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Yili plans to build 5g artificial intelligence project with 3.86 billion yuan. Golden dragon fish rose sharply on the first day of listing. Fonterra raised its expectation of raw milk price. Yiguo fresh food, the first fresh e-commerce, went bankrupt. HEMA applied for several hotpot trademarks

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“Golden dragon fish” soared on the first day of listing, and its market value once exceeded 260 billion yuan (

According to, the grain and oil giant Jinlongyu (300999. SZ) was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s gem today, rising 90.51% to 48.96 yuan / share, and its market value exceeded 260 billion yuan. Since then, the increase narrowed, up to the press up about 60%, to 41.12 yuan / share, turnover rate of more than 34%. It closed at 56 yuan, up 117.9%.

Yili plans to build 5g green production artificial intelligence application demonstration project (company announcement)

According to Yili’s announcement today, the company plans to build a global leading 5g green production artificial intelligence application demonstration project with an investment amount of 3.86 billion yuan. According to the announcement, the project plans to build a new liquid milk production base in Yili modern wisdom health valley of Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The static investment payback period is expected to be 3.14 years, the return on investment is 27.85%, the internal rate of return is 31.42%, and the construction period of the project is expected to be 35 months.

The first fresh e-commerce e-commerce Yiguo’s Bankruptcy (21st century economic report)

According to the 21st century economic report, Zhang Ye, CEO of Yiguo Shengxian, confirmed that the company has indeed entered into bankruptcy reorganization and is in the process of restructuring. At present, there is a certain restructuring party. But he didn’t give more details. According to public information, e-fruit fresh food was established in 2007, which is a fresh e-commerce company dedicated to providing fresh food materials to middle and high-end families in the city. Taobao (China) Software Co., Ltd. is the major shareholder, holding 16.56% of the shares, while Zhang Ye is the second largest shareholder, holding 13.94%.

Starbucks and McDonald’s have not been connected to the pilot project of digital RMB in xiong’an New District (21st century economic report)

According to the 21st century economic report yesterday, reporters from the 21st century economic report came to xiong’an New District recently to explore the pilot situation of digital RMB as ordinary users. At present, xiong’an’s digital RMB is still being tested on a small scale and in a small range. In response to media reports that the invitation list of digital RMB pilot projects in xiong’an New District includes Starbucks, McDonald’s, saibaiwei, UnionPay unmanned supermarket, veleco bakery, Qingfeng baozi shop, etc., the reporter inquired about McDonald’s, Starbucks, saibaiwei and other stores in xiong’an new district. The other side said that they had not participated in the digital RMB experiment and could not use numbers at present RMB payment method. The current payment method only includes WeChat, Alipay, cloud flash payment and cash.

Longyou Yili phase II project is fully promoted, and the annual output of liquid milk will reach 460000 tons (Hangzhou Network)

According to yesterday, Longyou Yili phase II project is speeding up the internal and external decoration and equipment installation and commissioning of the main plant. It is understood that the first phase of the project was officially put into operation in May 2015, with a total of 10 production lines and an average daily output of 728 tons. In March 2019, Yili Group will join hands with Longyou again to invest in the construction of phase II project. Longyou Yili phase II project is a demonstration and application project of green production and intelligent manufacturing of Longyou Yili, with a total investment of 1.26 billion yuan and a design capacity of 1550 tons of liquid milk products per day. The relevant person in charge of Longyou Yili said, “as a provincial, municipal and county-level key project, the annual output of liquid milk products will reach 460000 tons, the annual value will reach 3 billion yuan, and the tax revenue can be increased by 100 million yuan.”

China’s strong market demand, Fonterra raises raw milk price expectations

Fonterra, a New Zealand dairy exporter, said on Thursday that it would inject about NZ $10 billion into the New Zealand economy by raising the purchase price of raw milk in this production season from NZ $6.4 per kg to NZ $6.8 due to strong demand in China, Australia China finance and economics reported today. The company said that although the demand in China was affected at the beginning of the outbreak, the data showed that the Chinese market rebounded rapidly. The demand for whole milk powder was particularly prominent and exceeded market expectations, which was an important driving force for milk prices.


