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KFC will sell snail powder, Haitian will set up an investment company in Ningbo, Unilever’s UK shareholders agree to merge its headquarters, Carlsberg will purchase German beer, Danone will add more organic food, and DQ will settle in pinduoduo

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KFC will sell snail powder (company news)

According to KFC’s announcement today, KFC will launch Kaifeng Cai series of products, including chicken breast, chicken soup and chicken snail powder in the first quarter, which are related to the chicken products KFC is good at. The products of the first season will be listed in some KFC restaurants in 23 cities from October 12. Among them, snail powder series will be sold from October 26.

Zhumadian “hand in hand” Yili Group invested nearly 3 billion yuan (Zhumadian daily)

Yesterday, Zhumadian Yili Group high-end dairy industry cluster demonstration project and 100000 dairy cattle ecological breeding demonstration base project officially started construction in Xiping County. The project plans to invest nearly 3 billion yuan to build a world-class high-end dairy industry cluster demonstration project and a world-class high-end milk processing base through the construction of large-scale demonstration farms and intelligent dairy processing plants. After the completion of the project, it is expected to achieve an output value of nearly 5 billion yuan, an industrial chain economic driving value of nearly 15 billion yuan, and direct employment of 20000 people.

Fonterra dairy raw materials cover more than 3000 product combinations in China (company news)

China’s official account of Fonterra said today that China has been the main dairy raw material sales market for Fonterra, covering over 3000 products. In the terminal consumer market, Fonterra has nearly 50 innovative product combinations including normal temperature milk, fresh milk, table milk and adult milk powder. In the field of catering services, Fonterra has covered more than 350 cities in China. In the last fiscal year alone, the catering service team in Greater China launched more than 270 innovative product applications, meeting diversified consumer demands and creating new consumption 。

Haidilao: possible issuance of US dollar denominated notes (company announcement)

Haidilao announced this evening, notes, but the details are not confirmed.

Michelle ice city responds to a new round of financing rumors: untrue (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton report today, a number of industry insiders revealed that the tea chain brand Mi snow ice city is about to complete a new round of financing. The investors are hillhood capital and Longzhu capital of meituan. After this round of financing, the estimated value of mixue ice city is about 20 billion yuan. In this regard, snow city responded, “it’s not true. No relevant information has been received for the time being. ” According to people familiar with the matter, the current round of financing plan of snow city is 1-2 billion yuan. In addition, it is understood that mixue ice city is also preparing for listing at the same time, and some securities companies have entered the market, and this round of financing may be the last round of financing before the IPO of mixue ice city.

New investment company set up in Ningbo

According to industrial and commercial information, Ningbo Haichun Investment Co., Ltd. was established on October 9. The company’s registered capital is 5 million yuan, and its legal representative is Liao Changhui. Its business scope includes investment activities with its own funds. Shareholders and investment information show that the company is wholly owned by Foshan Haitian seasoning Food Co., Ltd.

Starbucks home coffee launches Holiday Limited coffee series for the first time (company news)

Nestle announced today that in order to kick off the festival season, Starbucks home coffee has launched its new Starbucks limited series of coffee products for the first time. The limited series of Starbucks holidays, including Starbucks taffy nut latte and Starbucks holiday blend coffee, will be sold in offline stores, boutique supermarkets and online platforms around the world in October this year.  

Unilever headquarters merger approved by UK shareholders (Bloomberg)

According to yesterday’s report, shareholders of Unilever’s UK branch have overwhelmingly agreed that the merged company’s headquarters will be in the UK, further pushing Unilever’s plan to end its dual headquarters in the UK and the Netherlands. However, Unilever’s streamlining plan still faces potential obstacles in the form of a departure tax. The company said it would make the cost of moving its headquarters to London prohibitively high, that the tax proposal would also violate EU laws on the free flow of capital and would violate the UK Dutch tax treaty.

