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Free participation of end product enterprises | 2020 natural health products industry conference held in Foshan on October 21-23

2020 natural health products industry conference will be held in Foshan from October 21 to 23. All end product enterprises can participate in the conference free of charge.

Four characteristic theme exhibition areas
Floor plan of exhibition area
Grey part has been determined, please select orange area for reservation
Catalogue of exhibitors
B45 B46 B51 B52 Qingdao Mingyue algae biological health Technology Group Co., Ltd
Main products: fucoidan series products
B13 B14 Guangdong shuangjun Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: vitamin K2, Nattokinase
B22 Weihai Songling nuokejia Chinese medicine decoction pieces Co., Ltd
Main products: Beverage grade plant extract, ginseng extract, American ginseng extract, balsam pear extract, Zizyphus Spinosae extract, Dendrobium candidum extract, Hericium erinaceus extract
B34 Hefei Hechuan Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd
Main product: rich selenium Hericium erinaceus powder
B23 Shandong Anhua biomedical Co., Ltd
Main products: pharmaceutical grade, cosmetic grade, food grade sodium hyaluronate
A21 A22 Hunan Huacheng biological resources Co., Ltd
Main products: Mogroside series products
B35 Zhuhai Yafu Xingyuan Food Industry Co., Ltd
Main products: natural pigment and rich color food
B36 French Diana food
Standardized fruit and vegetable solutions for functional ingredients: acerola cherry, elderberry, cranberry, red beet
Food substitute solution: natural fruit crisps + new plants (American sweet corn / Ecuadorian banana / French white mushroom / Chilean chickpea)
Oral Beauty solution: French special vegetable juice + Chile special fruit concentrate
B05 B06 B11 B12 Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: Curcumin, natural pigment, phycocyanin, gardenia yellow pigment
CUHK high bioavailability turmeric, natural pigment application expert, microcapsule steady-state core technology, multi-color product coverage, from the source of the whole industry chain control.
B29 Shanghai Nord Biological Industry Co., Ltd
Main products: Probiotics powder, probiotics ODM, capsules / tablets, oral liquid / granules; plant extract, tea theanine, Ziziphus Spinosae, EGCG, Siraitia grosvenorii, medlar, rose, chrysanthemum, Ginkgo biloba leaves
B43 B44 B53 B54 Angel yeast Co., Ltd
Main products: selenium enriched yeast, selenium enriched yeast, chromium enriched yeast, yeast β – glucan, anprotm (yeast protein), edible yeast powder (common type), edible yeast powder (zinc rich type), yeast extract (nutritional fortified type), Saccharomyces cerevisiae (s.boulardii), glutathione rich yeast, yeast RNA, and VD rich yeast
B25 Huaxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: hyaluronic acid, γ – aminobutyric acid
B03 B04 Guangdong pujute Medical Bioengineering Co., Ltd
Supercritical fluid intelligent equipment manufacturing section: supercritical fluid particle equipment, supercritical fluid drying equipment, supercritical fluid chromatography separation equipment
Supercritical fluid nanostructured fat emulsion: nano curcumin fat emulsion and nano lutein fat emulsion
Supercritical fluid drying section: Bird’s nest products series, fish glue products series
A23 Jiangsu Weikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: complete OEM / ODM solutions for probiotic strains (powder), probiotic derivatives and preparations
B32 Jinan Shengquan tanghetang Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: L-arabinose, compound L-arabinose, D-xylose, xylitol, L-arabinose + probiotics
B55 Qingdao Chenlan Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd
Main product: chitooligosaccharide
A24 Beijing guarrun Technology Co., Ltd
Main products: galactomannan, plantain seed shell (powder)
B42 Guangzhou Hanzhong Trade Co., Ltd
Main products: sinetrol from fytex, a slimming product with formula patent
B37 Yunnan Aierfa Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: Haematococcus pluvialis powder, astaxanthin oil, astaxanthin microcapsule powder
B24 Guangdong Yichao Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: health food, functional food product solutions (including nutritional soft candy, soft capsule, tablet, powder)
Meal substitute product solutions (meal replacer, cereal bar, protein bar, sports nutrition product)
B21 runying Bioengineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Main products: Probiotics powder, special starter and probiotics terminal products, providing overall solutions for probiotics products
B20 Hongjiu · primary peptide
