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CEO of gotivan will leave office. Dexter sells hot rice. Nestle starts selling North American drinking water. Heineken is fined 2 million pounds. Harbin medicine has not been paid off by GNC. It is said that Australian red wine tariff will be collected this week

Hot company information and announcement


Nestle has launched sales of several North American water brands with a valuation of about $5 billion (Reuters)

Nestle has launched the sale of North American water brands including purelife and Poland spring, according to four people familiar with the matter, Reuters reported yesterday. According to one of the sources, deer park, ozarka, icemountain, zephyrhalls and arrowhead are also on sale, with a sale value of about $5 billion (about 33.489 billion yuan). The source also said that Apollo and other private equity funds have shown interest, while Morgan Stanley is operating the sale, which has also aroused the interest of some industry players. It is reported that nestle hopes to start the first round of bidding before the end of this month.

Nestle Health China’s revenue last year was about 800 million yuan (Yangzhou daily)

Nestle health, which is mainly engaged in the production and sale of special medical food, sold about 800 million yuan last year in China Medical City, Taizhou, Nantong, according to Yangzhou daily.

Panda Dairy rose 559%, triggering a second temporary stop (Securities Times)

Today, the gem’s New Panda Dairy rose 559%, triggering a second temporary suspension, with a turnover of more than 1 billion and a turnover rate of nearly 80%. By the end of the day, Panda Dairy Products closed up 476.53% to 62.15 yuan.

Harbin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: the company has not been paid off in the GNC bankruptcy distribution judgment (Securities Times website)


Harbin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced today that the company received a notice from its controlling shareholder, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., on October 16, 2020. On October 15, 2020, the US High Court held a hearing to confirm the distribution of GNC creditors’ rights. As a GNC preferred shareholder, the company has not been paid off in the distribution judgment after ranking as ordinary creditor. In view of the results of the above hearing, the balance of RMB 218 million of GNC convertible preferred shares will offset the company’s net assets, and the final amount shall be subject to the periodic report disclosed by the company.


Guangzhou Restaurant: taotaoju company, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Restaurant, plans to increase capital and share and introduce strategic investors (company announcement)

Today, Guangzhou Restaurant announced that the company plans to introduce strategic investors to its wholly-owned subsidiary Guangzhou taotaoju Food Co., Ltd. by means of capital increase and share expansion, so as to enhance the core competitiveness and profitability of taotaoju company. It is planned to introduce strategic investors through public listing in Guangzhou property exchange. It is estimated that the amount of capital increase will not be less than 225 million yuan. After the completion of capital increase and share expansion, Guangzhou restaurant’s shareholding proportion in taotaoju company is 55%, and that of strategic investors in taotaotaoju company is 45%. The final introduction of strategic investors is subject to the results of public listing and trading in Guangzhou equity exchange.


Carlsberg’s assets in China will be injected into Chongqing beer, involving an amount of more than 12.8 billion yuan (interface News)

. Recently, Chongqing Brewery announced that the company’s interim general meeting of shareholders had deliberated and passed the “proposal on and its summary”. In this asset restructuring plan, Chongqing Brewery will inject all operating assets related to the production and sales of beer into Chongqing Jianiang, while Carlsberg will inject all its domestic businesses into Chongqing Jiajiu. This also means that 11 international brands, including Carlsberg, Wusu, Lebao and Kaixuan 1664, will be injected into the listing system of Chongqing beer. The transaction involved more than 12.8 billion yuan.

Maotai liquor base liquor will expand to 55300 tons in 2021, and price control is still challenging (

yesterday, Maotai Group announced at the “2021 annual production and quality conference” that the production capacity of Maotai liquor next year will be 55300 tons, an increase of about 10% over the capacity of 50200 tons this year. In September, the 18 newly built liquor production rooms in Maotai started trial production, and will be put into full operation on October 17. It is estimated that the annual production capacity will be increased by 5200 tons. The head of regional sales in Maotai said that the production cycle of Maotai liquor is five years, that is to say, the liquor produced five years ago is now sold. Although the current capacity is expanding, it is difficult to achieve a substantial increase in supply in the short term.


China Resources Group and Shenzhen Stock Exchange signed a strategic cooperation agreement (company news)

on October 15, Wang Xiangming, chairman of China Resources Group, visited Wang Jianjun, chairman of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Both sides witnessed the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between China Resources Group and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. According to the agreement, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and carry out in-depth cooperation in information services and communication, the cultivation and capital operation of listed enterprises, the expansion of diversified financing channels, and the docking of service industry and finance platforms.

Starbucks appoints new executive vice president and chief partner Officer (company news)


Starbucks announced yesterday that Lucy helm, the current executive vice president and chief partner officer, will retire on October 30, 2020, but will continue to serve as a consultant until December 1, 2020. She will be replaced by Angela lis, who has worked for Starbucks for 25 years. Previously, Li served as senior vice president of Starbucks global business partners.

Starbucks executive compensation linked to diversification objectives (Wall Street Journal)


Starbucks is the latest company in the United States to set new diversification targets by offering anti bias training to its executives and linking its pay to the growing proportion of minority employees, according to the Wall Street Journal yesterday. The company says it aims to have 30% of U.S. corporate employees and 40% of U.S. retail and manufacturing employees of color by 2025, and nine of the 14 job levels that will be tracked are currently substandard. It is reported that Starbucks has about 200000 employees and nearly 8900 self operated stores in the United States.