HEMA is serious about business with Haidilao, applying for multiple “HEMA hotpot” trademarks (Interface)

According to recent news from the interface, according to tianyancha app, Alibaba Group Holdings Limited applied for a number of “HEMA hotpot” trademarks on September 11, including food, convenience food, catering accommodation, advertising sales, etc. HEMA related person in charge told the interface news that HEMA started selling hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot as early as last year, but recently registered a trademark. Before the mid autumn National Day holiday this year, HEMA hotpot has been launched in stores across the country. HEMA hotpot has two ways, one is food and the other is takeout. But for a long time, takeout is the most important part of HEMA hotpot. At present, HEMA has launched the “HEMA hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot fresh home” zone in app.

Southern black sesame is expected to lose more than 20 million yuan in the first three quarters (company announcement)

Today, southern black sesame released its performance report for the first three quarters of 2020, which shows that from January 1 to September 30, 2020, the company is expected to lose 20 million yuan to 26 million yuan, of which, from July 1 to September 30, it is expected to make a profit of 1.42 million yuan to 7.42 million yuan. In this regard, the company showed that the year-on-year decline in performance in the first three quarters was mainly due to the impact of the epidemic, which led to a large loss in the first quarter. Since the second quarter, the company has gradually resumed work and production, and the performance has gradually improved, while the fourth quarter is the peak sales season.

Upgrading strategic cooperation between dada group and Pepsi, Nestle and other international famous brands (company news)

Dada group announced on the 14th that in the third quarter of this year, it has successively upgraded strategic cooperation with five international famous brand companies, including Pepsi, Nestle, Mengniu, Yili and Mars Wrigley, which also means that the head brand owners recognize Jingdong home, a real-time retail platform of dada group. Dada group said that in the future, online and offline integration is an inevitable trend, and omni channel will become a “standard configuration”.

Meituan defines “community group purchase” business as a first level strategic project (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton today, meituan has set “community group purchase” business as a first-class strategic project. This is the new growth curve of meituan’s internal planning after the two main businesses of catering delivery, arrival and wine travel, and undertakes the next revenue growth point of meituan.

Tens of billions of subsidies are available in 124 cities, and the battle field of takeout is surging again (Beijing business daily)

According to the Beijing Business Daily today, after the first two months of operation, hungry Mo announced today that the “10 billion subsidy” was fully increased. Not only the key subsidy cities have expanded from 24 cities to 124 cities, but the categories have also expanded from catering to life services. The number and total amount of businesses that can use 10 billion yuan of subsidies have also continued to grow. According to the person in charge of the 10 billion yuan subsidy project, the company will continue to support the operation of high-quality businesses in the form of 10 billion yuan subsidies, so as to continuously absorb powder for businesses and increase user stickiness.

Tmall supermarket has covered 483 cities in China (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton report yesterday, tmall supermarket announced that the service has covered 483 cities in China. According to the official introduction, at present, the products provided by tmall supermarket cover traditional fast-moving consumer goods, cosmetics, clothing, digital, pets, etc. Among all the cities, Shanghai tmall supermarket has the strongest consumption intensity with the number of users ranking the first in China; Guangzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou and Suzhou have similar number of hourly customers, ranking second to fifth respectively.

Chen Lei, CEO of pinduoduo: the turnover of agricultural and sideline products on the platform will exceed 250 billion yuan (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton yesterday, pinduoduo CEO Chen Lei said that in the past five years, the turnover of agricultural and sideline products on pinduoduo platform has doubled year after year, reaching 136.4 billion yuan in 2019, and will exceed 250 billion yuan this year. In addition, Chen Lei also said that more than 600 designated models were sold in five days of the “50% discount on car purchase” held in Shanghai this year.