Main products: fresh bovine bone collagen peptide powder, yak bone collagen peptide powder, oyster peptide powder, chicken bone oligopeptide powder, sea cucumber peptide powder, ginseng oligopeptide powder, quinoa rice oligopeptide powder, walnut oligopeptide powder, hemp seed oligopeptide powder, millet oligopeptide powder, sunflower pollen
B41 Fujian xianzhilou Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd
Main products: Ganoderma lucidum spore powder, Ganoderma lucidum extract
B10 Shandong Bailong Chuangyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: fructooligosaccharide, Isomaltooligosaccharide, galactooligosaccharide, xylooligosaccharide, dextrin resistant, polyglucose, (crystal) maltitol
B56 Shandong Jianyuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd
Main products: protein powder, fiber powder, starch and vermicelli produced from pea, chickpea and mung bean; organic pea protein powder, organic pea fiber powder, organic pea starch and organic vermicelli
B07 B08 Hangzhou Hengmei Food Technology Co., Ltd
Food stick series: protein bar, cereal bar, ketogenic stick, etc
Powder products: nutritional milkshakes, slimming milkshakes, etc
Liquid products: L-carnitine, energy glue
Tablet products: pressed candy (anti sugar, fat dissolving)
Baking products: high fiber cookies, ketogenic cookies, high protein cookies
B47 B48 B49 B50 Weihai Lily Biotechnology Co., Ltd
The nutrition food factories exported to 65 countries can produce soft capsules, hard capsules, tablets, powders, pills, granules, oral liquid, drops, bottle drinks, soft drinks and other multi dosage products. It can produce more than 2000 kinds of nutrition and health food, and has 355 health food approval numbers.
B19 Xi’an Xiaocao Plant Technology Co., Ltd
Main product: cassia seed solid beverage
Xi’an grass plant science and technology is a production-oriented enterprise focusing on research and development, production and sales of natural health products, food and health food raw materials, and can help you to realize the functional formula!
A20 Wuhan tiantianhao Biological Products Co., Ltd
Raw materials: soybean peptide, corn oligopeptide, albumin peptide, fish collagen peptide, walnut peptide, balsam pear peptide, wheat oligopeptide
Products: fositi Tiji nutritional powder, fopti giningpeptide powder, fopti yiyapeptide powder, fopti zhiacid peptide powder, and fopti gutialotide
B39 China State owned peony industry group Co., Ltd
Main products: peony seed oil, peony puree, peony tea, peony petal freeze-dried powder
It has 21760 Mu peony organic standard planting base, international advanced technology production line and 100000 GMP clean workshop, providing peony seed oil, peony puree, peony extract and other deep-processing products to the world.
B31 Qiaolai (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd
Main products: Flammulina velutipes extract (ricom oil absorption); mangosteen extract (new Japanese medicine beauty anti saccharification)
B26 Damin food (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd
Plant nutrition milk shake series & plant milk tea series
Plant based nutritious milk shake, delicious but not greasy. Select high-quality raw materials, get rid of the burden of sweetness, enjoy the freedom of milk tea, high-quality independent packaging, simple delicacy.
Temperament tea language series: women like flowers, give a tea, quiet bloom beautiful and fragrant.
Embracing series of coffee: mellow coffee, such as you and I embrace each other; temperament coffee, more matching with you.
Small liquid bag series: GABA amino butyric acid plant beverage, Baoxian bag TM collagen plant beverage, lotus leaf Hawthorn herb beverage, curcumin and pueraria plant beverage.
Freeze dried nutrition block: the small cube hides the big world, the magic cube freeze-dried leisure food, snacks can also be different wonderful.
B27 B28 Changzhou Gibson import and Export Co., Ltd
Main products: caromax d-chiral inositol, caromax d-terpineol, caromax extract, caromax fiber, caromax syrup F + G; saffromax saffromax safflower extract
A1 rossello (China)
Main product: peptan collagen peptide
B38 Hangzhou Huante Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Huantebio is a global leading provider of product efficacy and safety solutions with “water mouse” zebrafish biotechnology as the core. It is committed to providing leading products and quality control solutions for global health food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food enterprises through active ingredient screening, efficacy and safety evaluation, and continuously innovating zebrafish technology and serving the health Health industry.
