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Feslan’s “love month sister” project is upgraded again! We should make Yuesao more capable

Feslan is committed to promoting poverty alleviation through skills and helping mothers and infants with a new mode of “love month sister” project to upgrade again

At the 2020 Home Economics skills targeted poverty alleviation seminar jointly sponsored by Royal Netherlands fisland and China Poverty Alleviation foundation yesterday, feslan announced the opening of the fifth year project of “love month sister”.

According to the data, the above-mentioned project was launched by feslan in 2016. At present, more than 1220 women in poor areas have been trained to become professional month sisters and child care sisters, and 100% of them have been resettled and employed, and their monthly income has increased by about three times.

Liu Wenkui, vice president and Secretary General of the China foundation for poverty alleviation, believes that the project helps poor rural women get rid of poverty and become rich through professional training, giving them professional skills and role labels such as “nursery teacher”, “nutritionist”, “lactation specialist” and “psychological consultant”.

“On the one hand, through skill training, poor women can be empowered to embark on the road of career development. On the other hand, it liberates the urban professional women who take care of their families and sacrifice their career, enabling them to make more contributions to the society. ” He said.

It is worth noting that, in addition to helping the monthly sisters to increase their income, feslan also introduced more new skills through training according to the actual needs of mothers and infants.

It is understood that on the basis of the original training, the new project will add professional and systematic courses such as “coping with maternal mental health” to focus on postpartum psychological counseling.

Behind this change is the phenomenon of postpartum depression that cannot be ignored. According to the “Chinese mothers’ anxiety index” report quoted by the company, there are more than 10 million novice mothers in China every year, of which 60% to 80% have different degrees of psychological problems, and nearly 20% will develop into clinical depression.

“After professional training, the monthly sister-in-law can play a positive role in the special moment of family life cycle transformation. It can not only reduce the pressure of family care through child rearing, but also play a part of the role of company, support and psychological relief, so as to alleviate the anxiety of mothers and promote the health of mothers and infants Professor Zhao Fang of Fudan University School of social development and public policy pointed out.

It is reported that the upgraded “love month sister” project is to work with Shanghai Fudan University and Shanghai red house hospital expert team to develop training content. In the training system, it is specially improved for maternal physiological and psychological nursing skills, and increased professional training and skill audit in health examination, skill assessment, psychological test, communication ability and other aspects of the loving sister-in-law.

At the launching ceremony yesterday, Yang Guochao, senior vice president of China of Royal Netherlands fisland, said that in the future, the scale of “love month sister” project will be expanded, and the project will be built into a “top brand” in domestic market.

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