “snack meal substitution”, that is, to attract more consumers through packaged snacks that are “closer to the on-the-spot fresh food”.

“In the past, our products may have been more focused on the traditional leisure food sector. Now we will go to see the food and beverage, cooked food, baking, bakery and on-the-spot products in the bakery and bakery, and then work with the suppliers to study how to use the preservation technology to snack the short-term products in the bakery and deli shop.” Wang Fang told xiaoshidai.

“Snack 100 points gift box” composed of 42 kinds of fresh snacks

She said that after making and selling snacks in the past, through the “central kitchen” supply, it has the advantages of “more stable taste, more convenient to carry and more rich scenes”, which is more in line with the consumption habits of young people now.

“Beef, hotpot and so on, which we launched this year, are actually representatives of meal substitution. In this area, we are still making the overall plan for next year. We hope that consumers can feel that they not only eat snacks in Laifen, but also substitute meals. What they eat is a very classic Chinese dish that I usually eat in small restaurants. ” She said.

It is revealed that at present, fresh snacks account for nearly 40% of the total snack product structure of laiyifen.

“In the future, every new product development meeting will give priority to making fresh snacks. In the future, more than 50% of our new products will be made into fresh snacks. ” At the same time, the company is upgrading more existing products into fresh snacks.

Some fresh snacks of laiyifen

Upgrading and development are advancing at the same time and are equally important, she said. “On the one hand, we plan to upgrade the original packaging materials and raw materials, including the addition process, so that some existing products will be fresher, the purity of raw materials will be higher, and the taste will be better. On the other hand, we have a dedicated team working on the research and development of new snacks and customized packages. “

Snacks for dinner & substituting snacks for meals

Behind the action of “substituting snacks for meals” in pursuit of fresh snacks, this snack company’s latest insight into the trend of snack consumption – in the view of Laiyi Fen, as the boundary between meals and snacks is gradually blurred, consumers’ snacks eating scenes are becoming more diversified, which provides new growth opportunities.

“With the accelerated pace of our life, it has become a habit to eat less and more meals. There may be more than three meals a day, and there are more scenes to eat zero. In addition, all non dinner and substitute food products may be zero, and the extension of snacks has also been expanded Shi Yonglei has previously described this as “zero meal, zero meal substitute”.

According to a report released in January this year by Mintel, a snack agent gets, according to consumer survey data in November 2019, consumers eat snacks for a variety of purposes. The most common purpose of eating snacks is to satisfy craving (77%), followed by hunger (59%) and physical supplement during exercise (57%). Replacing dinner (18%) has also become one of the common consumption scenarios.

Photo source: inmate

Many leisure snack companies hope to catch up with this consumption trend, such as launching a special food substitute brand. However, laiyifen’s practice is to choose to emphasize that its snacks are close to the “on the spot” catering fresh food, trying to break the boundary between snacks and catering, and turn more “on hand” light meal snacks.

“We can see that our friends also make food substitutes, mainly for weight management, which are more vertical and more subdivided than the whole leisure snack market. Since the hi pot, ramen said, is more to meet the needs of satiety, fast food. And what laiyifen wants to do is to add on snacks, which is close to the ready-made and sold meal Jiang Yin told xiaoshidai.

“First of all, the products should be delicious, because they are faced with a large number of consumers. Secondly, we introduce the Chinese catering culture and local characteristics into the snack category to provide the central kitchen. So, we are in a different position. ” “One thing we want to do is to make snacks from all over China, such as snail powder, instant hotpot, and Feng ramen, so that they are close to the taste of ready-made and sold food,” she said

Laiyifen spirochete powder

When asked about the difference between fresh snacks and short-term food, Jiang Yin told the snack agent that the two “can’t be completely equated”, but the relevance lies in that “fresh snacks are close to the taste and taste of instant food made and sold.”. In addition, she said that in the future, Laifen will also increase the development of short-term insurance products.

“New species”

So, how to make packaged snacks closer to “on the spot” food?

According to reports, in order to achieve this, the snack company is making efforts at five levels, including “excellent raw materials, technology, packaging, production and marketing competition, and distribution of fresh”.

First of all, in the ⻝ wood, choose the country of origin to directly collect fresh raw materials. Second, in the production process, freeze-drying technology is used to replace pickling, low-temperature baking instead of high-temperature baking, low-temperature frying instead of high-temperature frying. Third, in the packaging technology, the use of nitrogen blocking oxygen, deoxidation, dry wet separation and other fresh-keeping as far as possible. Fourth, shorten the production and marketing period from the source to the factory and then to the consumers. Fifth, strengthen the frequency and efficiency of distribution.

Lai Yifen’s latest nut gift box

“At present, laiyifen can achieve a production and marketing period of less than 5 days, and achieve 24-hour production and sales of lock fresh packaging, or even shorter.” Laiyifen told the snacks agency that at present, the logistics of ⻔ stores in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and other regions can achieve daily distribution, some products are delivered twice a day, and the constant temperature transportation of locked fresh goods is realized.

The snack generation learned that in April 2019, there were only 539 daily distribution stores in laiyifen, and most stores delivered 1-3 times a week. As of August this year, 85% of the stores had realized daily distribution.

“In the future, this (daily distribution) proportion can reach 92%. We replenish every day, reduce store inventory, speed up product circulation, improve freshness, and ensure that snacks are in the best tasting period. ” The company told the agency.


Due to this series of systematic changes, in Shi Yonglei’s opinion, laiyifen’s “fresh zero” is not simply a new label on the industrial production zero, but a “new species” of the zero industry. “These five dimensions constitute the systematic advantages of laiyifen in creating fresh snacks, which can not be easily copied.” He said earlier.

Shi Yonglei, chairman of laiyifen, officially released the “fresh snack strategy” in May this year (information and pictures)

In order to better implement the “fresh snacks” strategy, laiyifen also upgraded its brand vision and other aspects, and further divided and arranged its offline stores.

Snack agents learned that at present, the snack company has more than 2800 stores offline. “We have now planned three types of stores: lyfen go, lyfen mall and lyfen lab stores.” The company told the food agency.

According to reports, lyfen go is positioned as a community store, that is, buy and go, focusing on people-friendly routes. “The main consumer group is about two or three kilometers around the home radiation circle. Our community stores are more life-oriented. In terms of instant delivery, we can deliver goods to home within 30 minutes. In addition, we will provide cooked food, coffee, cakes, steamed stuffed buns, etc. in the morning, noon and evening Laiyi Fen told the snack generation.

Lyfen mall and lyfen lab are new store styles just launched by Laifen this year.

At present, lyfen mall has been continuously launched. This store type is mainly for young people and parent-child families, and undertakes the functions of leisure and rest. “In addition to the core customer group before laiyifen, we are also expanding the customer group, hoping to let young people see that laiyifen is not only a small shop of community type, but also has many elements that young people like.” The company said.

Lyfen mall in raffles, Changning, Shanghai

Positioning the high-end lyfen lab store is still under planning. It is reported that the area will be more than 1000 square meters. “In the future, lyfen lab is mainly aimed at business elites and young trendsetters, benchmarking with Apple’s flagship store, which can be used for social intercourse, speech, office and leisure. It is a more fashionable and international super cool snack space.”

“This store not only sells snacks, but also shows lifestyle. We can see more leisure scenes in the lab, such as the chef making snacks on site, and the band’s live performance. It may be a little more creative, and it’s not just a simple form of sales stores. ” Laiyi Fen told the snack generation.

A kind of

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