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Coca Cola strategic restructuring, Nestle sell China’s low-end water business, Yuanqi forest push yogurt new products |Hot news in a week

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new product
1. Yili Shuhua plans to promote new products of morning and evening milk and pet milk to speed up diversified layout
2. Beihai pasture promotes new yoghurt products, focusing on body care and intestinal protection
3. Nestle Cafe promotes instant products, CD creative packaging creates new experience
4. Ramen said to join hands with the National Gallery of England to create art ramen and present “famous paintings that can be eaten”
5. Qixi, Yili weikezi fruit juice tea comes into the market
6. Rose oatmeal group CP, Yili Zhixuan romantic new
7. Nestle is the first to enter the artificial seafood market, and launched the plant fund gunfish in Switzerland
Company news
8. Coca Cola announced strategic restructuring of its corporate system to target 5 most potential beverage categories
9. Nestle sells its low-end water business to Tsingtao beer, focusing on the high-end
10. Call for sustainability, love tea, issue proposal of “reducing plastic and limiting plastic”
11. Mengniu terminated the acquisition of LDD, an Australian dairy enterprise, because it did not obtain Australian regulatory approval
12. Miss berry, a fruit wine brand, has won tens of millions of yuan in round a financing, which was invested by Jingwei in China
13. A2 milk company plans to spend 1.2 billion to acquire Matola dairy industry to expand milk powder production capacity
14. Beingmei has reached an agreement with Australia’s bubs to support the production and distribution of goat milk powder in China
15. Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee brand, will open its first E-sports theme store to speed up the scene layout of its stores


Recently, Yili Shuhua sugar free milk announced on the official micro blog that it planned to launch new bottles of milk and pet milk in the morning and evening, and solicited netizens’ opinions on naming and packaging. Among them, vitamin ade was added to the day bottle of milk in the morning and evening bottles to maintain the vitality of the whole day through multiple immunization, while calcium supplement was the main supplement for night bottles.
The pet milk is named shudafu milk. The product is mainly lactose free and easy to absorb. It also adds vitamin E which is beneficial to pet’s vision, immunity and development, and taurine, a nutritional ingredient that pets must take in daily.
Photo source: Yili Shuhua
Recently, Beihai ranch, a yogurt brand under Yuanqi forest, has launched new yoghurt products for daily body cleaning, focusing on intestinal health. The product formula is simple, zero addition, and meets the daily probiotics and protein content: each bottle has a total of 300 billion live bacteria, using 12 kinds of scientific proportion of lactic acid bacteria, 4 kinds of bifidobacteria, 6 kinds of Lactobacillus and 2 kinds of cocci to improve the intestinal sub-health, maintain the intestinal cleaning ability, and contain 6G milk egg white. At present, the product has been put on the shelves in tmall flagship stores, with a price of 8 bottles / 111 yuan.
A few days ago, Nestle launched the NFC series of fine instant coffee without accompaniment in cafe. No accompaniment series adopts NFC non concentrated freeze-drying technology to retain the original pure flavor of coffee to a greater extent. It can be freely mixed with 0-100 ℃ cold and hot water / milk / other drinks, dissolving in 3 seconds.
In addition, the product adopts CD style creative packaging to upgrade coffee drinking into an advanced performance. At present, the product has been launched in tmall flagship store. It has three flavors: mellow chocolate, bright flowers and fruits, and soft rose. The price is 3 boxes / 30 bags / 232 yuan.
Photo source: Nestle Cafe
On August 25th, ramen said that with the inspiration of three classic paintings of sunflower, water lily pond and vase, ramen said that it had launched three different flavors of noodles: Cream Mushroom bacon noodles, basil chicken lotus seed noodles, and Italian Tomato and beef sauce noodles. Pumpkin noodles, green juice noodles and cuttlefish noodles with the same color system as the famous paintings were used.
