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Nielsen released the top 25 breakthrough innovation list, plant based, alcohol & energy drinks became popular

Behind Nielsen’s list of breakthrough innovative products, it reflects the current innovation strategy of the food industry. Health characteristics and brand image have become the two magic weapons to be based on the market.

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Introduction: behind Nielsen’s list of breakthrough innovative products, it reflects the current innovation strategy of the food industry. Health characteristics and brand image have become the two magic weapons to be based on the market.

Nielsen’s list of breakthrough innovative products, which has attracted worldwide attention in the field of consumer goods, was released earlier this month. After the European breakthrough products were announced in September, the list returned to the US market, reflecting the innovation achievements in the US consumer goods field in the past year. The shortlisted products need to have attractive unique quality, including mass consumption potential, product life, brand share in the market growth, product innovation degree and attraction to specific consumers.

Nelson said that although novel coronavirus pneumonia had a lasting and far-reaching impact on the packaging consumer goods industry, the new normal of the epidemic also created new space for brand innovation, and consumer preferences and demands were changing.

Source: -Breakthrough-2020

Among the 25 products on the list, 17 came from the food and beverage industry, of which 4 were snacks, involving plant meat, biscuits and pastries; 4 dairy products, including milk powder, ice cream, vegetable milk and yogurt; drinks and beverages accounted for the largest proportion, with a total of 9 items on the list. This year, the list of wine spirits, plant-based foods and free snacks covered in the 2019 list are still hot this year.

