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The new strategy of Dexter stores has been implemented! How to play one shop in one city?

Slowly, you may find that the newly opened Dexter around you looks a little different from the impression.

The snack generation learned that recently, Dexter, a western fast food chain famous for its crispy fried chicken, has opened two new theme stores in succession, namely, the northwest Bookstore theme restaurant in Lanzhou and the basketball vitality theme restaurant in Jinan.

It is worth noting that these two new stores represent the first landing of Dexter’s new strategy of “one store in one city”.

Xiaoshidai learned from the company that the above store strategy was proposed at the beginning of this year. According to the plan, Dexter will open one or more theme stores in provincial capitals and cities above. In the same city, there is only one shop for a theme.

Where in particular?


According to reports, different from ordinary Dexter stores, the two new theme stores of Dexter have integrated their main concepts of “book” and “Basketball” into many places, including restaurant design, store activities and even menus.

In terms of restaurant design, Dexter told the diner: “compared with ordinary stores, theme stores will add interactive area, exhibition area, theme wall, etc., and the area will be larger. It will also provide customers with more abundant viewing and experience spaces by setting up seat area and ordering table with theme features.”


For example, the new store in Lanzhou, which focuses on the concept of “book”, looks like an open book. Going to the store, consumers will also see the furnishings of various “book” elements, such as bookshelves full of books, theme wall of book sea and luminous ceiling of Book Modeling.

Book themed new store in Texas


In Jinan basketball dynamic theme store, Dexter has set up the game viewing screen, small basketball court and ladder seat of basketball court, so that consumers can participate in basketball interaction in different ways. Interestingly, in order to give consumers the immersive experience of being on the court, the basketball dynamic theme store even designed the uniform of its staff into a uniform.


In addition, both restaurants will carry out activities around their own themes in the future. Xiaoshidai learned that Lanzhou Bookstore theme store will cooperate with the northwest bookstore where the store is located to hold various activities with the theme of “reading”. Jinan basketball dynamic theme store will plan interesting basketball activities, such as obstacle dribble, shooting competition, double tripod shooting competition and so on.

Dexter Jinan basketball vitality Theme Store

In order to create a stronger theme atmosphere, Dexter also “started” on the menu.


According to Ji’nan, there are more energy-saving products for the general manager, such as basketball, fried chicken and so on.


Dexter also told the snack generation that Lanzhou Bookstore theme store will consider launching characteristic products of theme stores in the future. Other theme stores that will soon be launched will also step up their R & D efforts to enrich their menus.




It can be seen that as a western fast food chain that has been in China for more than 20 years, Dexter hopes to bring freshness to consumers through the “one city, one store” strategy and provide differentiated experience from store environment to menu. More importantly, it is also a signal that Dexter, which has been deeply cultivated in the third and fourth tier cities, is accelerating its penetration into the online cities.


“At present, companies in various regions are speeding up the opening of stores. In addition to Jinan and Lanzhou, Chongqing and Wuhan theme stores will be completed and opened within this year, and theme stores in other cities will open in succession next year.” The company told the agency.


In order to get a better reputation in the target city, Dexter also pays attention to the location of theme stores.


“Theme stores are more oriented to young people and family customers, so the location will pay more attention to the influence of the business district, whether the positioning is fashionable and whether it can attract young and stable customers.” Dexter said to the snack generation.


According to reports, the business district of Jinan basketball vitality Theme Store is one of the areas frequented by young people in Jinan, and the surrounding area is close to Shandong University. The northwest bookstore, where Lanzhou Bookstore Theme Store is located, is also located in the city’s core business district, with young families and children as the main consumer groups.

Dexter Jinan basketball vitality Theme Store


However, it is not enough to have a unique “one store in one city” and the flow of people, and the theme store must be “grounded” enough to attract local consumers and even foreign tourists to punch in and actively share with the social platform, so as to easily complete a wider brand communication with these traffic.

When it comes to determining the theme of the store, Dexter told the snack shop that the selection of the theme will be based on the regional characteristics of the city, landmark buildings or local cultural style. “In the future, Dexter will also consider launching new store types with different themes in the same city to continuously enrich the consumer experience.” The company said.

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