“Today’s fried dough sticks” is sued for trademark infringement by today’s headlines (Securities Times)

According to the securities times, a shop named “today’s fried dough sticks” has attracted netizens’ attention recently. Because the shop’s decoration and logo are extremely similar to today’s headlines, today’s headlines have taken the company behind the shop to court. According to the company’s app investigation, Beijing byte leaping Technology Co., Ltd. applied for behavior preservation (the cause of action is trademark ownership and infringement dispute). The defendants are Henan Daidai fried dough sticks Catering Management Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Jinshui District todays fried dough sticks breakfast shop and Henan barbecue food Co., Ltd. Deep fried dough sticks deep fried dough sticks, soybean milk, tofu pudding, noodles and cakes are now registered for Kwai Tat company.

Food video platform day day cook ready for listing in Hong Kong (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton today, daycook is in close contact with investment banks to prepare for listing in Hong Kong. Nikkei was established in Hong Kong in December 2012. Is a “food inspired” lifestyle brand.

Expand supply chain business Huifa food establishes subsidiary in Beijing (company announcement)

On October 14, Shandong Huifa Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huifa food”) announced that it plans to invest 50 million yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Beijing. The business scope of the new subsidiary includes the planting and sales of grain, fruits and vegetables, as well as the production, processing, manufacturing and sales of food and prepackaged food. As for the impact of the newly established subsidiary, Huifa food said in the announcement that according to the needs of business development, Huifa food has continuously explored the company’s food material supply chain channels, gradually promoted the construction of a full range of catering materials supply chain construction, and provided one-stop full category food supply chain services for end consumers such as group meals, school meals and military supplies.

Mexico temporarily stops selling more than 20 dairy products (Reuters)

Mexico’s Ministry of economy yesterday suspended the sale of more than 20 dairy products, including its Philadelphia brand and Danone’s yoghurt, according to Reuters today. Among the 19 cheese brands affected, irregularities included falsely claiming to be “100% milk”, but using vegetable fat instead of milk, and the actual net content was lower than the claim on the package. Yizi International said the charges were groundless.

Nestle promises to provide climate friendly meals for employees (company news)

Nestle yesterday announced that it would provide more environmentally friendly food to its employees through the “cool food pledge” platform. The company has about 300000 employees worldwide and an estimated 50 million meals a year. The company has emphasized the use of local products and increased botanical options. Data show that the cool food pledge project, run by the World Resources Institute (WRI), aims to reduce food related greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030. Wri is a global non-profit research organization that seeks solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

Nestle launches cell nutrition (company news)

Nestle health sciences today announced the launch of celltrient series of cell nutrition products to solve the nutritional problems at the cellular level. This series of products uses three new ingredients that have been proven to have an impact on mitochondria. Nestle Health Science “is happy to be at the forefront of the cellular nutrition revolution,” Greg Behar, Nestle Health Sciences chief executive, said in a circular that the introduction of the series of cellular nutrition products “can help people change the way their cells grow with age, and ultimately help them improve their cell health through nutrition”.

The sales volume of bubs in Australia increased greatly, and the stock price fell (Australia China finance and Economics)

According to the Australian high-end brand of infant and goat milk powder and complementary food, the domestic sales of infant formula milk powder increased by 29% in the first quarter of this fiscal year, despite the sharp decline in the company’s personal purchase of products due to the new crown epidemic, Australia China finance and economics reported today. The company also said it had successfully raised its retail price in September from a $35 to a $38. After the announcement, the company’s shares fell in midday trading on Thursday.

Meat company “meatless farm” gets $31 million in financing (36 krypton)

Today, according to 36 krypton quoted foreign media, Britain’s meatless farm has completed a $31 million financing, funded by private investors and family offices. The funds obtained in this round of financing will be used to expand the UK, European, US and Asian markets, enrich product lines, and further expand the manufacturing business in Canada. Meatless farm, a plant meat company founded in 2016 by Morten Toft beck and headquartered in Leeds, UK, aims to reduce global dependence on intensive agriculture by improving diet and the environment.

