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National Day tea sales inventory, multi brand performance growth of 200%!

During the period of “a6021, ” and “
“, national consumption in various fields of eating, drinking, playing and traveling has returned to the pre epidemic level. The overall recovery of domestic tourism has also led many tea brands to say that the overall situation of national day business exceeded expectations. “

the National Day holiday has just passed, and consumption that has been held back for too long has broken out completely. About 6 million cups of tea were sold in 588 stores of

, with an average of more than 10000 cups sold in one shop.
and according to meituan data, four days before the long holiday, the platform ordered more than 1.1 billion milk tea, equivalent to one drink per person in the country.
we investigated more than 10 brands, summed up a “national day drinks data inventory”, let’s see!

National Day Performance Inventory: all Xi tea shops sold 10000 cups
During the golden week of national day, people who have been living for a long time can no longer restrain their restless heart. Their desire for consumption has been suppressed for more than half a year. This holiday ushers in the first concentrated outbreak this year.
According to the data of the report on the consumption of people during the long holiday in 2020, the national consumption in the fields of eating, drinking, playing and traveling has returned to the level before the epidemic.
The overall recovery of domestic tourism has also led many tea brands to say that the overall situation of national day business exceeded expectations.
1. Sales up! On average, each family likes tea and sells more than 10000 cups
During the holiday period, many people brush the hot search of tea beauty queue on microblog, which ushered in huge passenger flow during the holiday.
Xicha revealed to coffee: 588 stores sold about 6 million cups of tea during the National Day holiday. This is equivalent to more than 10000 cups of tea sold during the National Day holiday.
Naixue’s tea has sold 3.4 million + cups of tea and 1.5 million + soft European bags in the 8-day holiday.
In addition, there are many brands during the National Day sales far exceeded the same period last year. For example, the sales volume of Shanzhu tea in Shandong Province increased by 228.4% compared with last year during the national day.
2. Tourism city business is better, Changsha data is the most prominent
If the Spring Festival is a community tour and may day is a suburban tour, the National Day has finally ushered in a comprehensive recovery of tourism. The travel owed by the epidemic situation has been doubled on the national day.
Correspondingly, tea shops in popular tourist cities and scenic spots have ushered in the peak of turnover.
According to the data released by Naixue’s tea, the top 10 cities of Naixue’s tea sales in China during the 11th National Day were Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Beijing, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu and Nanjing.
Because of the high popularity of Changsha, it was searched on the third day of the national day. Tea Yan Yuese is known by netizens as “50 meters a shop, shops are queuing up.”.
Tea in line in the shops
The founder of chayan Yuese also told Carmen that during the National Day holiday, the overall market exceeded last year’s and the passenger flow exceeded this year’s expectation.
The highest sales single store in China is Changsha Guojin Center store, which sold 23000 + cups of tea and 16000 + soft European bags.
Chongqing is also a tourist city. Hu Yan, the founder of a sour dairy cow, also told Carmen: “on the whole, the sales of this year’s National Day are not bad. Some stores in hot areas such as Hongya cave, Jiefangbei delicious street, Ciqikou and other scenic spots can achieve a 200% increase in sales.”
3. Weather has a certain impact, but most of the store sales still exceed expectations
In addition to the booming business in tourist cities, many owners also sigh: if it doesn’t rain, business will be better.
For example, Changsha is constantly rainy. Lu Liang, the founder of chayan Yuese, said: Although the passenger flow exceeds the expectation, it should be better if it doesn’t rain for 7 days.
Changsha becomes the most crowded food place on National Day
Hu Yan, the founder of a sour dairy cow, said that due to the rain, the sales of street stores dropped by 2% – 40% compared with the same period last year. But on the other hand, the turnover of shopping malls and stores has increased by 3% to 50%.
According to meituan, four days before the National Day holiday, the platform ordered more than 1.1 billion milk tea, equivalent to almost every Chinese drinking a cup of milk tea.
4. Sales account for 50%! Brand products are hot items
In the new season of autumn and winter, many brands have launched seasonal drinks. However, when asked what products are more popular during the holidays, most brands said that the brand products were the most popular.
Cui Biao, founder of Shanzhu tea, said the top three items sold in the store were Guanyin strawberry, coconut mangmangmang and succulent pomegranate. The sales of these three brand products accounted for almost 50% of the whole store.
And a sour milk cow brand product yogurt purple rice dew, a product sales proportion can reach 50% of the whole store.
A sour milk cow brand product yogurt purple rice dew, picture from little red book
It’s no surprise: in golden week, the main battlefield of brands is those customers who spend randomly and spend their first time in the store. Most of them choose the most popular products in the store.
In addition, promotion of new products through posters, shop assistants and other ways will also have a more significant effect during the holidays.
For example, Naixue’s tea dish is a popular scenic spot. Beside the West Lake in Hangzhou, outside the Palace Museum, Hongya cave in Chongqing, and the Bund of Shanghai, Naixue’s latest grape collision tea has become a well deserved king of popularity.

After a long holiday, don’t forget to reward employees while it’s hot
During the long holiday, the store business is prosperous, the partner has how hard.
Hu Yan, the founder of a sour cow, told me that during the festival, she was so busy that not only all the employees joined in, but she also added that she had been fighting for a few days.
It is said that the best league building is to fight and win together. When the holidays are over, strike while the iron is hot and reward the hard-working partners. What are the ways to motivate employees? You can refer to the color of tea.
1. Empathy with employees
The National Day holiday is undoubtedly one of the busiest moments of the year for employees. At this time, the company and employees need to stand together.
For example, on the national day last year, chayan Yuese told the detailed stories of employees and customers in partner official micro blog. The story is simple, but the word makes the partner feel warm and powerful.
There is an underlying logic in tea color: people are regarded as human beings, not as tools.
After last year’s national day, the tea color has carefully combed the “tea color values”. After a “hard battle”, this kind of expression can arouse the empathy of employees.
“Tea color value” of tea color
2. The ceremony must be held and the commendation meeting should be held
After the small and long holidays every year, chayan Yuese will praise the excellent performance of tea Yan partners, which will make the winning employees have more sense of honor, and can also stimulate the enthusiasm of all.
Of course, the setting of prizes is also a university question. We should consider the needs of employees from the perspective of human nature, and take into account the material and spiritual aspects of employees. Only by doing so, can employees be moved and distracted.
For example, for the management, chayan Yuese has prepared such excellent courses as “how to build 68 courses in catering organizational strength” and “how to be a master with a team”; for partners who work longer hours, they are rewarded with sports bracelets to remind them to pay attention to their health.
3. Let partners hear each other’s voice
At the commendation meeting after May 1 last year, chayan Yuese specially set up a “warm Partner Award” to reward the representative partners with other people in their hearts. For example, some of these partners are afraid that the new employees will not adapt to the work intensity of the holiday, and take the initiative to work overtime.
Tea Yan Yuese hopes to encourage partners to share with each other and feel the energy of love
In Starbucks, every quarter to achieve the goal of the store will have a team building bonus, the store manager will take all the store partners to rest for a day to eat, drink and have fun.
In addition, the district manager will prepare a big gift bag for his partner every quarter, which is limited and cannot be bought by Starbucks. And each partner will receive a badge and a small gift from the company on the anniversary, and the store manager or district manager will write the blessing to the partner on the card and send it to the partner.
Author: Jin Yu; source: Kamen club, reprinted with authorization.
Join the community: Cherry (wechat: 15240428449);
Business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246).
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