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Red billed cats use human food standards to make pet food. Is there a chance to successfully create a new category of “cat rice” in the cat food market? |Foodplus · business planning

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Author: foodplus team

Recently, during the national day, as a pet food brand, red beaked cat participated in the Shanghai Super Food planet event, which is composed of human food. As the only pet food brand in the event, it was presented to Chinese young consumers together with many well-known new consumer brands (click here to learn more about the activity from the official wechat of red billed cat).

Red beaked cat on the site of super food planet activity, photo source: Red beaked cat official

1. Does China’s pet food market have structural opportunities?


Whether there are structural opportunities in China’s pet food market is the core perspective for us to focus on pet food entrepreneurship and investment opportunities. The so-called structural opportunities refer to the fact that they form a large system with relatively independent and systematic characteristics.


The structural opportunities of pet food market have existed in foreign pet food market and still exist. For example, the development of fresh food in Australia before 2000, the development of cereal free natural food in the United States after 2000, and the application of freeze-drying technology in pet food. At present, the United States and the European market emerging personalized subscription fresh food and pet food digitization.


Under this big thinking proposition, we can’t help thinking about the future of China’s pet food and where are the opportunities?


In the past few years, China’s pet food market has developed very rapidly. According to the data of the white paper on China’s pet industry in 2019, the scale of China’s pet food market will be about 100 billion RMB in 2019, and about 45 billion RMB in 2016, which has increased more than twice in three years.


The market is growing rapidly. With the development in recent years, the pet food industry has gradually shown several major characteristics

① In the middle and high-end pet food, imported grain occupies a dominant position;

② The online penetration rate of pet food is very high, which is about 50% at present;

③ The scale gap between the two market segments is gradually narrowing, and there may be no division between the top and the bottom in the future;

④ Domestic pet food manufacturers began to attach importance to the development of their own brands;

⑤ China’s brands are narrowing the gap with international brands in the pet food made in China;

⑥ In the staple food, dry food still dominates, canned & wet food is the second, while fresh food has not entered the mainstream consumption;



China’s pet food market is developing rapidly, but the market environment and competition pattern have become stable. In this case, opportunities and challenges coexist, that is, if you want to find more opportunities, you will face many challenges. However, this situation also exists in foreign markets. In the past, companies holding structural opportunities have no doubt met great challenges. Now, the digitalization of personalized subscription fresh food and pet food is also facing the challenges of traditional pet food industry and consumption habits.


Is there a structural opportunity for cat food and where is the future of cat food?


At present, many pet food brands do both dog food and cat food, and some brands only do dog food or cat food. At the same time, no matter dog food or cat food, although there are some differences in formula, but many raw materials are very close, so the change of cat food basically follows the overall change of pet food. From the earliest pet biscuit to the development of puffed food, and then to the development of wet food and fresh food.


From the overall situation of China’s pet food market, cat dry food is still in the dominant position. Canned cat has become a good supplement to dry food, while the popularity of fresh food is still very low. As a new type of cat food products, red billed cat rice products put forward a new solution in cat food. There are opportunities and possibilities to create a new category.


With the upgrading of consumption, at present, category upgrading occurs in many fields, that is, creating new categories in the original category. For example, three and a half meals created a fine freeze-dried instant coffee in instant coffee by using consumption upgrading and the application of new technologies; oatly made oat milk a plant-based coffee companion, thus making oat milk the mainstream choice of plant-based drinks; Soylent was the first brand to provide substitute meal powder for programmers, and now it has become a well-known substitute beverage brand in the US market; beyond Meat and imperceptible foods have created a vegetable meat market, which has become a mainstream trend of global food development.


In this article, we hope to explore and think about the opportunities and possibilities of red billed cats in the field of pet food.

The vision of the red billed Cat brand is to hope that every cat will live to 26 years old. Photo source: Red beaked cat official


Red beaked cat is an innovative brand of pet food. We hope to redefine pet food, adhere to the concept of cat based brand and product development, and wish every cat can live to 26 years old. The product took more than two years of research and development. Eight famous experts from the world joined the R & D team, which solved the challenges of the supply chain. The product was officially launched in 2020.