American automatic pizzeria and robot company cooperate to promote contactless takeout service (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, piestro cooperated with kiwibot to provide non-contact pizza delivery service. Piestro, a start-up of automatic pizza parlor in the United States, announced a partnership with kiwibot, a robotics company, to provide consumers with a non-contact pizza delivery experience. Piestro says its automatic pizza shop can produce pizza in three minutes. Orders placed to piestro through the app will be registered in kiwibot, and a robot will be arranged to the former’s store. After the robot arrives, the pizza will be regularly distributed to maintain maximum freshness.

Irish Carberry’s fragrance business introduces a new flavor of plant protein (Foodbev).

According to foreign media reports yesterday, the Synergy Flavours of Ireland’s Carberry (Carbery) food group’s fragrance Department has launched a series of new flavors specially designed for pea, brown rice, hemp, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. The new products include the main flavors of sports nutrition, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, and a series of popular flavors. According to the fast moving consumer goods expert survey data provided by synergy, 50% of consumers think that the plant composition of sports nutrition products is very attractive, but the survey found that the main obstacle to purchase is the worry about taste and taste.

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The way to recovery of maternal and infant retail market: tapping the development potential of offline market (Nielsen)

According to Nielsen’s news today, after the epidemic, the pattern of maternal and infant retail market has undergone great changes, and maternal and infant retail enterprises have also made strategic and strategic adjustments in terms of channels, markets, selection, promotion and innovation. From January to May this year, the proportion of FMCG products in e-commerce channels increased from 27% to 32%. In 2019, maternal and infant physical stores are still the most important channel for maternal and infant consumers, with a stable penetration rate of 90%. However, the penetration rate of comprehensive e-commerce platform and maternal and infant vertical e-commerce has increased significantly. Many of the head’s off-line maternal and child stores have resisted the penetration of comprehensive e-commerce into offline stores through online and offline integration, and the online sales of offline stores of mother and baby have also improved.


The “Biliang” brand chicken essence failed to pass the random inspection, and the manufacturer was twice punished for producing fake products (China. Com)

According to the website and official account of Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau, Shanghai market supervision has sampled 557 kinds of food, including condiment and dairy products. The sample has 557 batches, among which 556 batches are qualified, and 1 batches are not qualified. They are sold by the Hangzhou generation Food Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ying De Trading Co., Ltd., “Bi Liang” brand chicken seasoning products. The enterprise involved in the case was twice fined 809.4 yuan and 21414 yuan respectively for using or counterfeiting the unique name, packaging and decoration of well-known commodities without authorization. For the unqualified “Biliang” brand chicken essence seasoning products found in the above random inspection, Shanghai market supervision has required the relevant district market supervision and Administration Bureau to investigate and deal with the unqualified food and its producers and operators in a timely manner, investigate and deal with them according to law, further urge the enterprises to fulfill their legal obligations, and record the relevant information into the food safety credit files of food producers and operators.

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate and relevant food and drug departments jointly issued documents to explore the establishment of punitive compensation system related to food and drug safety (workers’ daily)

According to the worker’s daily, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the central network information office, the food safety office of the State Council and other food and drug departments recently jointly issued the opinions on strengthening cooperation and cooperation in procuratorial public interest litigation to ensure food and drug safety in accordance with the law (hereinafter referred to as the “opinions”) to strengthen cooperation among various departments in procuratorial public interest litigation to better ensure the safety of food and drugs Reach a consensus. The opinions clearly pointed out that it is necessary to “actively implement the opinions and requirements of food safety work, explore and put forward punitive compensation litigation claims in civil public interest litigation of food and drug safety, carry out joint research on the establishment of punitive compensation system, and jointly study and put forward legislative suggestions.”

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