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How do you do!


We are inviting partners with common goals and vision to join us to do something interesting and valuable.


In the field of food and beverage for 11 years, we have been committed to observing the food industry chain and its new commercial value through product innovation, so as to make food innovation accessible. We look forward to contributing to the innovation of China’s food industry with a global perspective and a foothold in China.


We are an industry discoverer:

Our team has been wandering in the ocean of products all year round, going deep into different developed food countries / regions to see products, markets and business opportunities, and share these findings with domestic food developers through the foodaily media platform and the annual fbic global food and beverage Innovation Conference. Over the past few years, our team has visited the United States, France, Italy, Japan, Singapore, etc., and we will continue this front-line learning method.

Our team should always pay attention to the innovation of food industry chain, output innovation discovery, and deeply discuss their innovation practice and business opportunities in the next 2-3 years with business leaders / enterprise representatives who lead these innovations, and deeply link the mutual flow of resources.

We are constantly expanding the quality resources of product innovation from 0 to 1.

We are a practitioner of generation Z brand incubation

We advocate open innovation under the design thinking (people-oriented), and have always believed that the young people of generation Z pay attention to their own needs, pay attention to their heart, work hard and have unlimited innovation. When interdisciplinary, their strength can be gathered to produce unlimited temperature of creativity in line with the demands of young people. Therefore, we started to hold the capinno global food and beverage business challenge at the end of 2017 to eliminate and screen out excellent teams and ideas.

With the opening up of giant enterprises and the maturity of product supply chain, new media / channel means have given birth to the rise of new consumer brands in recent years. We are looking forward to gradually establishing an open innovation platform and creating a product innovation chain from 0 to 1 outside the enterprise. Through our industry discovery, we can link the high-quality resources of the industry to complete the incubation of z-generation new consumer brands from 0 to 1, so as to meet the needs of giant enterprises for new categories / new growth.


We are still, and will always be, a “small and beautiful” start-up company. We advocate the family culture of “fighting together and celebrating together”. You who love food innovation are welcome to join us. We will work together to build an open platform for product innovation.


We have a vision: link, make food better!


First of all, we need you to:

Love food industry and Internet;

Stay hungry, stay young;

Expect to challenge yourself, never set limits.

, Suzhou Industrial Park


01 Industry Analyst / content editor

Job description:
1. Engage in the research and interpretation of food and beverage industry, brand, market, etc., regularly investigate the industry, hot fields and enterprise trends, explore valuable topics and industry development trends, output in-depth content or writing work;
2. Pay close attention to industry hot spots and enterprise trends, and be able to make topic selection planning or dynamic research and writing independently in time;
3. Interview business leaders / enterprise innovation representatives, etc., and observe business trends from the interviews;
4. Carry out enterprise research, consulting and other service projects, and complete relevant reports with high quality within the specified time;


1. The style of writing is interesting and vital, and the viewpoint is sharp;
2. Graduate degree or above, major in food, journalism, finance and communication is preferred;
3. More than 2 years experience in media venture capital / Finance / industry media editing / industry research;
4. Strong news sensitivity, quick action awareness and executive ability, keen on research and consulting work, and strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge in related fields or topics;
5. Quick thinking, clear logic, independent research and strong writing ability;
6. Excellent news gathering and writing ability, strong English ability.
Note: Please attach a copy of your work when you deliver it. Please attach the reason why you want to join us.

02 Product Specialist

job content:
1. Participate in the construction of industry resource database, including the collection and collation of various industry information and business data;
2. Participate in the collection, arrangement and establishment of new products in global market of product database;
3. Participate in new product content and physical global procurement support in industry activities;
4. Participate in other online or offline activities of the company and provide support from the perspective of products and data;


1. Bachelor or master degree in food related major within three years after graduation;
2. Fresh and active thinking, strong sensitivity and insight to new products and new concepts in food industry;
3. Excellent information retrieval ability, data analysis ability and writing ability, excellent English ability;
4. Have a certain pressure capacity, optimistic and cheerful, have a sense of responsibility, strong sense of team, and be able to adapt to the fast pace and fast learning ability of start-up companies;
5. Bonus points: have the ability of team and project management.

03 user operation

job content:
1. Organize and be responsible for the private domain operation of foodaily, including adding new powder, breaking the ice of relationship, relationship maintenance, establishment of circle of friends, etc., to enhance the user experience;
2. Explore key and effective growth channels and paths, and be responsible for user growth;
3. Plan all kinds of online and offline activities for core users, promote growth and transformation through organizing activities, maintain user social relations, and enhance user activity;
4. Continuously optimize the data results based on activities and improve the activity drainage mechanism;

1. Sense of achievement driven, result oriented and awareness of innovation transformation;
2. Sensitive data, clear logic, careful thinking, strong ability of planning, organization, communication and execution;
3. Have more than 2 years working experience or project experience, and have user growth, fission communication, fan conversion related cases;
4. Good creative planning ability, be competent in copywriting;
5. Excellent communication and coordination ability and user service awareness;
6. Willing to learn, with professional awareness, good at communication, with a good sense of teamwork.

04 Product Manager

job content:
1. Study the industry development trend and market changes, and provide the basis for the implementation of products from creativity to prototype;
2. Be responsible for the P & L of new products, coordinate the personnel and affairs of the whole process from 0 to 1, and ensure the timely delivery of the project;
3. Effective management of suppliers and partners to ensure win-win situation;
4. Control of purchasing cost;
5. Coordinate the supply chain, including material procurement, factory, packaging, warehousing and logistics;

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of product related work experience in FMCG industry, with independent product project experience;
2. Strong ability of project control, market perception, analysis and data analysis;
3. Strong sense of responsibility, excellent communication and coordination ability and execution ability, team spirit.

05 graphic designer

Job description:
According to personal specialty, responsible for part of the visual presentation of the whole activity planning, including but not limited to: logo design, poster design, advertising creativity, product packaging, album design, space layout, website design, etc.

1. Authentic design class, excellent graphic design foundation is your stepping stone. If you are good at hand-painted illustration, you will be more popular with customers than other designers;
2. You have your own pursuit, hard work and modesty, but sometimes you complain: what’s great about art director and how about creative director? You do almost the same job as them, except that they work several years more than you. We believe that before long, you will surpass them.
3. We don’t need a lot. Maybe you are very introverted and even seldom communicate with others. You These are not problems, as long as you are good at design and love design, this is enough! Of course, if you can surpass our expectations and show our needs in our works, I think we will love you to death.

Note: Please attach a collection of works when you send it. Please attach the reason why you want to join us.

resume delivery
Welcome to forward to the circle of friends unconditionally.
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