At the same time, red beaked cat is positioned in the middle and high end. As a domestic pet food brand, it is a kind of courage. If there is no solid foundation in product formula and product quality, it is very challenging to be a medium and high-end domestic pet food brand. At the same time, red billed cat food is a new category. To successfully create a new category, we also need to have a very good foundation in product formula and product quality.


Therefore, we are very curious about what red billed cat has done in these aspects, how to develop red billed cat food, how to ensure the product quality of cat rice, and how to define the new category of cat rice?


At the same time, red billed cat food hopes to redefine pet food. Will cat food be the future of cat food? Is this a structural opportunity period for the cat food market? And what kind of foundation and strength does red beak cat, as a new pet food brand, have to create a new category of cat food?


The above questions will be mainly discussed and analyzed in this article. At the same time, in the second half of the article, we also had an in-depth interview with Tang Wenwei, the founder of red beaked cat, to find out why we should do it and what mentality and way we will develop the brand of red beaked cat.



2. The development history of pet food has gradually changed from the convenience of pet owners to the focus on pet health


According to PFI data, the birth of commercial dog food can be traced back to 1860. James Spratt invented a kind of pet food in the form of biscuit, which is a main food product mixed with a variety of food and nutrients, so as to achieve the purpose of nutrition, cheapness and convenience.


In fact, from the birth and rise of pet food business, it is to solve two core problems: ① it is more convenient for the owner; ②, it can make pets have more balanced nutrition intake.

The birth and rise of pet food business, photo source: foodplus


Then came the canned pet. In many years, canned dogs played an important role in the overall pet food market. For example, in 1941, the proportion of canned dogs reached 91%. Due to the influence of World War II, cans dropped to about 15% in 1946, but the proportion of canned dogs increased to 60% in 1960.


The rise of canned food is related to the development of modern food industry. For a long time after the rise of modern food industry, canned food is one of the few ways to preserve food for a long time.


What really brought pet food into modernization was that Purina invented a kind of puffed dog food in 1957, which made pet food get rapid development. Commercial cat food also began to rise after that. Before that, cats were mainly fish eaters. At that time, TV advertisements began to guide cats to be meat eaters, not just fish. Therefore, puffed food and canned food began to enter cats Staple food.


Even today, the vast majority of pet food in the global pet food market is puffed food. In addition to canned food, some branches have also developed, such as freeze-dried food, fresh food, and recently, some innovative pet food start-ups abroad have started to do raw food.


Whether from the overall development of pet food market, or from the development of cat food market, we can find a rule, that is, in different periods, the two core problems solved by pet food will be different. Early pet food relatively pay more attention to the convenience of owners and cheap, followed by the nutrition and health of pets.


With the development and maturity of the pet food market, the order of the two core issues is switching. At present, the development of pet food pays more attention to the nutrition and health of pets. In comparison, the importance of more convenience for owners is reduced. This is not to say that the convenience of owners is not important, but relative to pet health, more attention should be paid to pet health in product upgrading and market development.


In terms of paying attention to the health of pets, there has been such a trend since the freeze-dried food, and then to the development of natural food and fresh food, as well as the main food of raw bone and meat gradually rising abroad, focusing on freshness.


However, from the perspective of pet food business, convenience and food industry are still the core foundation for the establishment of large-scale business. Even if pet nutrition and health are the main factors, commercial development should be paid attention to. Therefore, pet food brands that take into account both pet health and commercial development have the opportunity to win the future.

Red billed cat’s chicken cat rice products, photo source: Red billed cat official


Red beaked cat is another new representative of pet food which pays attention to pet health. Looking back on the development history and law of pet food in the past, red beaked cat has the possibility of creating new pet food categories.



3. What kind of cat food is cat food? And what is the basis for red billed cats to create a new category of cat food?


The story of cat meal originated from a business trip in Germany by Tang Wenwei, the founder of red billed cat. He learned from his old friend in Germany that his cat had been 26 years old. As a senior person who has been engaged in the pet industry for nearly 30 years, he was touched and excited. For the past 30 years, he has been focusing on the production of pet traction rope. He has doubts about the current pet food industry and hopes to do something in pet food.