B18 Shandong Ameco Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: collagen tripeptide (5g collagen), carob extract (containing d-chiral inositol), compound cereal fermentation powder, N-acetylglucosamine, dealcoholic enzyme
B30 Shanghai Jiaotong University onli Co., Ltd
Main products: onli Super Series probiotics powder, ang micro + Series probiotics powder; onli duobang capsule, onli No.1 oral liquid and other functional health food; probiotics R & D / production / sales / service integrated health solutions
B33 glide Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Main products: saffrouex saffroux saffroux extract, curcuminex high bioavailability turmeric, amvigour emblica extract, chamomile extract (German spring chrysanthemum extract), elderberry extract, elderberry flower extract, Canary Flos extract, white kidney bean extract, green coffee extract, coniferous cherry extract, fiber juice powder series
B02 Qingdao Dehui Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: flaxseed series: flaxseed powder, flaxseed kernel, flaxseed paste, flaxseed protein powder, flaxseed instant powder, flaxseed lignan, linseed oil, flaxseed superfine powder, flaxseed dietary fiber powder, flaxseed gum (rich in α – linolenic acid and linseed lignin); cassia seed series: cassia seed powder, cassia gum (rich in orange cassia, chrysophanol and other functional properties) Ingredients)
B40 Shandong Longli Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main product: Longli xylooligosaccharide (XOS)
Longli Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) selectively promoted the proliferation of intestinal bifidobacteria. Its bifidus factor function is 10-20 times higher than that of other polysaccharides. Xylooligosaccharides are widely used in health food, functional food and ordinary food and beverage. Longli xylooligosaccharide has been certified by new resource food of EU and FDA of USA.
B09 Xiamen snack guest Food Technology Co., Ltd
Main product: Stewed Tremella
A42 Shaanxi Huike plant development Co., Ltd
Main products: cassia seed powder / extract, corn silk powder / extract, Poria cocos powder / extract, lily powder / extract, Rosa roxburghii fruit powder and other functional solid beverage raw materials
B15 B16 Zhejiang Baishanzu Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: Organic Ganoderma lucidum broken spore powder; Ganoderma lucidum, Hericium erinaceus, Grifola frondosa, Betula platyphylla, Cordyceps militaris, Lentinus edodes and other edible fungus extracts and powder series products
A33 Lallemand health solutions
Raman company is an enterprise engaged in the R & D, production and marketing of yeast, bacteria and microbial related ingredients, with more than 85 years of professional experience, providing scientifically verified probiotics products and customized formula services for more than 60 countries and regions. All factories comply with cGMP and GMP standards and have ISO9001 certificate.
We have over 600 probiotic formulations covering a variety of health areas, such as: intestinal health, immunity, pregnancy, women’s private health, brain gut axis, oral health, exercise crowd health, liver health, weight management and metabolic health, skin health, etc.
B01 Beijing Ketuo Hengtong Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: Lactobacillus casei Zhang, Bifidobacterium Lactobacillus V9, Lactobacillus plantarum p-8, Bifidobacterium lactis probio-m8, Lactobacillus rhamnosus probio-m9, yishiyou compound probiotic solid beverage, young probiotic solid beverage, source of breast milk, probiotic solid beverage scavenger
A11 Qifeng (Fujian) Food Co., Ltd
Main products: Vitamin C soft candy products: Vitamin C juice soft candy, vitamin C juice series; milk mineral salt collagen casing glucose juice soft candy, vitamin C collagen casing passion fruit seed soft candy, DHA collagen casing orange juice soft candy, oligofructose kiwifruit seed soft candy, collagen peptide casing white peach flavor fruit juice soft candy, lutein ester collagen casings Blueberry juice fudge, Haematococcus pluvialis collagen casing strawberry juice fudge, poplars manna jelly jelly jelly, honey grapefruit jelly jelly candy, brown sugar ginger jelly jelly candy, vitamin plant gum candy and vitamin C tablet candy series.
A34 Hangzhou Zhongzhi Kanggu Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: EU / USA / China organic mushroom dry products and extracts (polysaccharides, triterpenoids, beta glucans, cordycepin, etc.)
We also provide one-stop service from raw materials to finished products (tablets, capsules, solid drinks, granules, tea bags, etc.).