Godiva CEO to leave (Foodbev)


According to foreign media reports yesterday, Godiva godivan announced that her chief executive, Annie young Scrivner, would leave her post at the end of November to “seek another opportunity”. The position will be temporarily filled by nurtac Afridi, chief strategy and growth officer of Yildiz, the parent company of Gotti van.

Heineken fined 2 million pounds for breaking bar laws (Financial Times)


Heineken has been fined 2 million pounds (17.3366 million yuan) by British bar regulators for a series of so-called “serious” violations of bar regulations designed to protect bar owners from brewers, the Financial Times reported yesterday. It is reported that this is the first time that the above-mentioned law adjudicator has imposed a fine on a large brewery company, and has accused Heineken of violating 12 regulations, including suspected attempts to force bar owners to buy Heineken inventory.


Dix launches self heating rice (company news)


Today, Dexter announced that it is limited to two kinds of self heating rice, including black pepper mushroom chicken and Coconut Coffee chicken, with an exclusive membership price of 21.9 yuan per box.

Hormel, a famous American meat company, launched bacon flavor mask (China News Network)

Hormel, a well-known meat company in the United States, has launched a mask called “breathing bacon,” China News Network reported today. It is reported that the mask is made of two layers of multi fiber cloth, which helps to maintain the smell of bacon throughout use.


US retailer Kroger launches 50 new vegetal products (Foodbev)


Kroger, an American retailer, is launching 50 new products under its own brand “simple truth plant based” series, including non dairy cheese, oat milk ice cream and almond milk yogurt, foreign media reported yesterday. It is reported that the above plant base series was initially launched in September 2019.

Diageo launches two new ready to drink cocktails (Foodbev)


According to foreign media yesterday, Diageo launched two new ready to drink cocktails under its two spirits brands, Gordon’s and Smirnoff, which are mainly made of spirits and juice, with alcohol content of 5%.


Mengniu signed an agreement with China Charity Federation to cooperate in the fields of emergency warehousing and logistics construction (Beijing News)


From October 14 to 15, Mengniu team signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Charity Federation. The two sides will establish a long-term cooperation mechanism and carry out in-depth cooperation in the construction of emergency warehousing logistics, safety education, nutrition and health, and assistance for vulnerable groups.

Quick reading of food industry information




Is Australia’s red wine tariff likely to be implemented as early as this week?

some Chinese importers have urged Australian wine producers to speed up the delivery of wine to the Chinese market in the following week, due to concerns that the government will impose wine tariffs as early as this Sunday, according to industry sources. “But I don’t expect it to happen, as far as I know (the tariff was imposed on October 18) there is no basis,” Tony battaglene, general director of the Australian grape and Wine Association, said on Thursday. In August, China’s Ministry of Commerce announced anti-dumping investigations on Australian red wine, and said that the domestic red wine industry complained that Australian manufacturers dumping products on China’s mainland and were subsidized.

Interpretation of the guidelines for food safety subject responsibility of food sellers (Trial Implementation) issued by the General Administration of market supervision


Recently, the official website of the General Administration of market supervision released the relevant interpretation of the guidelines for food safety subject responsibility of food sellers (for Trial Implementation). The General Administration said that the next step will be to guide and urge local market supervision departments to use various media to vigorously publicize the guide in various forms. At the same time, we urge the provincial market supervision departments to further supplement and refine the relevant requirements of local laws and regulations, and form the food safety principal responsibility guide of local food sellers; further strengthen the supervision and inspection, and increase the punishment for those who fail to implement the main responsibility; further orderly promote the self commitment activities of safe food to promote food sellers to actively implement food safety The main responsibility of food safety is to ensure the public’s food safety and constantly improve the integrity and self-discipline level of the food sales industry.

Interpretation of the notice of the General Administration of the people’s Republic of China on carrying out the special action of clearing up and rectifying the network sales and publicizing the commodities marked with “special supply” and “special supply”


According to a recent news on the official website of the State Administration of market supervision, the general office of the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the notice on the special action of cleaning up and rectifying online sales and publicizing the special action of “special supply” and “special supply” marked goods on September 30, aiming at the problem of using “special supply” and “special supply” signs in some e-commerce platforms (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”) on September 30 From now on to the end of February 2021, it is decided to organize and carry out special actions to clean up and renovate online sales and publicize “special supply” and “special supply” marked commodities. The State Administration of market supervision said that in the next step, it will closely track the progress of work, strengthen supervision and guidance, complete the established work objectives, maintain a good network market environment, curb the unhealthy social atmosphere, and establish correct guidance.

Rongchuang China to build snail powder town in Liuzhou

Recently, Zheng Junkang, Secretary of the CPC Liuzhou Municipal Committee, and Wu Wei, mayor of Liuzhou City, met with sun Hongbin, chairman of the board of directors of rongchuang China Holding Co., Ltd., and his party at Lianhua villa. Rongchuang will build a snail powder town theme park, Liuzhou sports complex and Liuzhou children’s Park in Liuzhou. According to local media disclosure, since rongchuang first entered Liuzhou in 2017, it has developed and constructed Liuzhou snail powder characteristic town and four real estate projects, with a total planned investment of about 7 billion yuan.



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