Red beaked cat founder Tang Wenwei touches 26 year old cat. Photo source: Red beaked cat official


The question is that many pets don’t live very long, so Tang Wenwei is touched by the cat who has lived for 26 years. Why are many pets not so long? What are the reasons behind this. After learning that the cat can live to 26 years old, the red beak cat team began to set up and look for more cats who have lived for 26 years or more. They want to know whether this is a case or a universality. Later, it is found that this is not an example. There are many such cats.


With the in-depth investigation of the red billed cat team, it is learned that the diet of these cats is not traditional cat food, but the pet owners make their own cat food at home. After simple cooking with fresh meat, the traditional cat food here mainly refers to puffed food, which is the source of the development of red billed cat food products. Later, when the cat meal was officially developed, red beaked cat also invited an old German friend of the founder to join as the chief formulator of the red billed cat rice, who was also a famous German doctor of nutrition.


Since the first day of the establishment of red beaked cat, it has been standing on a different route from the traditional puffed food. We hope that cat rice can be used as a healthy diet solution for cats, and let cats live longer with the concept of healthy keeping cats, so as to accompany their pet owners for a longer time.


Cat rice is not only different from dry food, but also different from fresh food. It can be understood that it is a non extruded food product that can be preserved at room temperature. Different from fresh food, fresh food needs to be refrigerated or frozen at low temperature. However, red billed cat rice has solved the problem of normal temperature preservation through the technology and equipment imported from Japan and the unique design of red beaked cat bowl.

The difference between red billed cat rice and puffed food, photo source: Red billed cat official


At the same time, it is different from dry food in that most of the dry food is made of meat powder, and the original form of the food material is basically not seen in the dry food. However, the standard of human food is adopted in the material selection and production technology of red billed cat rice, which is embodied in the selection of fresh food materials and high-quality raw materials rather than leftovers, and the design of cat rice production process based on the kitchen cooking principle In the end, the ingredients of cat rice are clearly visible. Many chicken particles and a few vegetable particles can be seen in chicken cat rice products.

Red beaked cat product research and development team, photo source: Red beaked cat official


In the process of cat meal product development, the cat based brand concept and product concept of red billed cat team attracted 8 top experts in pet, food and nutrition fields to join the product R & D team. In addition to the German friends of the founder mentioned above, there are also animal nutritionists, veterinarians and other foreign fresh food brand R & D experts.


At the same time, it is also in this process that Tang Wenwei, the founder of red beaked cat, has made clear the standards for product development and production, which are formulated in accordance with the standards of human food. At the same time, he has formulated several principles: food materials should be carefully selected, the formula should be scientific and reasonable, the technology should be reduced to cooking, and quality control should be run through it.


Due to the relatively high level of product development and production standards, there were some challenges in the initial stage of cat rice product supply chain search. According to the red beaked cat team, there were about 50 factories in the initial stage, and most of them were unwilling to accept the production of red billed cat food. Because the production lines of many factories are designed according to puffed grain and canned food, which is not suitable for the production of cat rice. At the same time, the source of food materials in many factories is opaque, which violates the product principle of red billed cat.

Red billed cat rice production process, photo source: Red billed cat official


In the end, the technology presented by cat rice is very similar to that of human food in the kitchen. There are three steps in total: dice, mix and cook. The red billed cat team adheres to the principle that good ingredients do not need to be over processed. Therefore, in the form of cat rice products, it is very much like a dish cooked by heart on the human table, but for cats, it is a bowl of cat rice without over processing.

Red billed cat rice and cat bowl design with innovative patent, photo source: Red beaked cat official


In order to make the cat have a very good eating experience, the red beak cat has designed the cat bowl of cat rice, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. The size of the bowl suitable for the cat to eat. Considering that the cat has whiskers and is convenient to eat, the best diameter of 13.5cm is found; 2. A special neck protection design is made. The bowl and bowl cover are designed with a 7-degree angle, and the bowl and bowl cover can be assembled Synthetic higher neck protection bowl, so that both young and adult cats can protect the neck.


At the same time, the red billed cat team has also done a lot of work on the freshness and shelf life of bowls. Finally, they found and introduced Japanese equipment and technology, using high barrier materials as the materials of bowls and films, so that cat rice can be stored at room temperature for 6 months. At present, it is still testing a longer warranty period, hoping to keep cat rice at room temperature for more than 18 months.


