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Yuanyi forest, have you really changed?!

Perhaps careful consumers will find that the energy forest products you bought recently look a little different.

A few days ago, snack generation noticed that the online Red beverage brand, which has been rising vigorously in recent years, has changed its logo in a low-key way – from “Yuanxi forest” to “Yuanqi forest”. At present, the company’s official wechat, website and other platforms, newly launched product posters and advertising films, as well as some product packaging are gradually using the new logo.

Today, Yuanqi forest confirmed the news when it was inquired by xiaoshidai. “Our logo is indeed changing, and the product packaging will gradually be replaced with a new logo. At present, we have not yet completed the switch on all platforms and products. ” The company replied that the logo was only replaced, while the trademark “気” was still in normal use.

So why does this start-up company, known to consumers in mainland China for its Japanese style beverage packaging, have to spend a lot of time changing its logo and the symbolic “気” character? Today, Yuanqi forest revealed the reason for the change of logo to xiaoshidai, and also talked about the next production capacity and product plan.

Let’s learn more about it.

“Qi” → “Qi”

Let’s take a look at the new logo.

New logo products

The most obvious change is in the font. Previously, the Chinese brand, which mainly focuses on Japanese style, chose the more common Japanese character “気” on the logo, but now it is converted to the simplified Chinese character “Qi”. In addition, there are some minor adjustments in font design, such as length and length.

“Our latest logo is white on a black background, so it’s more recognizable.” When asked about the reasons for the change, Yuanqi forest explained to xiaoshidai that with the continuous enrichment of product lines, the brand of Yuanqi forest has also been injected with more new connotations. The birth of the new logo actually represents that Yuanqi forest is “entering a new stage of development”.

Old logo products (materials and pictures)

Yuanqi forest, which is rapidly growing up in the market, has more kinds of beverage products, such as sugar free low-fat milk tea, sugar free yogurt, sugar free energy drinks, juice bubble water, etc.

“Our best sellers now are bubble water, milk tea and burning tea.” Today, the company told the snack generation that the new full mark bubble juice and alien energy drinks this year are mainly sold online, while the latter has also entered some offline fitness venues and bars. On the whole, Yuanqi forest’s offline “main battlefield” is convenience stores.

“In the future, we will definitely launch more new products.” Yuanqi forest said, but it is not convenient to disclose.

Today, xiaoshidai found that Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. has submitted more than 1400 trademark applications since this year alone, which makes people dizzy. Among them, many of them reveal the flavor of new products, such as “Beihai ranch foam milk”, “baozhubobo”, “gaoshanhou”, “Shangui”, “element cuisine”, “crazy oats”, “alien bubble Madai tea”, “intestinal activity”, “balanced water”, “maternal love pure”, etc.

Xiao Yang, the company’s chief operating officer, has previously told xiaoshidai that Yuanqi forest has “no special routines” for what products to produce. It mainly depends on what consumers need, and will conduct a large number of user interviews and pay attention to the lifestyle of young people. He mentioned, for example, Yuanqi forest saw that milk tea’s attention continued to increase in recent years, as well as received such feedback in interviews with users, so he went to make milk tea.

In addition, xiaoshidai learned that while launching the new logo to “better represent the brand connotation”, Yuanqi forest gas’s main product, the big “気” trademark on sugar free bubble water will continue to be used. According to public information, Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. has applied for this graphic trademark.

“Our product brand has not changed. Our brand name was called Yuanqi forest from the beginning, so we just changed the logo this time.” So much emphasis has been placed on the vitality of the forest.


In addition to upgrading the “face” of the brand logo, Yuanqi forest is also upgrading its production capacity. “Internet plus” label companies are becoming heavier.

As the first self owned factory of Yuanqi forest, phase I of Chuzhou plant in Anhui Province has been put into operation since June this year.

In August this year, Yuanqi forest announced that it would invest 500 million yuan to build a northern production base in Tianjin, mainly producing tea drinks, functional drinks, dairy products, etc., and planned to officially put into production in the first half of 2021. It is reported that the output value of the factory will reach 1.5 billion yuan after it is put into operation.

“Now, in addition to yogurt, our factory has a full range of production lines. By the end of this year, yogurt can also be produced in self built factories. ” Yuanqi forest told xiaoshidai today that the construction of the factory is still expanding, and the factories in Tianjin and Guangdong will be put into operation next year.

At present, Yuanqi forest has OEM and cooperation with Jianlibao, Tongyi, Toyo, Origen and Zhuhai Zhongfu.

After a fierce operation on the market, the company has initially picked some “fruits”, at least in terms of word-of-mouth. According to the “list of golden lettered signboards in 2020” released by first finance and economics a few days ago, Yuanqi forest ranks first in the category of carbonated drinks this year.

“Over the past five years, Coca Cola has been at the top of the list with more than twice the support rate of the second place. This year, Yuanqi forest, an emerging brand focusing on 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calories, has replaced it… In the double 11 of 2019, Yuanqi forest surpassed Coca Cola and won the first place in the sales volume of tmall water drinks. ” According to the analysis of the list.

According to the company today, the company added that during this year’s national day, Yuanqi forest’s milk tea “ranked first” in the sales of tmall tea. The company did not disclose specific sales figures.


As a matter of fact, the Chinese beverage market has long had the Japanese beverage with the root of seedling red. Obviously, the Japanese style alone cannot make Yuanqi forest popular in a short period of time. It is in a wave of “0 sugar, 0 calorie, 0 fat” beverage boom.

Indeed, in recent years, many beverage companies have launched sugar free versions of tea and carbonated drinks, such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Suntory, nongnongnong Shan Quan, etc., which have won some consumers. However, on the whole, if the sweetness is completely abandoned, it may not be able to please most of the original consumer groups. Therefore, many companies have tried the scheme of substituting sugar. Some of the most common sugar substitutes have a little lack of taste, such as bitter and astringent aftertaste.

As many analyses have pointed out before, erythritol is indispensable to the achievement of Yuanqi forest’s sugar free bubble water. It is also one of the first brands in China to use this substitute sugar to produce drinks on a large scale. The latter is publicized as having better taste and tolerance, but the price of raw materials is also higher.


But on the other hand, because erythritol is not the patent of Yuanqi forest itself, it means that its success is not “unrepeatable”. If the raw material is only a small angle, the bigger proposition for the development of Yuanqi forest also includes how to create more large single products and how to achieve sustainable growth.

In fact, capital is also “spurring” it needs to continue to run at a high speed. At present, the company, founded in 2016, has completed four rounds of financing,

Yuanqi forest is running all the way.

A kind of

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