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Pepsi Cola continues to make efforts to seize the market highland of the accompaniment, enabling it to penetrate the whole food scene online and offline

As the takeout economy continues to rise this year, online catering consumption market business opportunities continue to emerge. For a long time, Pepsi Cola (hereinafter referred to as “Pepsi”) has always been committed to the layout and deep cultivation of the dining scene, keenly insight into the continuous development of the online consumer market, and quickly catch the market changes to take advantage of the situation.

This year, PepsiCo further explored the boundary of the catering cultivation mode, and jointly launched the “hungry” event, which is one of the catering delivery platforms in the head. With the help of the online catering consumption scene of Nemo, the online catering consumption market is occupied, and the offline catering channel of qingzanthoxylum bungeanum is deeply combined to form a complete online and offline integrated full link marketing, which further penetrates the whole scene binding of Pepsi and gourmet, and seizes and consolidates the dining mentality of consumers.

PepsiCo, one of the catering delivery platforms in the head of PepsiCo, launched the “hungry moment” campaign


Deeply cultivate the consumption power of generation Z and make strong efforts to open up the whole chain of online and offline food scenes

As a brand of the younger generation, PepsiCo always pays attention to the consumption trend and behavior habits of young people. In the new economic wave of the Internet, generation Z is the backbone of promoting digital consumption. They rely more on online channels in daily life, such as food and so on. Takeout is an indispensable part of their life. This year, the new “Homestead” consumption mode, which was born under the special situation, has shaped more people’s consumption habits of taking out, and the scale of China’s takeout consumption has increased sharply. On the C-end users, PepsiCo takes advantage of the cloud life opportunities generated by the summer beverage consumption peak season and special period to effectively seize the opportunity of the catering market and enter into the purchase preset of the consumer dining scene.

PepsiCo United hungry, in the green pepper store to create a limited time flash activity, open online and offline food scene chain road


While testing the layout of the online catering market, PepsiCo continues to make efforts to open up the whole scene chain of online and offline food, and build a consumer centered Omni channel catering flow closed loop. PepsiCo United hungry, in the green pepper store to create a limited time flash event, aimed at fun and relaxed interaction, let Pepsi naturally penetrate into the necessary drinks for young people.


Hand in hand head take out platform hungry, comprehensive aggregation of catering channel resources

As early as last year, Pepsi understood that the domestic “crayfish economy is very good, and launched the first Pepsi Lobster Festival”. IT bound Pepsi Cola and crayfish eating habits through its appealing slogans and marketing model infiltrating the summer crayfish dining scene. This year, PepsiCo not only continued to make efforts in Lobster Festival, but also worked hand in hand to broaden the channel of online b-end merchants by taking advantage of its stable platform, wide coverage and large number of merchants. It also cooperated with three major catering chain customers and more than 8000 small and medium-sized merchants in ten key cities of catering delivery, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu, to open full gift activities, so as to drive merchants to purchase and sell spontaneously and consolidate Young people enjoy delicious food with Pepsi.


Linkage of brand gene and constant release of social value

The event is further endowed with social significance. On the basis of consumers’ full discount of single green pepper set meal and Pepsi, the hungry Blue Knight will also be given a bottle of Pepsi. Through the linkage effect of 1 + 1 = all, PepsiCo will continue to explore and practice each other’s social value, and actively undertake corporate social responsibility on the basis of achieving win-win cooperation.  


Is PepsiCo working together to achieve win-win cooperation and actively undertake corporate social responsibility


Pepsi X’s “hungry” campaign is a successful attempt of Pepsi to open the online catering market. In the future, the brand will continue to carry out consumer communication of “Pepsi necessary for meals”, deepen o2o full link scene marketing, continuously penetrate the food consumption scene of young generation, and cultivate consumption habits.

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