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We are reluctant to use up all the desirable things in the world. In fact, the healthy and delicious good products are also. Because the manufacturers put more time, energy and resources into the products, so the good products are worthy of our possession! Xiaobian will recommend 10 high-end snacks for you today. Let’s see who is the No.1 in your heart! (one article is the best guide for dealers to select products)
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Jiaxing Youxiang Food Co., Ltd. contact person: Wang zhicheng-18058105816
Jiaxing Youxiang Food Co., Ltd. is a modern new food enterprise integrating R & D, production, marketing and network self owned B2C brand sales. It has the first large-scale automatic molding production line based on the enterprise concept, the first advanced baking system in China, several high-end baking pastry production lines, and 100000 level standardized purification workshop, with an average annual output of 5000 tons.
Exhibition hall address: room 2401, 24th floor, Hongteng International Hotel
Contact person of Shanghai Chengguang small food Co., Ltd.: Jian tieqiang-18622338845
Shanghai city bright Food Co., Ltd. was established in August 2003. It has inherited the “Guangming brand” registered trademark which has been used for more than 50 years from Shanghai bread factory. Adhering to the development concept of quality first, the company mainly produces and develops cake series, bread series, steamed cake series, meat floss cake series, butter slice cake series, SaQima series and egg yolk pie series as the main products, and continues to develop a variety of delicious new products to meet the needs of consumers. Vitalizing the national food industry and building the national brand of Chinese food is the goal of the company and will continue to stand in the forest of the strong with the enterprise spirit of integrity, innovation, unity and pragmatism to meet the new challenges.
Exhibition hall address: exhibition hall, 2nd floor, Hongteng International Hotel
Oudele food contact person: Guo jianbo-13500115519
Chaozhou Chaoan Ou De Le Food Co., Ltd. was registered and established in 2014. In the six years of its development and growth, it has always adhered to the principle of customer first, and insisted on moving customers with its own services Since the establishment of Chaozhou Chaoan Ou De Le Food Co., Ltd., it adheres to the tenet of “honesty and customer first” and the business and sales concept of “quality-oriented, striving for improvement”, and striving to provide customers with all-round high-quality services, and at the same time, it also makes the enterprise get a long-term development. We are looking forward to working together with new and old customers to create brilliant future.
Exhibition hall address: exhibition hall, 2nd floor, Hongteng International Hotel
Contact person of Dongguan fujiaxiang Food Co., Ltd.: Zhang junqing-18605967933
Dongguan fujiaxiang Food Co., Ltd. is an advanced enterprise specializing in the production of bread and cake. It has been engaged for more than ten years and adheres to the concept of “achieving good quality only because of specificity”. From 2003 to now, after years of efforts, from a small processing plant with more than 20 people to now has more than 20000 square meters of plant, hundreds of employees, and has senior technician qualification, and has been engaged in baking industry for many years. With the concept of “sincerity and integrity”, fujiaxiang has become a well-known food enterprise in China.
Location of exhibition hall: Luxury Exhibition Hall A5 on the first floor of Hongteng International Hotel
Guangzhou Jennie Winnie bear food Co., Ltd. is the mainland branch of Hong Kong Jeanne smart bear Co., Ltd. Manage high-end snacks such as “Jenny Winnie bear” and “Jenny Vigny bear”. Due to the adoption of international food hygiene standards, its hand-made cookies, egg tarts, hand-made candy and other products have won the favor of consumers. In order to meet the demand of domestic consumers for the quality and fashion of snack foods, the company brings Jeanne Vigny bear series of high-quality products to the mainland China market. All products are made of high-quality raw materials, with first-class quality, synchronized with Hong Kong. The company has always been “quality first, reputation first, service first” as the business philosophy and the common growth of customers, determined to serve the majority of new and old customers. And with high quality service to win the praise of the industry!
Exhibition hall address: next to the elevator on the 2nd floor of Hongteng International Hotel


Henan kaililai Food Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is a modern food processing enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It has a self built industrial park of 100000 square meters, 8 standardized workshops, 16 domestic advanced fully automatic production lines, and 100000 dust-proof and pollution-proof purification workshops in the food industry. “Jumeiya” is the company’s key high-end baking brand, select raw materials, strictly control product quality and taste experience. This year, the three core products of fluffy cake, lava cake and multi flavor cake, which have been elaborately researched and developed this year, have innovated in appearance, taste and taste to create a hard core product force. Every mouthful can taste exquisite taste.
Exhibition hall address: outdoor exhibition hall, 1st floor, Hongteng International Hotel
Contact person of Shanghai Keke Street Food Co., Ltd.: Liu guifeng-139549997
Founded in 2019, Shanghai coco Street Food Co., Ltd. is a food enterprise specializing in the operation and sales of biscuits, puffed food, chocolate and chocolate products. The company has always put food safety and quality in the first place and strengthened quality management throughout the whole process. In line with the positive and enterprising business strategy and steady work style, we regard the promotion, expansion and maintenance of the brand as our own responsibility, and do a good job in the in-depth development and meticulous management, so that the brand will have a better development prospect after entering the market. We have a number of high-precision testing equipment, such as physical and chemical testing and microbial testing, which can effectively ensure the quality of the products, make the products reach the leading level in the industry, and customize products of different specifications according to customer requirements, and the product quality is in a leading position in the industry. Shanghai coco Street Food Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to the “quality first, integrity-based, service society, create value” business philosophy, wholeheartedly serve the majority of consumers.
Exhibition hall address: outdoor exhibition hall on the first floor of Hyatt Regency Hotel
08 Philippines Xu guozhang-13506085808
Fujian Shishi Tianle Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. The company is located between Quanzhou, the famous historical and cultural city of China, the cultural capital of East Asia, and Xiamen, the special economic zone of China. The company is mainly engaged in candy, jelly pudding, biscuits and other leisure food. The company is a production-oriented food enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, It is a professional food production enterprise with an area of 35000 square meters and more than 500 employees. In order to meet the market demand, we are planning to expand the new plant area, covering an area of 210 mu, with a construction area of about 68000 square meters.
Exhibition hall address: exhibition hall, 5 / F, Hyatt Regency Hotel


Shantou Tianfu Food Co., Ltd. is located in Shantou City with pleasant climate. Since 2012, the company has been committed to the Chinese market, and the existing product series include sugar free Mint tablet sugar, milk tablet sugar, fruit hard candy, cotton candy and leisure snacks. Our company is mainly engaged in domestic sales and export. At present, we have cooperated with large-scale retail enterprises such as lotus, Yonghui, Xinhua, etc., and achieved the ideal business performance, and really achieved the goal of win-win for suppliers, retailers and consumers. We have been advocating the business philosophy of “integrity, pragmatism, fashion and innovation”, adhere to the business purpose of “equality and mutual benefit”, give play to the spirit of teamwork, strive to provide customers with more core competitiveness and vitality of products, and work together to create a better future.
Exhibition hall address: Exhibition Hall

, 3 / F, Hyatt Regency Hotel



In 1984, the company was established in qingmeiping, Guangdong Province, with a production area of 25 mu. [yixinmei] following the production concept of “making with ingenuity, making it safe, healthy and delicious”, Yixin Mei has created a series of “ingenious Japanese style” and “inheritance series of traditional craftsmanship”

Exhibition hall address: room
, 3rd floor, Hyatt Regency Hotel
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