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The most complete lineup of heshengyuan milk powder appeared in the infant and child exhibition, and the strategy of the epidemic period after the decoding of the high-level of health care

Before that, Jianhe group, which had previously said that it planned to enter more than 10000 mother and baby stores in the second half of the year, is making great efforts towards its goal.

Today, four brands of Jianhe group, namely biosimide, Swisse Swisse, Dodie and good go? T, were jointly presented at the 20th CBME maternity and infant exhibition in Shanghai.

It is worth noting that during the exhibition, synbiotic also presented a brand-new 9 series of infant formula milk powder brand matrix for the first time, including the newly launched Hesheng element plus and beisubeijia series.

At the pregnancy and infant children Industry Summit held yesterday, Xu Zhan, sales general manager of BNC China of Jianhe group, pointed out that the consumption of nutrition products in the post epidemic period is entering a new stage. In the future, the group will build a more professional and more detailed infant and child nutrition product matrix, and continue to promote the distribution of the whole category of nutrition products and seize the market track of maternal and infant nutrition products.

Xu Zhan, sales general manager of BNC China of Jianhe group

The most complete milk powder lineup

The snack generation noticed that at the first large-scale maternity and infant industry exhibition after this year’s epidemic situation, synbiotic presented “the most complete milk powder lineup in history”.

According to reports, heshengyuan brand will focus on five major research institutes of “maternal love protection”, “intestinal tract”, “mild protection”, “organic protection” and “multiple protection” at the exhibition.

In addition to the three “Xingyao series” of synbiotic alpha star, beta star and Paixing, as well as the Hesheng elementa and besubega series, there are also synbiotic kebeth goat milk powder, synbiotic organic milk powder, Manle series milk powder, etc., which fully covers the high-end, super high-end, organic, HMO and goat milk.

It is not difficult to find that synbiotic, which has always regarded the super high-end as the home position, has also accelerated the layout of the offline city market.

It is understood that in the first half of this year, the series of Hesheng elementa and besoberga, which came into the market in mid September, were officially registered in the first half of this year. The two products are planned to expand distribution channels for markets below the third tier. Supermarkets and maternal and infant lines will be arranged according to regional conditions to carry out differentiated distribution mix.

In addition to expanding the milk powder product lineup, further developing offline maternal and infant channels is also the key link of health care. This time, synbiotic has set up a strong milk powder lineup at the maternal and infant store and other professional channels, which is undoubtedly hoping to attract and develop a wider range of maternal and infant channel partners.

According to xiaoshidai, Jianhe’s chief executive officer, an Yuting, revealed at the investors’ meeting in the first half of the year that Jianhe plans to enter more than 10000 mother and baby stores in the second half of the year. As of the first half of this year, it has entered 30000 mother and baby stores. According to an Yuting, there are 100000 mother and baby stores in China, and the group still has a lot of room for growth in its current penetration rate.

Continuous development of the whole category

As a matter of fact, Jianhe, which is composed of four flagship brands, is also one of the participating enterprises with the widest and most comprehensive category of the large maternal and infant industry.

In addition to synbiotic milk powder and probiotic product series, Swisse Swisse, the Australian professional nutrition brand of the group, featured in the “pregnancy and infant research institute” at the exhibition, displaying a variety of professional health nutrition products for pregnant and infant children, such as vitamin D drops, probiotic drinks, DHA fish oil capsules for pregnant and lying in women, covering the nutritional needs of people from pregnancy to lactation.

Dodie, a professional infant care product brand from France, with “zhirou care institute” as the theme, displayed the upgraded version of newborn soft series and the newly launched light sensitive diaper series, as well as a new product co branded with Dunhuang IP.

According to Liao Wenqi, senior marketing director of BNC and general manager of Dodie business of Jianhe group, the overall sales of maternal and infant stores decreased by 11.1% in the first quarter of this year, but Dodie diapers still “lead the whole super high-end Diaper Market” with a sales growth rate of 118%.

Liao Wenqi, senior marketing director and general manager of Dodie business of Jianhe group

The organic food brand good go? T, also from France, is a brand of organic food for children, which is also from France. It is reported that in September this year, the brand launched the first Chinese Organic Certified children’s snack good go Û t organic children’s “0” biscuit. It is planned to launch two new products of organic fruits, nuts, crispy grains and organic double sandwich seaweed by the end of October.

In the context of this year’s outbreak of the epidemic, health care also benefited from the early deployment of multi brand, multi category and multi-channel strategy.

Data shows that in the first half of this year, the sales of immunity related categories of Jianhe group increased by 45.4% year on year. As consumers continue to pay attention to health products to improve their resistance during the epidemic period, the demand for probiotics in China has increased significantly, and the revenue has increased by 48.4% year-on-year.

Under the advantages of the original channels, the group also made efforts to promote the sales growth by innovating the live delivery mode with multiple linkage. In addition, synbiotics also caters to the current market demand. In June this year, it launched a number of new nutritional products such as probiotics platinum version.

Looking forward to the post epidemic era, Xu Zhan believes that with the improvement of national health awareness, people’s consumption demand for health and disease prevention has risen sharply.

“We will quickly respond to market demand, speed up the distribution of nutrition categories, and continue to meet the increasing consumer demand of users through the whole category layout, refinement, high-end and differentiation.” He said.

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