According to the red billed cat team, the design and structure of the cat bowl have been adjusted more than 40 times, and 1300 sets of proofs have been made. Finally, this set of neck protecting cat bowl with patent design is presented, which also confirms the original intention and brand concept of red beak cat based on cat.


Different from most other pet food brands, especially cat food brand, red billed cat depends more on what concept and standard to make cat food in addition to different product types.


The concept and product standard of red billed cats are to make cat food based on the standard of human food and hope that cats can live longer. In fact, it is challenging to create a new category of pet food. The above is the basis for red beak cat to create a new category of cat food.


At the same time, it has the ability and resources of long-term deep cultivation, from the channel deep cultivation, brand deep cultivation and marketing, through long-term deep cultivation and investment, finally occupy a place in China’s pet food market. This kind of long-term perspective and long-term investment is a kind of ability and a kind of strength, but few companies have such vision, ability and strength.

The traction rope brand fida, founded by Tang Wenwei, the founder of red billed cat, is the partner of fida all over the world


Tang Wenwei, the founder of red beaked cat, had nearly 30 years of experience in the pet industry before he founded the red beak Cat brand. He started to enter the pet industry in 1991. In the past 30 years or so, he focused on the dog traction rope, and created the explosion-proof shock traction rope. The independent brand fida feta successfully entered the mainstream pet retail channels in Europe and America, including Petsmart and wall Ma and Aldi, of which Petsmart and Aldi are the first Chinese independent brands.


It has taken more than 30 years to do a good job of pet traction rope, and has entered the channel of European and American mainstream pet retailers with its own brand, which is another foundation for red beaked cat to create a new category of cat rice.


In the process of contacting with the founder of red beaked cat, the other party mentioned the original intention of doing this thing. We hope to make cat rice based on the cat, and hope to create healthy and nutritious staple food products for cats to make cats live longer. This kind of original intention is very rare, if we can still maintain the long-term perspective of ingenuity, it will be even more difficult.


As a new product, red billed cat rice starts from a small niche market, and constantly cultivates to attract partners and consumers with the same concept. It has the opportunity to generate a potential energy through continuous accumulation. The more it attracts, the greater the potential energy will be. This is a kind of rolling demand effect. The most important thing is the initial intention and attitude of doing this thing, and these initial Whether the heart and attitude can always be maintained.


In the field of food entrepreneurship and investment, there is a view that most people agree that start-up companies or new brands should not do market education, because they do not have the ability, resources and funds to support them to do so.


We always have different views on this point of view: ①, not all new things need to go to the market, but to comply with the market and meet the demand. Market education also has different understanding, such as market popularization, such as guiding the market; ② if we avoid market education and do not do product innovation, we will face homogeneous competition, and as a start-up company, we will lose Without a core lever, we have to compete with other companies; ③, many great brands have created new markets and new categories in the original market or category. Only through continuous accumulation and deep cultivation can they achieve today’s achievements. Continuous innovation, especially continuous product innovation, can make new brands develop into great ones one day Big brands, and let great brands continue to be great.

Red beaked Cat brand’s original intention, photo source: Red beaked cat official


If one day in the future, red billed cats can successfully create cat food and become one of the mainstream choices of cat food, it will add a strong mark in the development history of pet food and cat food. We are looking forward to that day. As for the possibility, we can learn more about it through our interview with the founder of red beak cat.

We had an in-depth interview with Tang Wenwei, founder of red beaked cat, about why we want to do it, what kind of mentality and way we will develop the red beaked Cat brand, and what kind of expectation we have for the future of red beaked cat. The following is the content of the interview.


Foodplus: as a senior person with 30 years of experience in the pet products industry, why did you choose to enter the pet food industry and why is it at this time point?


Tang Wenwei: I started my business in 1991, until this year in 29 years. From the day when the company was founded, we always do one thing, that is, to be the best retractable traction rope in the world. This is my dream and pursuit.


Indeed, it took us nearly 30 years to make it the best. This year, fida entered the largest pet chain supermarket in the United States with Chinese independent brand and national independent brand, with 1600 stores for sales. At the same time, we landed in more than 3000 stores in Europe Aldi for sales.

