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With Baole organic milk powder on the market in China, senior officials said that they had prepared a three-year product development plan

Babybio, which had been predicted to enter China’s organic milk powder market, officially unveiled an organic formula for infants and young children yesterday on the occasion of the Shanghai pregnancy and baby exhibition. Snack food agents noted that the first to third stage of the listing of Baole organic infant formula milk powder had passed the milk powder formula registration as early as March this year.


Zhang Fu, director of marketing department of panbaole, introduced to the snack agent that as the first brand in French Organic Infant Food and organic infant milk powder market share, banbaole owns a full range of organic products. Among them, the brand of organic food has entered 3000 retail stores in China, with high market penetration.

“We have prepared a three-year product development plan to introduce a number of milk powder and complementary food product lines, such as organic goat milk, organic yogurt and organic milk snacks.” Zhang said.

25 years focus on Organic

Data show that vitagermine, a French company founded in 1962 in Bordeaux, France, has been committed to the development and production of organic food since its establishment. And established in 1996 with Baole, specializing in baby organic, launched the first organic infant milk powder in the European market.


According to Zhang Xuan, the milk source of organic milk powder with Baole comes from the organic pasture in malabritt, France. After three years of organic maintenance, “pure organic milk source, far away from antibiotic pollution”. Its own factory is only 16 minutes drive from the ranch, and uses the wet process of fresh milk feeding.

Official product data also showed that Bb12 probiotics were added to the formula of the milk powder, “enhancing intestinal antibody, reducing the risk of respiratory tract infection, regulating intestinal flora, reducing diarrhea and colic; adopting SHP (sans huile de palm) parent structure fat to protect baby’s stool unobstructed, and adopting active temperature control technology to ensure the high activity of probiotics”.


It is understood that with Baole milk powder business focus on ultra-high-end, in addition to the organic infant formula milk powder launched in China, the brand also has organic infant formula sheep milk powder. In the future, it plans to submit more applications for the registration of milk formula in China.

“We have a strong R & D team overseas, as well as a rich and stable organic upstream supply chain. In the future, we will make better use of our own resources, tap into the needs of Chinese consumers, innovate organic products for Chinese consumers, and strive to improve the development speed. ” The company said.

In order to achieve rapid expansion in the milk powder market, the company plans to focus on developing market areas with high acceptance of international brands and large population base. In terms of channel expansion, it will combine online and offline multi-channel efforts, and focus on a number of mother and baby stores to create boutique model stores.


Expand the organic category

In the view of panbaole, although the current Chinese market is facing a downward trend of new population, the population base is still very large. At the same time, the category of organic milk powder is still “outstanding” and continues to maintain a high growth trend, so it is still attractive to it.

According to Nielsen data, domestic organic milk powder sales increased by 77% year-on-year in 2019, while the average price of organic milk powder was 49% higher than the average price of milk powder categories.

“The global organic food market is huge, and parasol is still growing in the market every year in France. Next, we need to make a thorough analysis of the organic sub categories.” The company said.


In fact, after nearly 25 years, in addition to milk powder, the company has also developed a series of organic complementary foods for infants and young children. In the overseas flagship store of Pang Bao Le, the snack shop sells organic rice flour, organic children’s biscuits, organic fruit puree, milk cream and milkshakes.

According to the plan, the company will gradually introduce more products to the Chinese market in the next three years, including new milk powder and infant complementary food product line.

In addition to developing organic milk powder and organic complementary food, Zhang said he was optimistic about the market prospect of organic food for children. “As a company with ideas, we specialize in organic research with Baole, and only do organic baby. Being organic is not only the most healthy choice for baby, but also the best sustainable growth environment for baby, so we focus on organic.”

She also mentioned that the future children’s organic food market is also a big market to be developed, and the company plans to gradually expand to children’s organic food. The company’s vision is not to be the largest in the Chinese market, but to strive to be the most professional and favorite organic brand in the industry in the infant and child food market.

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