The products are packaged in gift boxes, integrated with museum display and architectural style, creating a strong atmosphere of art “noodle” corridor. The new product was launched on tmall on August 28, with a limit of 3000 copies. In addition, in order to coordinate with the new product release, ramen said that the first offline limited art experience museum was opened in Shanghai from August 25 to August 30.
Photo source: Ramen saying
Yili weikezi fruit juice tea comes into the market
Recently, Yili’s weikezi brand has added a new flavor of “Wei Xian Mei Mei” to the fruit juice tea product series, and positioned it as the artifact of the Chinese Valentine’s day. The new product introduces the popular concept of “slight drunkenness” into fruit juice tea, and through unique process and formula innovation, it creates a slightly drunk mood with the taste of red bayberry. The products are packaged with Guochao concept. Peking Opera facial makeup and Myrica embellishment headwear and earrings make the perfect integration of fashion and tradition.
Photo source: food plate
On August 25, Yili Zhixuan announced the launch of a new rose oat plant milk. The product is based on non transgenic soybeans and strictly selected oats as plant protein substrate, adding real rose concentrate, without adding sucrose, which is in line with the healthy trend. It is reported that the new product is a new taste specially introduced by the plant selection brand for the Chinese Valentine’s Day festival.
Photo source: Yili Zhixuan
On August 20, Nestle announced that it would launch a plant-based substitute for tilapia under the garden gourmet brand in Switzerland. This is the first time that Nestle has entered the growing field of plant-based seafood. The new product is made from only six ingredients, is rich in pea protein, contains all the essential amino acids, and does not contain artificial colors or preservatives.
Vegetarianism is a key area of Nestle’s attention. At present, Nestle has provided a variety of plant-based meat substitutes, including hamburgers, minced meat, meatballs, sausages, chicken nuggets and chicken fillers. In addition, Nestle is developing a variety of plant-based dairy substitutes, and the company recently launched the first full pea based plant milk substitute beverage under the Brazilian nesfit brand.
Source: vegnews
On August 29, Coca Cola announced in the United States that it would restructure the Coca Cola company system, reorganizing 17 business units in four geographical regions into nine new operation divisions. The newly established operation divisions are highly interconnected, more consistent in structure, avoid waste of resources and promote new products faster. In addition, to drive these initiatives and support the operations team, Coca Cola continues to strengthen its leadership in five global categories, including Coca Cola, flavored soda, bottled water, sports, coffee and tea, nutrition, juice, milk and vegetable drinks, and emerging categories.
At the same time, Coca Cola announced the establishment of a platform service organization, which is committed to providing standard and consistent services for the management and transactional work of the operation division, category and functional departments, as well as improving efficiency and large-scale delivery capability globally, including data management, consumer analysis, digital commerce and social / digital center.
In August 28th, Nestle announced that it agreed to cooperate with Tsingtao Brewery group in mainland China and sell the water business in mainland China to Tsingtao Brewery group. It is understood that the deal includes local brands “Dashan”, “Yunnan Shanquan” and Nestle’s three water business plants in Kunming, Shanghai and Tianjin.
According to the license agreement, Qingdao Beer Group will produce and sell the “Nestle Youhuo” brand in China, and all shares of Nestle Shanghai Nestle drinking water Co., Ltd., Tianjin Nestle natural mineral water Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Dashan Beverage Co., Ltd. will be transferred to Qingdao beer group. In the future, Nestle will only retain high-end water businesses such as Paris water, San pellegroup and Puna.
Source: Nestle
Recently, Xicha released the “proposal on no longer using non degradable disposable plastic straw” in the official media channel, calling on the majority of consumers to join the practical action of “reducing plastic and limiting plastic”. The contents of the proposal include: by the end of 2020, tea (cold drink) enterprises will no longer use non degradable disposable plastic straws; at the same time, actively study and promote various alternatives such as paper, degradable straws or the use of non straw cups to do a good job of transition; further increase the in store publicity, encourage and guide consumers to eliminate by putting up posters, playing promotional films, and interacting with consumers Consumers should use environment-friendly and recyclable products in daily consumption, reduce the use of disposable plastic products, and call on consumers to actively participate in waste classification, do a good job in plastic waste recycling, and reduce food waste.