Fida explosion-proof draft rope product, photo source: fida official


China’s pet industry has been developing for nearly 30 years. There are more than 1000 food, supplies, aquarium and other enterprises that are exporting. However, the first and the only one to enter the global chain chain with China’s own brand. The reason is that we have made category innovation explosion-proof shock traction rope, which has been recognized by the global market. My first small goal has been achieved.


As a senior practitioner, the field of pet food has always been concerned. I am also a dog slave and a cat slave. Now I have two dogs and two cats. However, there has always been a doubt that cats, tigers and leopards belong to the same family. Why do people only give puffed food to cats? What we call cat food is puffed food. Do we give puffed food to tigers in zoo? No, so it’s not reasonable.


Why do cats eat biscuits and puffed food?


One time I went to Germany to visit my old friend, who was also an 80 year old pet nutrition expert, and met a 26 year old cat. The cat never ate a puffed food, but insisted on cooking cat food for the cat for 26 years. Cats and tigers and leopards, of the same family, are carnivorous animals, but now they have experienced 70 years of expanded food feeding.


Second, why is only foreign cat food popular?


Because of these two factors, I started the red beaked cat project in 2018, and then, from 2019 to this year, I happened to encounter this wave of new consumption.


So I think this is something that can be done today.


Foodplus: so you first wanted to make pet food for cats, which was inspired in Germany?


Tang Wenwei: Yes, I’m thinking that in this case, why is puffed food still regarded as its only cat food in the cognition of cat slaves today. Are these reasonable?


Our team checked the information. Because of the scarcity of tin metal caused by World War II, pet cans were classified as non military supplies by the U.S. authorities. As a result, pet cans disappeared overnight, and pet dry food containing a large amount of grain appeared and became popular. This convenient product for human beings has become a misfeeding way for cats in the past 70 years.


The history of puffed food stimulates our desire to do such a thing, and it is also a kind of confidence. We believe that we should respect the nature of cat slaves and let cats be cats.


In this case, can puffed grain still be popular? Are we numb by boiling frogs in warm water? Of course, you can only think of a 15-year-old cat. Because if you eat puffed food, it will not get sick immediately and will not die immediately, but it will not reach the life span of 26 years old. This is the most terrible place.


At that time, we were thinking that this was a thing worth doing. It was a very meaningful thing. We wanted to subvert people’s wrong understanding of cat food for 70 years. We should redefine cat food from respect for cat’s nature. Cat food is not cat food, cat food is cat food. We are committed to making every cat live to 26 years old. We are willing to accompany each other longer. This is our mission Life and original intention are doing such a thing.


Foodplus: now you are doing something new in cat pet food. To some extent, you are going to do a lot of things in the education market. Do you have any plans in this respect?


Tang Wenwei: in fact, in our own words, we call it “awakening”, not education, because education is a very difficult and difficult thing. Education means persuading us, and “awakening” means that we have such an idea in our cognition, which we just ignore at ordinary times.


At present, most of the current consumer groups have tried to make their own cat food. They have a clear concept of cat food, but they can’t stick to it or as a way of life if they are not troubled, unprofessional and lack of time. Therefore, we only need to popularize the knowledge of puffed food and cat health, and consumers will be able to accept it.


Red beaked cat participated in the offline exhibition or activity, photo source: Red beaked cat official


The brand director of redmouth added:

First, there will be 24 off-line exhibitions or activities every year, hoping to make it a salon. At this time, it will have a seminar and exchange meeting, because this kind of wake-up can do a series of content.

Second, we have cooperated with dozens of senior cat slaves to write a nearly 100000 word “cat health guide”, which will be released this year. This book covers all aspects of cats. What we hope consumers can see is that red beaked cat is not a brand that pursues selling goods, but a brand that teaches cat slaves to keep cats and keep good cats.


Foodplus: how to define the brand of red beaked cat food from the perspective of brand, or condense the brand in one or two sentences?


Tang Wenwei: the future pet food brand should be the same, which can lead and promote the development of the industry in China. Whether we are talking about pioneers or leaders, we must have someone to do it.

At the same time, I hope the future of this brand is very fashionable, cool and fashionable.

