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Focus on high-end baking, leading the industry trend! Welcome to the second new product launch of 2020!

Autumn in October, the wind
Second new product launch of repeat customers 2020
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How dare I disturb you without big action?!

meet Jinan and walk into repeat customers
October 09, 2020 China Jinan Quehua International Hotel
“Focus on baking and fresh manufacturing”
Second new product launch of repeat customers 2020
Successfully settled in Shandong Quehua International Hotel
Huang Fuyang, the master of cake passing technology, has 66 sets of cake passing equipment and 7 kinds of cake passing techniques, and has successfully created many popular cakes.
The products of repeat customers: Black haute sandwich toast and xlon niwaffle have become the leading brands in the same category of market since they came into the market. They are popular in the market and are popular all over the country!
This time, we have the strength and confidence to create more explosive products! Choose repeat customers is equal to choose success! In the future, we will work together to sell more goods and make more money, and create many super popular products that belong to everyone.

1. Love lieba, the heart of nuts. Love lieba, the heart of nuts. Heihao, a brand focusing on toast. The black giant nut, daliba, is a traditional Russian flavor. The ingredients are selected and the quality is assured. The addition amount of rye powder is 8%. From the fruit of nature, add raisin, peanut kernel, walnut, cranberry, rich in nuts and nutrition.
It has strong wheat flavor, chewy and anti hunger; it has a solid and strong taste, and it is easy to carry and travel. Busy morning, simple collocation, open a beautiful day! Nutritious breakfast, dry sweet, at any time to supplement energy, vitality to start a new day.
2. Huangfuyang Qifeng cake (Lactobacillus flavor)
Huangfuyang Qifeng cake (Lactobacillus flavor) adopts the technology of “baking on top and steaming at the bottom” by Huang Fuyang, the unique hot processing and water steaming process. It is not ordinary and tender. It is baked and steamed now, which is more fresh and delicious. The taste of steamed food is better. It can lock in the fresh taste of food and melt in the mouth. Double form baking process, better lock the aroma. Q soft, delicate and delicious.
Selected high quality KeSiDa stuffing, the surface is exquisite, with color and material, better to eat. Soft and sweet, hit your taste buds directly.
3. Huang Fuyang Japanese style Nagasaki cake
Huang Fuyang Japanese style Nagasaki cake, 400 years of heritage, is an enduring Japanese dessert, noble dessert, is a good choice to show respect and gift. Huang Fuyang Japanese style Nagasaki cake, using an exclusive formula, after nearly 1000 trials, taste better than Japanese Nagasaki cake. Traditional flavor, pure taste. The appearance is fresh and beautiful, low sugar and does not contain any oil, do fresh family.
Huang Fuyang Japanese style Nagasaki cake, with special sweet flavor and refined taste. Delicate, sweet, soft and moist. Sponge, the internal tissue is very delicate, gently press can leave fingerprints on it, the taste is very soft. That moistening, sweet and pure taste is full of the sincerity and awe of the cake King Huang Fuyang.
4. Huangfuyang walnut red date cake
Huangfuyang walnut red jujube cake is made by selecting high-quality jujube sand and golden formula ratio to ensure the quality and taste of the cake is soft and delicate; the unique wood frame baking, combined with strong jujube fragrance, radiates the original flavor of the food, and the taste is more rich, fragrant and sweet. Walnut and jujube perfect combination, double nutrition, healthy and delicious; large size, large capacity, easy to satisfy the feeling of satiety, a single size of 60g, can be used for breakfast in the morning, can also be used as afternoon tea break, overtime charging can not be less.
Baking with wood frame, more flavor. The rich aroma of jujube makes the cake sweet but not greasy. Soft and delicate, melt in the mouth. A cup of milk, a piece of huangfuyang walnut red date cake, nutritious breakfast with love.
5. Returning customers: red bean cake with Causeway
The formula of the cake is upgraded. The selected raw materials are added, and the international technology is introduced and surpassed. The pulp is homogenized by the imported homogenizer, the internal organization is more delicate and soft; the taste is pure, the aroma is rich, the taste is q-sense, the texture is good, the skin is thin and the stuffing is more than 30%, and it is full of bean paste when biting it down, which makes it full of granules. The appearance adopts advanced branding technology, and the rich chrysanthemum shows high appearance value and tastes better.
You come, this will not only be a sensational new product launch, but also a golden autumn harvest tour. I look forward to a wonderful encounter with you.

Shandong Quehua International Hotel
Located in Huashan street, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Quehua international hotel is a landmark hotel of Jinan “north gate of the city”, adjacent to Queshan and Huashan Scenic spots. With superior geographical location and convenient transportation, it integrates guest rooms, catering and conference, and is built according to the international four-star standard.
Grasp the best business opportunities, listen to the sharing of industry celebrities, the collision of classic marketing cases, and gather with experts from all walks of life to share this feast of delicious food and ideas.
Build Guochao brand, focus on aerospace quality, only sell people-friendly prices. Repeat customers new products, you deserve to have, everything you want, all in the return customers new product conference, we sincerely invite you to discuss.

Investment hotline: 400-111-8488

We are looking forward to your presence at the 2nd new product launch conference of 2020!

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