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Chen Siyuan: the content I share mainly focuses on “the purchasing path and consumption orientation of young consumers in food and beverage”.
  • What is the growth point of enterprises in the post epidemic era?
  • What are the characteristics and preferences of consumers in the post epidemic era?
Promoting innovation with experience
We live in a world with many choices, and innovation is still the only way for enterprises to grow.
At present, it is more difficult than ever to find a growth point in the fierce environment. Brands must find new opportunities in the complex and fuzzy competitive environment. Goods and services are not only the driving factors of core value, because competitors are everywhere.
So what should brands do?
In the process of business innovation, we should have a greater vision, focus on consumers and customers, and understand their dynamics and related interconnected events.
When we are in a time when there are more and more products, more concepts, and ubiquitous contacts, what can we do next? In the era of so many commodities, how do we understand innovation?
I think experience is going to play an increasingly important role in driving growth with a wide range of products and concepts.
Experience refers to strengthening the interaction between consumers and brands, and creating a new feeling in their most important moments, so as to find ways to make consumers more happy.
Experience will become an indispensable factor in driving customer growth in 2020 and in the future.
When the brand can successfully transfer emotion and happiness, create some symbolic experience to consumers, and the construction of brand can achieve differentiation, it can enhance consumers’ loyalty to the brand, and play an important role in the long-term development of enterprise profits.
In the age of innovation, we need to learn how to capture extraordinary opportunities, interact better with consumers, and understand their thinking patterns.
We need to change from merely satisfying consumers and solving their daily life needs to producing emotional resonance with consumers and creating brand-new brand experience, so that consumers can have unforgettable, pleasant and meaningful experience.
Kaidu has conducted a total of 6 rounds of consumer research in 50 countries around the world. The latest round was done at the end of January. We investigated what consumers feel about the new epidemic situation. We found several things:
74% of people think that the epidemic has disrupted their normal lives, 65% are worried about their economic prospects, and 63% are worried that the crisis and epidemic will return in a few months.
we can see that consumers in more than 50 countries around the world now feel that their lifestyle has been disturbed, and their emotions have become more and more complex, fragile, uneasy and anxious.
the contradictions encountered by everyone are different. So, what are consumers thinking now?
consumers at home will feel nostalgic, and now they will get along with their families more, talk about old times and look at old photos. They hope to have meaningful and interesting things. For example, cooking. Consumers hope to learn new knowledge in the process of cooking. In addition, consumers can’t wait to return to their normal life, meet with their relatives and friends, and travel. They are eager to socialize, feel the truth, and have in-depth communication with people.

Through the study of young consumers’ shopping path and consumption motivation, we summed up a new social path of food and beverage: in the interview with consumers aged 18-35, we found that TA’s purchase behavior of food and beverage is usually composed of four links of “planting grass, researching, purchasing and sharing”, forming a closed loop.
In the closed loop, different consumers show different behaviors in different links. Not everyone will “finish” the whole closed loop.
When we understand the motivation of consumers, we need to understand who they are and the confusion they are facing, especially in the post epidemic era. In different scenarios, they will produce many incredible ideas.
After the outbreak of Xinguan epidemic, their pursuit of life ideal, life state and life demand formed their consumption view and consumption motivation.
Three new consumption paths in the post epidemic era of
In the past three months, for Chinese consumers in the post epidemic era, we have summed up three key words: unity, health and happiness.
We see three new shopping paths formed by consumers: buy for recognition, buy for efficiency, and buy for yourself.
In the first shopping path, 36% of consumers “buy for recognition”.
They are mainly female white-collar workers. They have strong curiosity, love to use social media, and are full of desire to explore life – to buy a sense of freshness and identity.
In addition, while tasting the leisure drinks, Ta enjoy the sense of identity brought by sharing good things, which can increase their influence in their own circle.
If we look deeper, we find that they have two interesting ideas. I would like to share them with you. They are “fashionable culture and creativity, sensual enjoyment”.
In other words, an excellent product is far from enough, but how attractive the story of the product is and how to show the style and taste of “from rich to expensive”.
The second way for consumers to buy is 46%.