Just like some environmentalists, I don’t drink milk, I want to drink oats, because I still flaunt myself. I am different, I am me, I am an environmentalist. Take Tesla for example. You see, musk always says that we should promote a clean world. He means to get rid of the fuel truck. He wants to make the world cleaner.

What we attract is a new generation of cat slaves who love and understand cats. They will be proud of the way cats are fed.

Food plus: what kind of foundation and advantages do you think red beaked cats have to do this?


Tang Wenwei: if there must be any advantages, one is original intention, one is ingenuity, the other is innovation.


First, the original intention is to respect the cat’s nature. This is the original intention. I want to make a bowl of chicken cat rice that belongs to the cat’s own. This is our original intention.


Now, they don’t believe in domestic brands. I’m not willing to. So I want to make a cat food brand that really belongs to the Chinese people. This is my other original intention.


Second, I’ve been doing one thing for 29 years. I’ve been doing the best retractable traction rope in the world. Today, I’ve made it the best. The best is reflected in the fact that our own brands are sold to these two supermarkets (Petsmart and Aldi). No enterprise can do it as calmly as I do. For 29 years, that’s the ingenuity.


Innovation, in the past 29 years, we have never-ending innovation in technology. We have a lot of inventions on the traction rope, and the red beaked cat has gradually applied for and obtained some patents.


Foodplus: what do you think is the most critical thing to do red billed cats and what are the biggest challenges you may encounter?


Tang Wenwei: the biggest challenge is also the most critical, one is the logic, the other is the team.


If anything is logical, it depends on your team. If your team is OK, it will be successful.


Just now, we should respect nature and nature. We should respect the nature of cats. This must be true. Cats are carnivorous animals. Why should we give them puffed food? So the logic is reasonable.


When we find that these things can be done, we start to form a team. The R & D team selected and recruited people from all over the world to look for my like-minded respect for the cat’s nature. We searched a lot of them. Finally, we decided to jointly research and develop a formula with eight experts, including zoology experts, nutrition experts, veterinarians and so on. It took two years and cost tens of millions to jointly develop and polish such a formula.


The core team includes R & D team and business team.

Foodplus: it’s said that this product has spent two years in product development. What’s the story behind it?


Tang Wenwei: we have done a lot of research, including the size of the cat’s face and the diameter of the bowl to find the most appropriate balance point. We hope to make it convenient for the cat and the cat slave. We can eat it after opening it. After many tests, we found that the diameter of 14.5cm is the most suitable.


At the same time, we have made a seat design and neck protection design for cat rice. Now the design of cat bowl has won the innovation patent. It is very difficult to do such a thing without ingenuity.


Finally, we introduced Japanese technology, which can keep cat rice as fresh cat food at room temperature for 6 months. Moreover, we are constantly testing and technical iterations. We hope to achieve a normal temperature preservation period of 18 months in the future.


Foodplus: what do you think of the market opportunities of cat food and what are the advantages of cat food compared with other cat food products?


Tang Wenwei: first, the core advantage is the original intention to be a red billed cat and whether it can focus on doing one thing for a long time.


Second, the shape of the products is different. Maonu can see the small pieces of meat one by one with the naked eye. It can see what the cat rice is made of, but the puffed food can’t.


Third, the packaging form is different, the other is feed packaging, and red billed cat rice is bowl by bowl.


What is a good cat meal?


First of all, the formula should be scientific. A bowl of cat rice should meet the minimum nutrition, energy and needs of a cat for a day.


Secondly, we should carefully select and trace the ingredients. We should strictly select the suppliers, not the leftovers. We should select the best piece of chicken breast to make a chicken breast, which can only make three bowls of cat rice.


Secondly, the technology is the expansion of cat food technology, we are cooking technology, good food materials do not need to transition cooking.


Finally, quality control. A good product needs a systematic management and control.


Foodplus: as cat food is a new category of pet food, will you promote the formulation of industry standards in this respect?


Tang Wenwei: Yes, we will set standards for cat food.

Foodplus: what kind of channel is the main marketing channel of red beaked cat? Why choose such channel strategy?


Tang Wenwei: we need to find like-minded dealers and pet shops to tell them the story of red billed cats. Cats eat meat, and we should give them meat.