Nestle’s stake in aimtune therapeutics increased to 84% (company news)

Nestle said today that it had acquired a stake in aimtune therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company, increasing its stake to 84%. Nestle said its wholly-owned subsidiary, SPN mergersub, bought about 43.4 million shares through a takeover offer for $34.50 a share. Together with the shares already owned by Nestle and its subsidiaries, the shareholding has reached about 84%. Nestle said aimtune therapeutics merged as a surviving company.

Danone invested 25 million euro in planete business

Danone has announced plans to invest 25 million euros in its BL é Dina brand production plant in steenvoorde, French media reported today. Danone hopes to make it the company’s flagship organic food production plant, after launching its organic product line a year ago.

Guangzhou listing meeting of Zhuyeqing liquor held (company news)

On October 9, the Guangzhou listing meeting of bamboo leaf liquor was held in Guangzhou tower. From the form to the content of the whole conference, a “living” bamboo leaf green wine was displayed to Guangzhou. The signing amount of dealers on the activity site reached 100 million yuan.

DQ official flagship store settled in pinduoduo, with orders exceeding 10000 (36krypton) on the first day

On October 9, ice cream brand ice cream queen (DQ) officially entered the domestic new e-commerce platform pinduoduo. During the celebration month of pinduoduo’s 5th anniversary, DQ pinduoduo’s official flagship store opened “order shopping”, with a discount rate of nearly 70%. On the first day of opening, the order quantity of flagship store exceeded 10000

Net profit of Taoli bread in the first three quarters increased by 37.31% (company announcement)


On October 11, Taoli bread released the first three quarters of 2020 performance express. In the first three quarters of 2020, the company’s total operating revenue was about 4.378 billion yuan, an increase of 6.22% year-on-year; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was about 691 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 37.31%. During the reporting period, the main reason for the year-on-year growth of the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is that the growth of the company’s sales revenue promotes the expansion of the production scale, the overall scale effect is enhanced, and the gross profit rate level has increased; at the same time, affected by the national periodic social security relief policy, its cost has also decreased.


Angel yeast’s net profit in the first three quarters increased by 50% – 55% (company announcement)


Angel yeast announced yesterday that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in the first three quarters of 2020 is expected to increase by 333 million yuan to 366 million yuan compared with the same period last year, with a year-on-year increase of 50% to 55%.


Angel yeast received a total subsidy of 30.6273 million yuan in the third quarter (company announcement)


Angel yeast announced yesterday that it had received a total of 30.6273 million yuan of government subsidies in the third quarter. As of September 30, the company has received 104 million yuan of various government subsidies, including 85.7426 million yuan of income related government subsidies, accounting for 9.51% of the latest audited net profit of the company.

PepsiCo announces new uses of $1 billion in green bonds (Corporate News)

Today, PepsiCo gave an update on the $1 billion green bonds that were first issued in October last year. According to reports, 447 million US dollars is used to support the company to build a more sustainable food system. Of this, about $200 million was used to purchase RPET plastics for the company’s North American beverage packaging to achieve about 210000 tons of greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Carlsberg group agrees to acquire wernesgr ü ner brewery and brand (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Carlsberg group has agreed to buy wernesgr ü ner brewery and brand owned by Germany’s Bitburger braugruppe, without disclosing the amount of the purchase. Carlsberg said the integration of breweries into its supply chain network would improve productivity and flexibility for its German business. It is understood that the transaction is subject to competition permission and is expected to be completed on January 1, 2021.

Yu! Brands appoints new board members (company news)

Yesterday, yum! Brands announced the appointment of Lauren R. Hobart, President of Dick’s sporting goods, as a member of the board of directors with effect from November 12, 2020. David Gibbs, CEO of Yum! Brands, said this year’s event has accelerated many consumption trends in the catering industry, especially in terms of numbers, technology and takeout. In addition, yum! Brands has appointed a director, Paget Alves, as the new chairman of the audit committee


Zhou Heiya’s Vegetarian duck neck officially launched (company news)

Recently, Zhou Hei duck announced the official launch of its vegetarian duck neck. According to reports, the vegetarian meat product, named “future meat”, uses 100% plant protein as raw material, which is lower in calories than beef and pork of the same specification, and contains 17.9g protein per 100g, without cholesterol and trans fatty acid, so it is suitable for fitness crowd. From October 10, the new store will be limited in daily supply.