A25 Henan yichangqing Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: yichangqing xylooligosaccharide, patented by Jiangnan University, strong prebiotics, water-soluble dietary fiber, ultra-low water activity, probiotics, good partner
A12 Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone hongyufeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: licorice extract granules, licorice extract block / powder, spray dried licorice extract extract
A27 A28 Weida International Co., Ltd
Main products: elderberry fruit powder, probiotics (dds-1, LRC, BNR17, pplp-217, produra), non denatured type II collagen, fish bone collagen peptide, citrus polyphenols, saffron extract, heme iron, seawater magnesium, blackcurrant fruit powder, European blueberry fruit powder, European wild cherry berry, comprehensive plant enzyme, natto powder, spinach extract, black garlic extract, patent water-soluble ginger yellow
A41 Nantong Aokai Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd
Main products: through all kinds of natural extracts to provide customers with anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and quality improvement solutions
A30 A31 Xuancheng baweili Bioengineering Co., Ltd
Main products: bottled milk shake, micro effervescent tablets
A36 A37 amendment Health Group
Modified health group is a high-tech and diversified enterprise, which is subordinate to the amendment group and integrates the research, development, production and sales of health food and functional food. With OEM / ODM product R & D, production, sales service professional team, from raw materials to finished products, strictly control every link. Modify manufacturing, quality empowerment.
Star Products: more than 500 kinds of health products, such as youer capsule, xiuyisheng probiotics powder, glucosamine chondroitin tablets, etc
Agent formulation: solid beverage, tablet candy, tea bag and other processing formulations, international advanced production and testing equipment
A14 A15 Jiangsu alande nutrition Co., Ltd
Jiangsu alande nutrition Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, and its brand was born in 1998. There are 9 nutrition and health products factories and 3 R & D centers in the world, with business and sales network in more than 80 countries. The dosage forms are tablets, powders, soft capsules, hard capsules, gel sweets, probiotics and soft sweets.
A35 Longsha (China)
Main products: L-carnitine, arabinogalactan, non denatured type II collagen (UC II), plant capsules, gelatin capsules, liquid filled capsules and other functional raw materials.
A26 Wengyuan Guangye Qingyi Food Technology Co., Ltd
Key products:
Functional food ingredients: oat β – glucan, phosphatidylserine, resistant dextrin;
Sweeteners: sucralose, stevioside;
Antioxidants: TBHQ, BHA;
Food flavor: glucosylstevioside, menthol glycerin ketal
Nutrition, health and food safety solutions provider.
A29 JIUZHOUTONG Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd
Main products: sardine peptide, AI powder (Brazil berry), melon kernel powder, coniferous Cherry Extract
A10 Guangdong jinjunkang Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: new methyl hesperidin dihydrochalcone (NHDC), hesperidin, phloretin, naringenin, citrus fiber, citrus extract, etc.; bitterness solutions; innovation of rare components of traditional Chinese medicine biotransformation, natural drug creation and dual-purpose plant derived food and functional food raw materials.
A5 Wenzhou rizhong Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd
Main products: continuous countercurrent extraction unit, disc dryer, multi effect flash concentrator, UHT sterilizer, chromatography column, fermentation tank, crystallization tank
Wenzhou rizhong Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of automatic equipment for efficient extraction, fermentation, sterilization, concentration and drying, as well as a one-stop turnkey project of automation system integration project.
A7 Beijing Sipin International Trade Co., Ltd
Main products: plantain seed shell powder, green mussel freeze-dried powder, dunaliella powder, marine fish oligopeptide, natural carotene, tocotrienol, coniferous cherry fruit powder, cranberry fruit powder, marine fish oligopeptide
A16 Beijing shengmeinuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: fish collagen peptide, non denatured type II collagen, II cartilage peptide, oyster peptide, elastin peptide, bovine collagen peptide, bird’s nest peptide, soybean peptide, jackfruit peptide, walnut peptide
A17 Henan Yuanlong Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main product: Yuanlong xylooligosaccharide (XOS)
Yuanlong xylooligosaccharide (XOS) – Super prebiotic, water-soluble dietary fiber, can selectively proliferate intestinal bifidobacteria. The product has strong acid thermal stability, excellent processing performance, and is convenient for product compounding.
