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Under the new trend, how should leisure food enterprises develop?

In the golden autumn, new products of leisure snacks, such as xiaomanglu pearl milk tea and shabby Bushi cookies, have been brought to the market, attracting consumers from all over the world.
With the emergence of new products, the development of candy snack industry also ushered in a new trend.

Milk tea health upgrade, packaging novel and eye-catching

▎ key words: low card, packaging

With the development of the times, milk tea has become an indispensable “spiritual food” under the heavy pressure of modern life. According to the data, 70% of consumers spend at least 200 yuan a month to drink milk tea. More importantly, drinking a cup of milk tea is not only an emotional need, but also part of the unique social culture of young people.
Not long ago, the “first cup of milk tea in autumn” which was popular overnight was enough to prove that milk tea has become a social symbol of the new era.

In order to meet the increasing demand of consumers, “low card” and “no fat” is obviously the most attractive label of milk tea at present, and brand companies began to carry out radical reform. Represented by xiaomanglu pearl milk tea, it advocates low calorie and wins the favor of the new generation of milk tea girls with a distinctive appearance.
At the same time, exquisite packaging has become the first choice of many people, such as the little mang deer pearl milk tea, with its unique packaging color.

According to the data, according to the comprehensive estimation of China’s population, urbanization rate, milk tea price and other factors, it is estimated that China’s milk tea market capacity can reach 98.6 billion yuan, close to 100 billion yuan. This also means that the capacity of China’s milk tea enterprises has not reached saturation.

Therefore, the development space of milk tea industry in China is expected. Manufacturers should pay more attention to the demand changes of milk tea industry, produce milk tea that consumers like, and provide comfort for the busy life of urban people.
Protect intestinal health, hawthorn power

▎ key words: intestinal sub-health, young people, digestive aid

Sedentary, overeating, heavy taste… All kinds of bad diet and living habits make modern people’s intestines unbearable. Many people are young, and the physical examination report is full of holes. Therefore, more and more young people begin to pursue healthy food, especially the food that helps intestinal health.

For example, hawthorn has the effect of digesting food, invigorating the stomach, promoting blood circulation to remove stasis, and astringent dysentery. The Hawthorn industry has become a hot spot for manufacturers to chase for a time. Other products are also developing in the direction of protecting intestinal health.

In the field of intestinal health, yoghurt and Lactobacillus drinks are also popular in China. What’s more, Lactobacillus drinks are regarded as an indispensable water source in daily life. The popularity of Lactobacillus drinks is largely due to the claims of “probiotics”, “digestive aid” and “intestinal health”.
According to the white paper on Chinese intestinal health, 84.4% of Chinese people pay attention to intestinal health on the whole. In a Mintel consumer survey in 2019, Chinese consumers (62%) are far ahead of Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom (34-38%). Therefore, manufacturers need to comply with the trend, pay close attention to changes in consumer demand, and produce healthy products.
Convenient fast food
High end, health and convenience are the main themes

▎ key words: self heating, health

Convenient fast food has developed rapidly in recent years. The products on the market are more and more abundant, and the quality is higher and higher, which constantly improves the consumers’ experience of eating convenient and fast food.
According to statistics, convenient fast food has become a 250 billion level market, and of course, there are countless brands entering the market.

In convenience food, bibimbap has become a popular category. Jennie Winnie bear coarse grain bibimbap, no doubt to meet the market demand.

By analyzing the development trend of leisure food industry, it is not difficult to find that the main factors affecting the development of leisure food are food health and safety. The rising income level of residents promotes the upgrading of consumer demand, and the increasing importance of consumers for product quality and brand, which promotes the development of the industry to the trend of quality, health and personalization.

Consumers are more inclined to take into account the authentic taste and healthy snacks, and strive to live well in this increasingly busy world. Therefore, manufacturers need to continue to innovate, keep the flavor fresh and healthy, in order to have more consumers and repeat customers.

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Editor in chief: Li Jun

Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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