If you think it’s OK, let’s do it together, and you’ll become my dealer. Let’s redefine cat food together. That’s our strategy.

Foodplus: we have seen that red beaked cat has been launched into tmall’s flagship store relatively early. This year’s sub pet exhibition should officially appear in the industry. What stage has red beak been in so far?


Tang Wenwei: still a baby, in the stage where everything needs to be learned.

Good products require high cost investment, not to say that our profit margin is very high, but our products are genuine, so I think we should be down-to-earth.

Therefore, from the dealers, comprehensive stores, online stores, we need to find people who share the same ideals with us. We should popularize such ideas and realize such dreams.


At the same time, we should first serve a small number of cat slaves. We should work together for those partners who are truly like-minded and truly recognize cats as carnivorous animals to popularize the idea of letting cats eat cat food. Such cat slaves agree with us, and they think that they should be worth so much money.

And don’t covet to say that we must be like a certain brand. We have never thought about it, nor will we do so. It is different from their original intention. Their original intention is to start from business, that is, to make money and finance. Our original intention is to take the cat as the foundation.


Foodplus: do you have any other ideas on the channel?


Tang Wenwei: I also have a dream. I’m going to open a flagship store, which combines art and commerce. It’s similar to the lens brand of gentle month. To make the flagship store a gathering place for cat slaves, we can create a third space like Starbucks. We need to create a space for cat slaves, and cat slaves should also have their own feelings.


Foodplus: how is your team doing?


Tang Wenwei: at present, redbeak team is composed of product manager, R & D Manager, quality control manager, brand manager, purchasing manager and business manager.


The core is the R & D team. There are 2 internal R & D personnel and 8 external R & D personnel. There are a total of 10 R & D personnel in the R & D team. There are various experts, zoologists, nutritionists, veterinarians, and, most importantly, there are human food R & D engineers in the team, which is very important.


Foodplus: what do you think of the substitution of domestic grain for imported grain? Is there such a possibility and what are the challenges?


Tang Wenwei: I think it is possible. The biggest challenge is to be able to calm down and concentrate on doing things for a long time.


Foodplus: original intention is very important, and ability is also very important. What do you think is the ability to calm down and make a good cat meal?


Tang Wenwei: first, we should have the ability of research and development. Red billed cat is a global force in R & D.


Second, we have been in the pet industry for nearly 30 years, and this experience is unique.


Third, quality control, which is a systematic project, is the presentation of a comprehensive management level.


Foodplus: what are your goals for 2021?


Tang Wenwei: I hope to find more like-minded partners, so that the concept of respecting the nature of cats can be recognized by more cat slaves. Let’s let every cat live to 26 years old, make its own strength and make its own contribution.


Foodplus: will you consider introducing investment to develop the pet food business in the future?


Tang Wenwei: if you have the right opportunity, I hope you can have the capital with the same aspiration to come in and do such a thing together.


Food plus: if you want to describe a red billed cat one year later, three years later, five years later and 10 years later, what would you like to look like?


Tang Wenwei: our overall idea is to lay a foundation in one year, achieve results in two years, and set a benchmark in three years.


The foundation means that our products should strive for perfection and make a good cat rice product, so that the cat is impeccable, the quality is impeccable, and at the same time, we should love it.


I used to do traction rope, there are 55 principles in product development.


The first five, no matter where it is displayed on the shelf, stands out five meters away.


The second 5 is very comfortable to hold. I can’t put it down in 5 seconds.


The effect refers to arousing more cat slaves to respect the nature of cats and arousing more like-minded people in the industry to jointly expand the cat rice market.


Benchmarking means that cat food has become a benchmark for pet food. People who really love cats and understand cats are proud of red billed cats.


Foodplus: what else do you want to say about the future development of redbeak?


Tang Wenwei: Red billed cats will become the benchmark of pet food, and cat rice will become a new category to replace puffed food. I hope that in three or five years, we will talk more about cat food than cat food.

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PS: if there are pet food dealers, stores and cat cafes who are interested in the brand and product concept of red billed cat, welcome to contact red beaked cat, join in cat food category innovation and become a wind maker in the industry. Other new consumer brands are also welcome to co branding with redbeak.

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