Guangzhou Narnia Biotechnology Co. Ltd
Main products: Raman probiotics, wellnex collagen, Zhengguan zhuangzhenyuan red ginseng, capros Phyllanthus powder, neoppontia pear cactus powder, Yaeyama Chlorella pyrenoidosa, gastro ad soybean protein powder, vinitrox grape and apple compound fruit powder, vinogrape red wine polyphenols, Japanese Douchi powder, needle cherry powder, Brady’s yeast, fish oil powder, medium chain triglyceride, citrus fiber, etc
A38 Shanghai guanshuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: cerepron yeast extract, rice bran oil powder (Oryza ceramide), artichoke powder, Spanish olive, French red grape concentrate powder, black ginger extract, mangosteen extract, rice polyamine, l’activio compound fruit powder, mizup (Salmon nasal cartilage complex powder), sunflower seed kernel powder, anthoc3 At the same time, we provide one-stop professional overseas ODM Supply Chain and overseas expert research institute solution services.
A3 A4 Ningbo Jidian Health Technology Co., Ltd
Main products: collagen sandwich soft candy, lutein ester soft candy, probiotics solid beverage, L-carnitine liquid beverage
Ningbo Jidian Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a provider of health food, innovative functional nutrition food and professional products.
A6 Guangzhou Hongyi Trading Co., Ltd
Main products: oligofructose of Israel galam company, Ta Neng enzyme powder and liquid of Taiwan, italgelatine collagen peptide of Italy, Naturex Cranberry of France, needle leaf cherry powder, elderberry, wild cherry berry, ginger extract, compound fruit and vegetable powder, oat powder, etc
A18 Chengzhi Life Technology Co., Ltd
Main product: D-ribose
A19 Yunnan Hanmeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Main products: industrial hemp extract series raw materials: cannabinol (CBD), hemp seed extract series of food raw materials, hemp leaf extract cosmetics raw materials, and series of products
A40 Xi’an Tianxingjian Industrial Co., Ltd
Main product: Apple solid beverage
Anti aging and antioxidant: Apple series, pomegranate series
Improve immunity: elderberry, Ganoderma lucidum, Lentinus edodes, Poria cocos
Natural antibiotics: Scutellaria baicalensis, Flos Lonicerae and Macleaya cordata
The company is a SC certification strength manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales. It implements the GMP management system of international standards and follows the tenet of quality first and reputation first.
A9 Haiwang Group
OEM / ODM OEM of Haiwang Group:
Hangzhou base (beside Hangzhou wengmei subway station), Jiangsu base (Taizhou China medicine city)
Machinable types: health food, capsule (gel candy), powder (solid beverage, modulated milk powder), tablet, back seal bag, jelly, drops, soft sweets, granules, oral liquid (including soft package).
Fujian science and Technology Co., Ltd
Main products: “whole grains”, “medicine and food homology”, “traditional Chinese medicine materials”, “dietary fiber”, “flowers and fruits” and other food and drug industry superfine powder, such as oat bran superfine powder, wheat bran superfine powder, highland barley superfine powder, Poria cocos superfine powder, Chinese yam superfine powder, etc
C12 Beijing kangbit Sports Technology Co., Ltd
Main products: Combit functional nutrition bar series (meal substitute bar, protein bar, grain bar, nut bar)
D3 Shanghai Litong biochemical products Co., Ltd
Main products: imida15 chicken protein peptide powder, c-mucolla type II collagen cartilage powder, DNA Na salmon protein powder, bonito elastin skipjack elastic protein peptide, easy peptide Haili 10 (marine fish oligopeptide powder), Korean double embedding probiotics, Haimi 40C (chitooligosaccharide), chestnut powder chestnut powder (chestnut), potato extract (potato extract), seaweed Water soluble seaweed calcium, lytozyme and other food raw materials
C13 Hunan Erkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Main product: vegegel vegetable capsule
The VegeGel capsule adopts the world’s leading patented technology of starch plant capsules, and the vegetable gum made from natural cassava starch. It provides products based on starch plant capsules, including soft capsules, hard capsules, gel sweets, and one-stop services and solutions from product development to production, packaging and logistics.
