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Young and promising, 27 year old “Zha Laosan” founder Liu Liqun opened a new era of hawthorn

Zhang Ailing, a female writer of the Republic of China, once said, “be famous as soon as possible”, which attracted many young people to go on the road of “fame” and make unremitting efforts.


Liu Liqun, general manager of Hebei haozha Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “haozha”), takes “Zha Laosan” to a broader leisure food market and interprets the true meaning of “young and promising” with strength.


The Yanshan Mountains are high in mountains and luxuriant in forest and abundant in rainfall. Thanks to the cool climate with four distinct seasons, the saying “red hawthorn fruit is full of branches” is popular among the mountains. Growing up in the Hawthorn family, Liu Liqun was determined to open a new era of Hawthorn from the moment he took over the family’s Hawthorn business.

Since we have decided to open a new era, we need to change the raw materials. As we all know, hawthorn has the effect of helping digestion, in fact, hawthorn also has high medicinal value, 1 / 3 of Chinese patent medicine contain hawthorn.

Hawthorn is rich in vitamin C, which is 2.4 times of lemon and 13 times of apple. Rich vitamin C can promote vascular toughness, improve microcirculation, whitening and freckle removing effect. At the same time, hawthorn is rich in iron and has the effect of nourishing blood and replenishing qi.

In order to retain the nutrition of hawthorn, Liu Liqun boldly reformed the traditional way of hand shaking or beating hawthorn. He picked hawthorn fruit by hand to maximize the integrity of hawthorn, guaranteed the quality of Hawthorn from raw materials, and improved the taste of hawthorn.

Hawthorn almost accompanies everyone’s childhood. With the continuous improvement of consumer demand, how can we catch the appetite of young people? After market research, Liu Liqun resolutely launched thousand layer grains, hawthorn slices, hawthorn balls, orange peel series of bulk weighing products, orange, hawthorn, strawberry, yellow peach, lemon, apricot and other dried fruit products.


How to set up a hawthorn brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people? After brainstorming with the team, Liu Liqun finally decided to adopt the image of traditional mythological character Nezha as the product brand.


The pictures from left to right are as follows:

Kongo brand design GMD Li Xiaoai

Liu Liqun, general manager of Hebei haozha Food Co., Ltd

Li Jun, project director of whole food exhibition and editor in chief of snack Express

Under the guidance of Liu Liqun, Zha Laosan combines the traditional mythical character image Nezha with the characteristics of modern innovation. He uses the well-known image of Nezha and combines the interesting elements of the product to design an interesting brand IP image, which is unique in the current Hawthorn market.

Quoting this IP also comes from Zha Laosan’s insistence on heart and beauty. Hawthorn’s “Hawthorn” and “Zha” are homonymous. The taste of hawthorn is sour and sweet, just like the story of Nezha.

In order to convey a positive and never say die attitude to people, this is also the pursuit of contemporary young people represented by Liu Liqun.

With the increasing popularity of “Zha Laosan” brand in the market, it is urgent to improve the packaging design. Liu Liqun once again fell into meditation: “the packaging design on the market is more popular, we need to carry out reform if we want to get rid of the old and bring forth the new.”

After careful consideration, Liu Liqun finally adopted the design scheme of Nezha special-shaped figure for packaging. Once the package was launched, it set off a wave of Nezha in the market and was vigorously sought after by consumers.

In the traditional cognition, many people regard hawthorn as medicine, and the appearance of good Hawthorn combines hawthorn with leisure food skillfully. When girls’ bags are more and more exquisite, when boys’ schoolbags are more and more exquisite, when life is more and more convenient, healthy snacks have become a common pursuit. The pocket snack of good hawthorn is favored by consumers as soon as it comes into the market.

The model of brand + packaging has greatly enhanced the market influence of haozha. Liu Liqun said: “our team is the majority of the post-90s, easy to run in with each other, together to enhance the visibility of Zha Laosan.” Young thinking into the traditional Hawthorn industry, Liu Liqun gradually realized his dream of opening a new era of hawthorn.


The pictures from left to right are as follows:

Li Jun, project director of whole food exhibition and editor in chief of snack Express

Liu Liqun, general manager of Hebei haozha Food Co., Ltd

Yao Yibao, general manager of Quanzhou Tongce Network Technology Co., Ltd

With the continuous development of the market, Liu Liqun realized that only by building the whole industry chain can we go more stably and further. He began to focus on the integration of industries and create planting bases. “We are committed to finding distributors who attach importance to quality, and will protect the rights and interests of dealers. The layout of the whole industrial chain is also to give dealers a reassurance,” he explained

The second on the left is Liao Xiaolong, general manager of Changsha Xiongyue e-commerce Co., Ltd

(Xingsheng chooses one of the largest leisure food suppliers)

China’s Hawthorn food market potential is huge, good Hawthorn will adhere to the quality, and strive to do high-end food. In the future, the young “Zha Laosan” will continue to forge ahead and innovate. The image of hawthorn and IP will fit together more.

At the same time, haozha will continue to actively innovate the packaging appearance and style, on the basis of ensuring that the taste is dominant, in order to maintain differentiation in this serious homogenization market and have its own unique competitive advantage.

Liu Liqun, who was born in 1993, is one of the young people in haozha’s team. She practiced Zhang Ailing’s advocacy of “being famous as soon as possible”.

Youth is the symbol of infinite possibilities and the future. In the future, haozha will always explore the way to pursue high-end Hawthorn food, and bring more Hawthorn delicacy to consumers.

Source: original copy of snack express needs authorization

Editor in chief: Li Jun

Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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