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Exclusive | Nestle welcome new members of health care products family in China, launch “customized nutrition package”

Following the introduction of garden of life, a dietary supplement brand, Nestle introduced a new health product brand to the Chinese market through cross-border e-commerce.

A few days ago, snack agents noticed that persona, a customized vitamin brand acquired by Nestle last year, has opened overseas flagship stores in tmall and Jingdong. In an exclusive reply to a snack agent’s inquiry, Alex Lindsay, vice president of international business development of persona, confirmed that the brand had entered tmall and Jingdong in September, and would sell essential vitamin packs for the Chinese market exclusively on these two platforms.

Persona was bought by Nestle last year, according to the snack agent. Founded in 2016, the brand focuses on customized health assessment and “nutrition package” products. Consumers should first fill in a questionnaire about personal body information on their official website, and then persona will prepare the “nutrition package” and deliver it to the door every month.

After being acquired by Nestle, persona announced this year that it would expand its distribution to dozens of countries including China. This is the first time persona has launched a sales model suitable for China’s local market, that is, it can be purchased directly without filling in the questionnaire. Chinese consumers who want to get truly customized nutrition can also choose to fill out a questionnaire on the official website to buy a “nutrition pack” made according to their personal conditions, Lindsay told the snack generation.

According to reports, in the early days of its launch in China, the essential vitamin packs series launched “nutrition packs” with multiple functions, aiming to help relieve stress and improve immunity, sleep, energy and weight management. It is suitable for fitness enthusiasts, pregnant or lactating mothers, men and women, including people over 50 years old.

The snack generation noticed that persona is not the first brand to sell health products in China in the form of “nutrition packs”. The players of this track also include the Japanese health food brand FANCL, whose “nutrition packs” are sold by age group.

Turning to product features, Lindsay said: “persona products are not just multivitamins. Our new essential vitamin packs are the first to combine multivitamins with other high-quality nutrients, which will help address specific health challenges.”

One interesting example is that this brand from the United States has added many supplements familiar to Chinese consumers. According to persona’s flagship store, the ingredients of its two products contain ginseng and Cordyceps respectively.

In China’s health care products market with a scale of more than 100 billion yuan, the reason why persona launched the new “method” may be that, on the one hand, Chinese consumers are still unfamiliar with the operation of filling in questionnaires to buy health products. In most cases, people buy directly according to their preferred brands or functional needs.

“We realize that customized nutrition is a new concept that some consumers may not understand.” Lindsay said that as a result, persona’s Medical Advisory Committee and nutritionists developed new essential vitamin packs, making it easier for Chinese consumers to choose products that can support their own nutritional needs.

On the other hand, considering the differences in physique of different groups of people, persona from the United States does not have sufficient data to support its launch of products that fully meet the characteristics of Chinese consumers.

“Our customized nutrition program carefully considers dietary preferences, lifestyle, health status and prescription drug use to create a customized package of daily vitamins and nutritional supplements. This custom-made package is based on the individual’s physical needs, ensuring that there is not much more Lindsay said.

At present, persona, which enters China through cross-border e-commerce, may be hoping to quickly test the market and collect feedback.

Although there are few products similar to persona in the market, in its view, with the growth of China’s health care products market, the trend of customization will gradually become popular.

“Chinese consumers seem to understand supplements very well and appreciate our customized services and nutritionist support. Generally speaking, the response is very positive.” Lindsay believes that with the improvement of the overall consumption level of Chinese residents and the growing demand for nutritional supplements, it has become the mainstream market trend to purchase different nutritional supplements according to their own needs. It is believed that customized personal nutrition solutions will be welcomed by more consumers.

In fact, persona is only part of Nestle’s efforts to increase the size of China’s health products market this year. According to the introduction of snack generation, Nestle will launch two functional health food products with “blue hat” in the Chinese market for the first time, which have the health functions of “increasing bone density” and “enhancing body immunity”.

“Health food is a large category, with a market size of more than 170 billion yuan in China. “Gianlong, head of Nestle’s dairy, ice cream, industrial sales and confectionery business units in Greater China, told the snack agent at the time.

The outbreak at the beginning of the year is expected to bring more opportunities for the health care industry. From the end of February to the beginning of May this year, the use of vitamins and health care products by Chinese consumers has been increasing, from 48% to 57%, according to inmate data.

“The outbreak of Xinguan has also prompted consumers to pursue a better way of immune management, from” drug supplement “to” food supplement “, and we have also noticed that enhancing immunity is no longer just the pursuit of vulnerable groups (such as children or the elderly), but also began to be valued by healthy ordinary adults.”

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