A39 Zhejiang tiangan Technology Co., Ltd
Zhejiang tiangan Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing automation, intelligent and information solutions for enterprises. Its main products are intelligent control system, MES system, SCADA system and energy management. Traceability management and computerized system verification. To realize the double promotion of economic and social benefits for customers, and to serve the natural health products industry well.
A13 Xi’an Tianyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: focusing on the application of plant extracts and natural ingredients in common food, with various food customer service experience; providing overall solutions, weight control raw materials, immunity enhancing raw materials, refreshing and energy boosting raw materials, anti alcohol and liver protection raw materials
C14 Hunan Hill Natural Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
C10 Tianjin fuhaitai Technology Co., Ltd
Tianjin fuhaitai Technology Co., Ltd. is a long-term supplier of many large-scale food enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, specializing in the R & D and production of tianre food raw materials and new nutritional functional food.
Main products: malt powder, grain powder / vegetable milk powder, protein particles, functional oil powder, red date powder, cheese powder and special diet sports nutrition products.
B17 Yinfu Pharmaceutical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Shanghai Yinfu pharmaceutical is committed to the research and development of innovative high-end medicine and dietary supplement raw materials. Its main product is NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), which is known as “longevity medicine”.
Yinfu pharmaceutical has launched a new generation of uthever? NMN raw materials with more stable performance and a raw material brand confirmed by clinical research.
C08 Shanghai Ruicheng Food Co., Ltd
We provide all kinds of normal temperature and low temperature packaging, glass bottles and all kinds of beverage products OEM service.
D23 D24 baicaowei (Hangzhou Homs Food Co., Ltd.)
Baicaowei (Hangzhou Holmes Food Co., Ltd.) is a comprehensive leisure food enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales, warehousing and logistics. With the mission of “let more people eat safe and healthy food”, baicaowei focuses on improving people’s leisure experience through the whole link, category and process.
C11 Zhuhai Zhongshi Yuetai Health Technology Co., Ltd
Main products: oligopeptide raw materials from AFA? Animal and plant sources.
Zhuhai Zhongshi Yuetai Health Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on providing customers with high-quality oligopeptide raw materials and finished product development technology solutions. It has a number of joint laboratories and has set up a gmp10 million standard manufacturing factory in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.
C05 Di’ao group
Main product: Dior Zihuangjing tablets
C06  BGG World
Products: Cranberry polyphenols, red bean
C15 Wuxi aikepai Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: N-acetylneuraminic acid / bird’s nest acid / sialic acid; Bacillus coagulans
D21 D22 Dong’e donkey hide gelatin Co., Ltd
Main products: Dong’e Jiao block; compound donkey hide gelatin syrup; peach blossom ji’e Jiao cake
A32 Jingyue Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: oral health care probiotics and external probiotics; Lactobacillus paracasei adp-1 added to toothpaste, mouthwash and buccal tablets; Lactobacillus paracasei gm365 added to skin care and washing; Lactobacillus compound gm6653 added to skin care and washing
C02 D2 Shandong focus Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: sodium hyaluronate, health food OEM
D15 D16 Guangdong shenghetang Health Food Co., Ltd
Shenghetang is a Chinese herbal health brand with Guiling cream as its core, covering many herbal series.
Guiling cream products: Classic Guiling cream, milk fragrant Guiling cream, rock sugar Guiling cream, Guiling Shuang, etc
Burning Xiancao products: Taiwan burning Xiancao, Baoyao burning Xiancao milk tea, etc
Herbal plant extract drink products: soybean milk plant extract drink, Huangjing wolfberry plant extract drink, ginseng honey plant extract drink, etc
Desserts substitute food products: mix turtle Ling match, herbal meal, Chinese health dessert hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, etc
Other products: Sydney loquat paste, enzyme jelly, functional jelly, etc
D25 Chongqing Jiaowang Natural Products Co., Ltd
Main products: Jiaowang Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on the field of big health and engaged in the extraction of natural active ingredients from plants and the development of series of nutrition and health products. With its own technical advantages and team innovation ability, after more than ten years of development, it has developed the basic raw materials of big health industry — inulin and bromelain, and derived a series of terminal products on this basis.
D13 D14 Shanghai Zhengjian brand consulting Management Co., Ltd
We are committed to develop a successful brand strategy for customers, and work together with customers to open up new categories and create new brands.