Prior to that, on August 17, Xicha and Tsinghua Environmental Innovation Institute signed the Xicha green development project cooperation plan. Xicha will rely on the professional technical strength of Tsinghua Environmental Innovation Institute to implement the green environmental protection action into the company’s daily operation. The two sides will deeply cooperate in the projects of “plastic restriction and compliance, plastic reduction and substitution, waste classification, green cultural and creative, public welfare publicity, CSR corporate social responsibility” and other projects, so as to help promote the development of Xicha and the green environmental protection cause of the whole industry.
On August 25, Mengniu Dairy (2319. HK) and Japan’s Kirin holdings respectively issued statements saying that both sides had agreed to terminate Mengniu’s acquisition of lion dairy & drinks, a subsidiary of Qilin in in Australia, because it failed to obtain Australian regulatory approval.
Mengniu Dairy said that in view of one of the conditions described in the announcement on November 25, 2019, which could not be reached on the expiry date of the preconditions, the transaction related to the acquisition of LDD was terminated. The agreement was terminated in writing by the parties on August 24, 2020 and took effect at 12:01 a.m. Sydney time on August 25, 2020. The termination of the share sale agreement will not have a material adverse effect on the group’s current operation, business or financial position.
This announcement means that Mengniu spent nearly 3 billion yuan and lasted for more than half a year to end in failure.
China’s independent investment
On August 28, missberry berry sweetheart announced that it had obtained a round of financing of tens of millions of Yuan exclusively invested by Jingwei China. Wang Huadong, partner of Jingwei China, said that the consumption preference of young women is constantly promoting the development of low alcohol liquor market, but at present, the category still maintains the pattern of category without brand. Therefore, they are optimistic about the team with strong brand ability and online and offline operation experience. Tang Huimin, founder of missberry, previously traded in Rio’s e-commerce sector and led a number of cross-border links Name also proves her ability to shape the brand, so they hope Miss berry will be the breaker of the new generation of low alcohol wines.
Missberry berry sweetheart is an original female low alcohol beverage brand listed in December 2019. It has been ranked the first in the category of tmall fruit wine for three consecutive months, and won the awards of tmall’s new brand of the year and tmall super rookie brand.
Source: missberryda
On August 21, A2 dairy announced that it was in discussions with mataura Valley milk to explore matters related to A2 milk’s participation in the production of matoura dairy’s plant in the southern region of New Zealand. According to the transaction details disclosed by A2 milk, the company plans to acquire 75.1% of Matola dairy for a total consideration of NZ $270 million.
It is reported that Matola dairy industry was invested and built by China pastoral industry and Commerce Group Co., Ltd., with a production capacity of 50000 tons. Its main products are infant milk powder, whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder.
According to foreign media on the 24th, Australian infant formula manufacturer BABS Australia has reached a memorandum of understanding with its partner, Beingmate. As part of the agreement, bubs will have the opportunity to acquire ownership of one of Bain’s infant formula production facilities in the North Sea of China. In addition, beingmei will also support bubs to obtain market regulatory permission. Once licensed to market, the product will be sold in China through a joint venture between BABS and beingmei, which will provide support for the mother and baby store distribution network.
Image source: bubs
15、加拿大咖啡品牌Tim Hortons将开首家电竞主题店,加速门店场景化布局
On August 24, Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee brand, announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with Tencent E-sports. It would launch a new scene of “coffee + E-sports life”, including E-sports theme stores, exclusive E-sports product series and store E-sports marketing activities, integrating strong social attributes and attracting more young consumers who love E-sports and coffee. It is reported that the first E-sports theme store will open in Shanghai in November.
In May this year, TIMS China announced the acquisition of Tencent investment. This cross-border cooperation also hopes to gain new users, especially young users, from more channels with the influence of Tencent platform, so as to expand the brand influence of tims in this field.
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