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Yan Cheng: professional service, casting iron wall for intellectual property

Intellectual property refers to the exclusive rights enjoyed by the obligee according to law for the achievements created by intellectual labor and the marks and reputation in business activities. Intellectual property is a kind of intangible property, which has the characteristics of exclusivity, timeliness and regionality, and the acquisition of most intellectual property requires legal procedures. Trademark right is a kind of intellectual property rights, which refers to the exclusive right granted by the trademark authority to the trademark owner to be protected by the national law in accordance with the law. It is mainly to maintain the order in the industrial activities. Different from the patent right, its role is mainly to promote the development of the industry.

With the development strategy of building a powerful intellectual property country proposed in the 13th five year plan, intellectual property service industry has entered a new stage of development. Fujian Yancheng Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yancheng”) seizes the opportunity and focuses on brand trademark, brand patent, brand copyright and other businesses, aiming to provide customers with “systematic brand intellectual property management” from brand protection to brand rights protection.

Professional team

Providing intellectual property services

According to the data of the State Intellectual Property Office, as of May 29, 2019, a total of 40883 trademark agencies have been registered in China, including 9488 law firms and 31395 non law firms, accounting for 76.79%. Speaking of Cheng, it is now one of the intellectual property agencies with agency qualification established by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and commerce.

They are able to provide a total of more than 12 services related to intellectual property rights, covering the solution of difficult trademark right confirmation, trademark registration, copyright registration, patent application, intellectual property consultation, advantageous intellectual property strategy, construction of intellectual property agency, information and commercialization, etc.
As an intellectual property agency, Yancheng is inseparable from a powerful think tank. Yancheng’s employees have been studying Intellectual Property Agency for many years and have built a perfect brand and trademark system solution system. Yancheng provides customers with five core businesses, including professional brand trademark, patent, copyright, rights protection and project service. Adhering to the concept of “customer-centered”, Yancheng provides professional and targeted solutions for each customer.
Nowadays, Yancheng has won a good market reputation relying on its excellent corporate strength and social responsibility.

professional services

Win customer trust

Yancheng adheres to the powerful, professional, customized and data-based service system, which has laid a solid foundation for the leisure food industry.
Yancheng has been deeply engaged in intellectual property for ten years. It has served 10000 + high-quality enterprise customers, guarded the labor achievements and wisdom of the enterprise, and defended the dream of becoming a brand. With its profound practical experience and high-quality service, Yancheng, Haoyunlai, Haoshi, Xiaobai xinruan, shabley, Malata, Longcheng, Damin international, tongyitang, hailiting, fengyanggu and Lizhong Many brands, such as Cheng, nuobada, little raccoon and so on, cooperated happily, and provided professional rights protection services for many times to win the trust of customers.

In the process of cooperation with Haoshi, Yancheng has formulated four dimensions of protection scheme

First, guarantee the overall layout of Haoshi trademark, that is, the stage of confirming the right; second, apply for the original copyright of Haoshi trademark; third, crack down on other imitated trademarks in the market to safeguard the rights and interests of Haoshi; fourth, stabilize the market layout and safeguard the intellectual property rights of Haoshi brand.
Under the escort of Yancheng, Haoshi has a strong backing and has a better development in the leisure food market.
Haoyunlai’s trademark battle is widely spread in the leisure food industry. In the face of Haoyunlai trademark has not been determined for a long time, Yancheng quickly established a special service team after taking over, quickly digested the relevant information of Haoyunlai, and devoted himself to the case.
After the discussion and analysis of the professional team, Yancheng made preparations for the trademark review of “Haoyunlai” with the trademark right of Fujian Haoyunlai as the key point. Through a series of processes of rejection, reexamination, announcement, objection and defense, Yancheng finally helped Fujian Haoyunlai win the trademark registration certificate of “Haoyunlai” (Registration No.: 20172047).
Of course, there are numerous successful cases. The success time after time not only highlights the business ability of Yancheng, but also gains the recognition of relevant food industry. Lin Junxian, general manager of Yancheng, said: “what we value most is the brand of the enterprise, and the cooperation object is also the first enterprise that attaches importance to the brand. The second is to consider the in-depth protection of the enterprise for the brand, and strictly eliminate counterfeit trademarks.”

Second pioneering work

Deepening the protection of intellectual property agency

The leisure food market has a bright future, but some enterprises are not strong enough to protect the trademark, lack of awareness of brand protection, and there are also problems of nonstandard use of trademarks.

In order to ensure the healthy development of China’s intellectual property agency industry, China has formulated a series of policy plans to guide the development direction of the industry. In 2017, China issued the 13th five year plan for the development of patent agency industry, which proposed to increase the number of agencies to carry out foreign patent application, and the business income of patent agency industry exceeded 30 billion yuan.

In order to build a more standardized market, Lin Junxian is preparing for a second venture. He said: “in the future, intellectual property agency not only exists in the application stage, but also is a process from trademark to market-oriented operation. We should improve team service and provide customers with all-round and full chain intellectual property services.”
With the overall expansion of the number of intellectual property applications in China, the demand for professional intellectual property agency in the future will be further increased. Under the guidance of national policies, the future intellectual property agency industry in China will develop healthily towards a more standardized aspect, and the industry as a whole will be better. Yancheng will also continue to make progress to better protect the food industry!
General manager service hotline
Lin Junxian 13850453366

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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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