We have successfully developed brand strategies for China Resources Wufeng, Zhejiang daily media, baoxiniao group, wufangzhai group, Jinluo group, Huamei group, Wangli group, sannuo biology, wuxiaobo channel, xianle health and other companies.
D11 D12 and Huang Jianbao Health Products Co., Ltd
Hehuang Jianbao Health Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, and the holding company is Hehuang China Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. He Huang Jianbao is committed to providing high-quality health food and food for pregnant women, infants and young children. At present, it has a series of products such as “zhilingtong”, “Dier” and “beineng”. Adhering to the quality of the attitude of excellence, to ensure that the products are produced under almost strict high standard quality control, to bring health, safety and beautiful life to consumers.
D4d5 Guangzhou shiyuexing Food Co., Ltd
Mr. owl innovates and develops light functional chewing gum based on natural materials.
Jixing series: instant gum; Rainbow Series: Rainbow gum; Driving Series: driving gum; drinking series: drinking gum; white series: white chewing gum
D6 D7  Hey Maet
Hey Maet uses peas and soybeans to make vegetable protein meat. The change from “meat” to “Maet” is to redefine a piece of meat and subvert consumers’ cognition of meat products. The founding team went abroad to master the knowledge and production technology of plant meat, and pioneered the concept of “infinite protein”, which was infinitely close to the nutritional value of real meat products. After numerous experiments, the American academician and Chinese super famous chef were employed to develop the Chinese “flavor” vegetable protein meat products that are most suitable for Chinese stomach.
D1  Integria Healthcare
Integria Healthcare is a health care company from New Zealand. It belongs to New Zealand Todd group. It has more than 150 years of family business history. It has a New Zealand brand of 70 years, which is a national health care brand named Thompsons Thompson. It is committed to natural herbal health care, and its star products have antioxidant antioxidant platinum tablets, grape seed extract and liver protection tablets. And quality is widely welcomed by consumers.
C16 Kangyuan (Guangzhou) Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd
Main products: saffron extract, saffron compound probiotics, nano patent high bioavailability curcumin, Douchi powder and other anti-oxidation products.
Other partners
Yunnan Tianbaohua Biological Resources Development Co., Ltd
Main product: white kidney bean extract
China Marine Biotechnology
Main product: small molecule fucoidan
Le Conrad
Main products: natural lycopene, lutein and other carotenoids
Guangzhou Hecheng Sanxian Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Main products: Seabuckthorn extract, Magnolia officinalis extract, rosemary extract
Xianle Health Technology Co., Ltd
Main products: soft capsule, veggiesoft Suyi vegetable gum soft capsule, nutritional soft candy, tablet, hard capsule, powder, oral liquid, probiotics and other dosage forms, committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions including product research and development, manufacturing, packaging and logistics
Galam Ltd. 
Main products: SC FOS short chain fructooligosaccharide, fructose crystal fructose.
Feslan food ingredients (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Main product: whey protein separation
Xuancheng Baicao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Main products: plant extract (certification of health food raw material extract), solid beverage, tablet candy, substitute tea, health food tablet OEM / ODM, tablet / granule, classic famous formula granule export
Jiankangyuan pharmaceutical
Guided by the mission of “for health, for tomorrow”, jiankangyuan health products division focuses on the sales of Chinese patent medicine health products, female nutrition products and OTC, and operates the group’s star products such as “wife, meditation, Eagle brand, Xuele, yiketie” based on different customer groups and categories.
contact us
Natural health products industry conference 2020 registration
Participation fee:
*RMB 6800 / person (including forum tickets + exhibition area tickets, text materials, PPT and tea break allowed to be shared after the meeting);
*Enterprises and channels of terminal health products can participate in the meeting free of charge (for details of free participation policy, please contact zhitiqiao conference affairs group, Tel: 029-88814264).
*Exhibition area cost: ¥ 100 / person (including exhibition area tickets and conference text materials).
Registration deadline:
October 20, 2020
Contact person
Registration, speech and business cooperation:
E-mail :
Phone :  18192486971 
For media cooperation, please contact:
E-mail :
Phone :18092091852
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Guangdong (Tanzhou) International Convention and Exhibition Center

Traffic information:
Hotel information:
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