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After “80 billion”, there are still new styles in Weiquan?

With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, consumers also want to be healthier in eating and drinking.


In the view of “refrigeration expert” Weiquan, meeting the complex consumption demand of “health + delicious” is the key. Snacks generation noticed that recently, Weiquan not only produced new products, but also received the “Seven Star Award of the year” of “China food health Seven Star Award”.




Prior to that, snack food agency reported the “new business” of Weiquan 80 billion yuan. In August this year, Weiquan brought a brand-new upgraded “double viable bacteria” and “colorful” active lactobacillus drinks.


After the high-profile introduction of lactic acid bacteria, Weiquan has recently launched two new products, namely, chocolate milk drink and Weiquan drink coconut, aiming to lay out two popular new outlets of low-temperature fresh milk and vegetable protein beverage.

As a refrigerated chocolate milk drink, gourmet chocolate milk is jointly created with dove, positioned as “chocolate you can drink”.

Gourmet chocolate milk with dove



Cross border co branding gives the new product a sense of topic. As soon as it comes into the market, it gains netizens’ recommendation of “tap water” on social media platforms such as xiaohongshu and Weibo, while words like “silky” and “super rich” become high-frequency reviews.

D “summer flavor Mocha special”, “cool lava chocolate”, “milk cover dirty tea” and other current off-line red drinks, constantly creating topics.

On the other hand, noting that the vegetable protein beverage market is also developing rapidly, Weiquan also aims at the opportunity to launch its first vegetable protein beverage – “delicious coconut”. According to the “2020 white paper on the development of plant protein beverage” released by tmall new product innovation center, the market scale growth rate of this category of plant protein beverage in tmall platform this year has increased by 800% year-on-year.


In summing up the innovation trend of plant protein beverage, the white paper also mentioned that there is an emerging track in the plant-based market segment, that is, low-temperature fresh drink, short-term guarantee or fresh production date as the main selling point direction. Weiquan “good drink coconut” is a good fit for this point, it emphasizes “0-7 ° C cold storage, 21 days preservation”.



Many new products have won the favor of consumers, and Weiquan has also been recognized in the industry.


In this year’s “China food health Seven Star Award”, Weiquan not only won the “Seven Star Award of the year”, but also won recognition in seven core indicators such as “health guidance”, “integrity and responsibility”, “complete organization”, “self-discipline of employees”, “quality control of raw materials”, “strict process” and “channel control”, but also was included in the 2020 seven star white paper as an excellent enterprise case.


Weiquan’s attitude towards food safety is reflected in the management of Weiquan factory.

At present, the taste has entered the mainland China for 19 years, and has two factories in mainland China. According to the data, the daily production capacity of Hangzhou factory is nearly 1000 tons, and the products are transported to stores and convenience stores all over the country. Langfang has nearly 600 million tons of daily production in North China. In addition, through the collection and accumulation of big data and the application of technology, Weiquan uses the data information to forecast the future sales volume, so as to improve the matching degree and efficiency of production capacity.


In addition to production capacity, it focuses on the taste of refrigerated drinks and has its own system in cold chain management. Weiquan believes that seven links are particularly important before the products reach consumers. This includes raw material storage, mixing and sterilization, filling and capping, and real-time temperature monitoring of the whole process of finished product warehousing, loading, transportation and terminal stores to ensure that the product temperature is always maintained at 0-6 ° C.


Control chart of whole process cold chain of Weiquan

Not satisfied with producing products, Weiquan factory began to develop industrial tourism and undertake the task of popular science education. There are brand experience halls with fully transparent factory characteristics in both factories, which are open to the public free of charge. Taking Hangzhou Weiquan brand Museum as an example, tourists can not only participate in the drinking test interaction, parent-child experience, food safety knowledge experience, but also directly visit the Weiquan supply chain digital Kanban composed of 20 full-automatic production lines and 8 screens. At present, Hangzhou Weiquan brand hall has been visited by more than 130 countries and regions around the world, with more than 160000 visitors.


During the epidemic period, Weiquan Hangzhou factory also sent fresh milk and other products to the front-line personnel of epidemic prevention. Weiquan has also mobilized the whole industry to provide frozen milk, yogurt, coffee and other materials for the national epidemic prevention front-line personnel, with an accumulated donation of more than 3 million yuan.

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