A group of consumers who are mainly male and full of consumption impulse. Their life and work are fast-paced, and they want food and drink to supplement their energy and face all the challenges in life. What they want to buy is health and reassurance, and value for money.
Especially after the outbreak, Chinese consumers are reshaping their values. TA people not only care about cheap, but also care about diversity.
We have the following two ideas: healthy life, efficient speed up.
First of all, channels are critical.
Secondly, it is to provide some full effect products, not only two in one, three in one and four in one.
For example, as a “Shanghai drifter”, Huang Manni of “just 30” will think about “how to deal with difficult customers and become a real sales champion when she” buys, buys and buys “? When selling bags, how to enrich customers, let customers buy top-notch products, let colleagues effectively serve customers and achieve sales? “
The habit loyalty of channel service has become a very important element.
The third shopping path is that 40% of consumers buy for themselves.
They are female office workers. They have positive and unique views on food and drink. They will study, discover, try and compare. These are the seasonings in their life. They “eat what I want to eat and drink what I want to drink”. They can enjoy it as they like.
I’d like to offer you two more words for you to think about.
For example, Zhong Xiaoqin, another representative of “only thirty”, is a Shanghai girl, an ordinary girl. She has a high sense of happiness and is easy to get satisfaction from her ordinary life. New things often attract her. She is willing to pay for her feelings and lovely things. She is willing to pay for her feelings. She is willing to pay for the lovely things. “Sinking is the first element of her shopping, which is inexpensive and affordable.
The above three groups of people interact and communicate with each other. What strikes them is different playing methods and different contents.
How to break through the three groups of people with different purchasing motives in different purchasing links?
We selected three intersections for depth analysis.
We found that the identity shopping path is very complete, planting grass and sharing is very important.
But there is also a group of people (46% who buy for efficiency), whose shopping path is the shortest, and the influence of the brand and the channel within reach are very important to the shopper’s experience.
Of course, for the “buy for yourself” consumer group, the product quality experience can most move them.
Different behaviors, we can choose different contacts, different platforms and consumer communication.
Our data shows that 41% of young consumers think that the recommendation of stars and online celebrities is helpful for planting grass in their minds, because young people who buy for recognition especially like the products recommended by stars and online celebrities.
in the sharing process, women, white-collar workers and students who buy for recognition are more willing to share the high-quality experience from products. “Buy for recognition” consumers love life, they are always exploring and experiencing all aspects of life. Among them, 82% of consumers are willing to share on social media. They want to influence others through sharing and social interaction. For consumers who buy for efficiency, simple and high-quality service brand image is the key factor. Among them, 42% of consumers pay attention to the quality and channel of products when they purchase. Therefore, channel management is very important to help us meet the different shopping tasks of consumers.
how can we win the hearts of consumers who buy for themselves? We think the research link is very important. In the research process, 40% of consumers agree with the official product publicity. Therefore, the quality and level of the official information of online shopping flagship stores is very critical.
Four key words of consumption innovation
How to find more and better personal fun in the life of consumers, give professional suggestions to consumers, let consumers take the lead in the sharing link, and plant grass in their social circle to more people, will be a very important task in the future.
How to win the preference of consumers who “buy for recognition, buy for efficiency, and buy for yourself”?
I think we should do the following two things:
First, it is the hot spots of stars and Internet Celebrities, as well as high-quality content marketing;
Second, it is word-of-mouth marketing, consolidating brands and channels, and emphasizing the process of efficient purchase.
While doing a good job in consumer communication, the brand must also realize that innovation has extended to the whole link level of products.
It is a continuous topic and is likely to develop into a vital factor in brand vitality after the outbreak.
In the future, Kaidu will continue to help the brand effectively complete consumer research, enable the brand to break through the bottleneck of innovation and find new growth opportunities.
This is the end of my sharing. Thank you.
Content source: fbic2020 global food and beverage Innovation Conference held by foodaily daily food on July 30, 2020.
Sharing guest: Chen Siyuan, chief customer officer of Kaidu China.
Note: as a partner, notebooks are released by the organizer and the speaker. The article is the author’s independent point of view, does not represent the position of the chivalrous notes.
Author: Chen Siyuan; source: notesman, reprinted with authorization.
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