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“Bubble and cereal”, what kind of immortal combination is this?

What is the magic power of
bubble cereal?

Speaking of the current trend elements, “bubble” can be said to be the first to bear the brunt. Whether it is the style of clothing, or popular food, you can find it in it. Among them, bubbles and gourmet collocation is endless, amazing taste buds, favored by the majority of consumers. For a time, bubbles formed a beautiful scenery in the food fashion circle.

“Bubble + oatmeal” to create a new taste bud of food fashion

“Bubble + cereal”, this is who can think of a novel collocation? But in the domestic ready to eat cereal market, this pair of immortal combination has set off a storm of food fashion, and the driving force behind it is ozak ocak, the first brand of cold cereal in China.

In September, Ozark ocak, which has always been at the forefront of product innovation and development, launched its first bubble cereal series. The product uses advanced equipment and R & D technology to boldly integrate instant cereal and bubble elements. There are two popular flavors of “bubble white peach” and “bubble orange”. Stimulate crisp taste, coupled with fresh and sweet fruit flavor, to bring consumers unparalleled taste feast.

After the successful launch of the product, it has been recognized and praised by many consumers. The sales volume of brand tmall flagship stores is booming, and the demand exceeds supply. The news about bubble cereal products has spread all over the major social networking platforms, which has aroused heated attention and reports in the industry and the breakfast cereal market.

What’s the magic of bubble cereal?

It is not an accident that bubbles and cereals, two kinds of food with little connection, can cause such a huge food effect in the instant cereal market which is hard to adjust to the public. So how does “bubble cereal” conquer the taste buds of consumers step by step?

Choose your taste strictly and explode your taste buds

In the choice of taste, Ozark ocak carefully selected two flavors of white peach and orange through a large number of market research and test statistics. Among them, white peach taste is popular among young people in recent years. In addition to its fresh taste, white peach won the first place in blind test. The sweet orange flavor contains a strong fruit flavor, which brings a sweet and pleasant taste to people, and stands out from the feedback of consumers.

Cold mixing technology, enjoy the ultimate experience of bubble jumping tongue tip

As the leader and promoter of healthy food culture in China, ozak ocak brand has been at the forefront of innovative food concept for many years. With a new understanding of food trends, it has continued to deepen product research and development, learn and apply the most advanced technology and technology to improve product quality and present the original taste buds of food.

At the same time, in the research and development process of bubble oatmeal, ozak uses the cold mixing process to make sodium bicarbonate paste evenly on the surface of oats through repeated technical attempts and proportion blending, so that consumers can feel the extreme experience of bubble jumping on the tip of their tongue when tasting oatmeal.

Nutritious and delicious, with golden ratio

According to the brand side, during the research and development process, ozak ocak’s technical team first made a large amount of deployment of the nutritional ingredients of the product to ensure the balance of the nutritional elements. Secondly, in the testing process, the technical team found that white peach and sweet orange had the best fusion degree with oats, which ensured the release of the taste while ensuring that its nutritional value was not damaged Gold ratio “.

The element of food fashion, innovation and success

Oatmeal as one of the main force of nutritional food, combined with the current popular bubble element, added gimmicks for the successful listing of bubble oatmeal, so that consumers can enjoy a healthy diet at the same time, feel the new experience of the current food fashion trend.

Starting from appearance, trapped in taste, loyal to technology

In addition to the cold mixing process applied to this new product, ozak ocak has always been making every effort to improve its innovative manufacturing process. In order to present the nutritious and delicious cereals to consumers, ozak ocak takes the lead in introducing advanced “low-temperature baking” technology. It uses low-temperature baking environment below 140 ℃ and uses the world’s leading Buhler equipment for processing. It locks in a variety of vitamins, dietary fiber and trace elements contained in the food materials, so as to present a healthy and delicious diet experience for consumers.


Open up a new vision of food and drink, help brand new development

Food is the most important thing for the people. For the people, diet is an eternal theme. Facing the integration and development of the international food trend, ozak ocak takes national health as the first purpose, takes innovation as the power source, and continuously improves, innovates and optimizes the processing of its products. Now it has successfully launched a diversified product series of “snacks, multidimensional, breakfast, Jimei, hypoglycemic and oat light drink”, which has always been a good harvest for the public Comments.

In the future, ozak brand will continue to maintain innovation and passion, open up a new vision of diet, shoulder the responsibility of developing the food and beverage industry and building the whole industry chain of healthy light food, so as to bring more healthy and delicious food experience to consumers, and make every effort for the development of national brands.

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