Feihe was selected into the list of brand enterprises of Dairy Industry Conference (company news)


Yesterday, the summit of China’s top 20 dairy industry (D20) and the 11th China dairy industry conference were held in Shijiazhuang. At the meeting, activities such as “good brand made in China” were held, and “China dairy quality report (2020)” and “2020 China dairy industry” brand enterprise directory of “integration of intelligence and excellence” were released. This time, Feihe was selected into the list of brand enterprises of the conference. Lu Guang, vice president of the company, said that Feihe would make a high-quality service experience for consumers with the five forces of product force, brand force, channel main thrust, supply capacity and organization force.

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China’s import growth is strong, food transportation is a big driver (South China Morning Post)

According to the South China Morning Post today, China’s trade continued to grow strongly in September. The Customs announced today that it recorded the strongest import growth since December last year, with monthly inbound freight volume reaching $2030 billion, a record high. Part of the surge in imports comes from food transportation: China’s grain imports grew by 35%, while meat imports rose by 40.5%. Compared with September 2019, soybean shipments increased by 17.6% to US $3.7 billion.

Special medical food better serve clinical patients and doctors need to solve three problems (Xinhuanet)

Recently, the 17th National Conference on clinical nutrition was held in Shanghai, and experts at the meeting discussed the huge market potential of special medical food in China. Zhang Xudong, deputy director of the Hospital Management Research Institute of the National Health Commission, believes that there are three aspects to be solved to better serve the clinical patients and clinicians of the formula food for special medical purposes. First, how can clinical nutrition, especially formula food for special medical purposes, be able to enter the clinical pathway or diagnosis and treatment standard. Second, the medical staff in the professional institutions should further improve their understanding of special medical food. Thirdly, there are short boards in the aspect of informatization. The connection and sharing of information systems from in-hospital screening, evaluation, treatment to final effect evaluation still needs to be made.

The scale of ice cream industry in China has reached 140 billion yuan (Tianjin daily)

Yesterday, China ice cream Expo opened in Tianjin. It is understood that the scale of China’s ice cream industry has surpassed that of the United States since 2014, becoming the largest ice cream market in the world, and the national industrial scale will reach 140 billion yuan in 2019.

2020 tip of the tongue economic insight report: 115 million users become “quest mobile”

Today, questmobile released its 2020 tip of the tongue economic insight report. The data shows that in the past few years, the number of online food users and consumer users has continued to grow. By August 2020, the number of food users in the mobile market has reached 115 million, and the post-90s and Post-00 groups account for more than 2 / 3200 yuan, and the online consumption capacity users account for 83.9%. In addition, from the perspective of online shopping platforms and categories, in addition to meituan takeaway and hungry, the penetration rate of its own platforms is continuously increasing, with luckin coffee (11.5%), KFC (9.6%) and Starbucks (5.8%).


Food nutrition label to clearly identify oil, salt, sugar and other ingredients (Economic Daily)

According to the economic daily, according to the food department of the National Health Commission, China will revise the national food safety standard general principles for nutrition labeling of prepackaged food (hereinafter referred to as the general principles of labeling) in order to better meet the nutritional and health needs of consumers, which has entered the stage of official consultation. The revised general principles of labeling will force enterprises to label ingredients related to national nutrition and health, such as sugar, saturated fatty acids, etc. In the voluntary logo, enterprises are encouraged to make statements on the content of salt, sugar and oil, and use the core information of “Chinese dietary pagoda figure” and “Chinese dietary guide”.


Special rectification of special food, solid drink and other common food in Hunan Province (Hunan Daily)

According to the deployment of eight departments including the provincial Food Safety Commission Office, the market supervision system launched a special rectification action for ordinary foods such as special foods and solid drinks in Hunan Province from September to December to crack down on illegal production and operation of such foods, according to the Hunan Daily.


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