Food section

(1)Beyond Meat® Beyond Burger® 

Vegetable patty is a representative product of beyond meat, which was established in 2009. Since its launch, it has been welcomed by environmentalists and advocates of healthy diet. According to the second quarter of 2020 financial report released recently by beyond meat, the company’s revenue was $113.3 million, an increase of 69% over the same period of last year. Among them, the net revenue from the United States was $96.526 million, and the net revenue from international was $16.812 million.
Since its IPO on NASDAQ on May 2, 2019, becoming the first listed man-made meat company, beyond meat has become a leader and vane in the global vegetable meat industry. At present, beyond meat’s products are sold in 112000 retail and catering channels in 85 countries around the world. In 2020, beyond meat announced its entry into China and plans to build a plant in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province, to produce plant meat products locally. On September 30, the company announced that it would further expand cooperation with Wal Mart in the U.S. market, expanding from 800 stores to 2400 stores. After the news of expanding sales channels, the company’s share price rose by 10.6%.
(2) Cheez-it? Snap’d? Cheese
Cheez it snap’d is one of the new snacks launched by Kellogg in 2019. It is a thin, crisp, chewable biscuit snack with a full cheese flavor. At present, there are double cheese, cheddar sour cream and onion, Mexican pepper and other flavors, as well as the upcoming BBQ flavor, all of which use the combination of cheese and other popular snacks.
(3) Game of Thrones Oreo
To celebrate the final season of HBO’s game of thrones, Oreo has released a limited edition biscuit. Although the taste is classic Oreo, the classic blue package is changed to all black. The biscuit itself is marked with the insignia of lannisters, tanglians, Starks and night king, attracting the eyes of millions of Power Tour fans.
In addition, Oreo worked with game of Thrones to recreate the opening video of the final season with 2750 Oreos animations, which are said to have been viewed nearly 1 million times on YouTube. After its launch, the product has received more than 2000 media exposure, including USA today, Vox, food and wine, Forbes, people, American weekly and fast food company. The product has been mentioned 14247 times on social media.
Oreo manager said the biscuit became one of the fastest growing items in Oreo. Its success tells us: how to recreate the hot spots of products that have long been common? ——Interesting and eye-catching packaging, closely linked to the hot spots of social life.
(4) Pop tarts bites
Source: US/products/bites- crisps.html
Pop tarts bites, which was launched in December 2018, has become a phenomenal star in the family of Kellogg products with its unique shape and taste. Soft shell, full filling, delicious icing made of strawberries, chocolate fudge, brown sugar and cinnamon, as well as portable packaging bags, are specially designed for snacks anytime and anywhere.
The development team has adopted a new way to interpret the classics while retaining the core characteristics of the pop tar product line. This product is the biggest contributor to pop tarts’ brilliant performance in 2019. Pop tarts’ sales in 2019 are the best since 2012, according to Kellogg.
Dairy section
(5) Enfamil neuropro
Source: -my-baby/enfamil-neuropro
Enfamil® NeuroPro ™ It is a new line of formula milk powder launched by enfamily of Mead Johnson in 2018. It is the first formula containing milk fat globular membrane (MFGM) in the United States. Neuropro currently has three series, in addition to the normal enfamily neuropro ™ Infant, and enfamilneuropro for bloated and picky babies Gamma Gentlease? And enfamily neuropro for lactose sensitive infants ™ Sensitive, each series has a variety of forms, such as canned, supplementary, portable bottled and portable bag, to facilitate different needs of home and travel.
At the global consumer electronics show in January, mjn’s parent company reckit Benckiser Group PLC (RB) announced that it would work with Amazon to explore intelligent replenishment technologies for products, including enfamily infant formula. The application of this technology will ensure that each box of milk powder can be delivered to the door of consumers as quickly as possible.
(6) Ripple plant based milk
Source: -milk/
Now ripple foods, a plant milk brand that has long been famous in North America, is still on the road of pea milk. Compared with animal milk and other plant based milk, pea milk contains more vitamins and protein, less sugar and lower water consumption. In terms of nutritional value and environmental protection, pea milk is favored by capital. Ripple foods started with a round of financing of US $13.6 million. By the beginning of 2018, round C financing had reached US $65 million, with a total financing amount of 110 million.
In June, multizen, a Chinese confectionery company, announced that it would invest in ripple foods to explore the Asian vegetable milk market. Laura Flanagan, CEO of ripple foods, said the company’s profits will grow double-digit in 2020, and its sales channels have successfully expanded to Wal Mart and convenience stores in the United States.
(7)Two Good Gamma Low sugar Greek yogurt
Source: -sugar-yogurt/
Danone’s low calorie yogurt brand light & fit launched two good low sugar Greek yogurt in 2018. The product adopts the patented slow filtration process to reduce the sugar content of a cup of yoghurt to 2G, and reduce the sugar content by 85% while retaining the oil quality of ordinary Greek sour cream. Currently, two good Greek yoghurt has grown from the original three flavors to 10 flavors. In 2019, the product won the “dairy foods” top 10 innovative dairy products runner up in 2019, the best innovation award of yogurt category, and the 2020 Foodbev World Food Innovation Award “best low sugar / sugar free product”.
(8) Blue Bunny load’d “sundae”
Source: -sundaes
In April 2018, Blue Bunny, the flagship brand of wells enterprises, launched this sundae. Each sundae is filled with iconic Blue Bunny snacks, including biscuits, nuts, chocolate chips and candy, as well as syrup. It is packed in small cups and very portable.
This year, Blue Bunny has expanded the sundae series with four new flavors: Turtle cheese cake, French silk pie, Chocolate Caramel pretzels and S’more s’mores. In March 2020, Blue Bunny also launched the load’d cone cone cone, and in June, it launched a special sundae for personal inflatable swimming pool. It used sundaes and cones as decorative elements to continue to explore the new boundary of desserts.
Beverage section
(9) MTN dew liberty brew
Source: -dew-liberty-brew-is-back/
Liberty brew is a dark blue soda released by Mountain Dew, a Pepsi brand in 2019. It is a mixture of 50 different fruit flavors. In June 2020, liberty brew launched a new package, which attracted much attention. The new product has a strong patriotic color from the name to the package. The Condor, the statue of liberty and the freedom clock are printed on the bottle, so it is called “patriotic water”.
(10) Bang energy? Drinks
Bang energy is an energy drink brand launched by sports nutrition company VPX sports in 2012. It is positioned as a new type of carbonated energy beverage with sugar free and high performance. Its core product is a caffeine containing Bang energy drink. Its energy components include coenzyme Q10, BCAA, patent super creatine, etc., with Zero sugar and zero card. Recently, bang energy has also introduced a new taste rich in nine amino acids.
In the past 3-4 years, Bang has achieved rapid growth: 5.3 billion people pay attention to bang energy on tiktok; 278 distributors including Pepsi Cola in the United States; sales volume of $1.28 billion in 2019, with an increase of 705% in two years; it is rated as one of the fastest growing companies in 2020 by South Florida business magazine.
(11) Monster Energy mango loco
Image source: Monster official website
Mango loco is a mango flavor fruit juice carbonated beverage launched by magic claw company in October 2019, belonging to the judge monster series. Magic claw now has a 35% market share of energy drinks in the United States, second only to red bull. The growth rate of sales in the first half of 2020 will be 25.1%.
In recent two years, magic claw has strengthened its new product launch efforts. After successively launching Pacific punch, pipeline punch, mango loco, monster ultra paradise, espresso monster with milk and vanilla flavor and expanding sales market, the company’s market value increased by 6.99% in one month.
Image source: Monster official website
In addition to launching new products, Talon is also known for sponsoring many extreme sports events, such as the ultimate wrestling championship, cross-country motorcycle Championships, the National Association of sports car racing, skateboarding and snowboarding, and E-sports. In 2020, magic claw won the music sponsorship marketing award awarded by the Canadian (SMCC) Sponsorship Marketing Committee.
(12) Body armor Lyte
Source: -sports-drink/
Bodyarmor, a sports drinks manufacturer, takes coconut water with low sugar and low calorie as its core products, among which Lyte series focuses on sugar free and low calorie. According to Euromonitor, the market share of bodyarmor was less than 0.2% in 2014, but it has risen to 10% in 2019, which is regarded as a strong competitor of powerade, the first brand of sports drinks. At the end of 2018, bodyarmor replaced powerade as NCAA champion partner. Body armor’s sales will exceed $1 billion for the first time this year, the company’s CEO said.
Like the talons, bodyarmor is an active sponsor of sporting events, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Major League Soccer (MLS) and the U.S. Open.
In September 2019, Coca Cola introduced body armour into the Chinese market and tried to expand the female consumer market. It has signed the world’s No.1 female tennis player, Osaka Zhimei, and several WNBA players.
(13) Gatorade zero
Source: -zero
Gatorade Zero Zero sugar (carbon water) water supplement beverage is a product launched by Gatorade for consumers who refuse sports drinks.
For decades, Gatorade controls the nearly $8 billion U.S. sports beverage industry, accounting for about 75% of the market, according to Euromonitor. In 2018, Gatorade zero had sales of $154.4 million, reflecting the great potential of sugar free sports drinks in the United States. This has benefited PepsiCo, the parent company of Gatorade, with total retail sales of sugar free beverages including Gatorade zero, Bucky and Mountain Dew Zero sugar exceeding $1 billion in 2020.
(14) Canada dry ginger ale and lemonade
Source: -of-relaxation
In 2018, Canada Dry launched ginger ale and lemonade ginger juice + lemon juice carbonated soda, featuring a mixture of ginger juice and lemon juice. In 2019, Canada Dry introduced two new flavors: ginger juice + orange juice, low sugar ginger juice + lemonade. Canada Dry has been growing for 13 consecutive years since it was acquired by Keurig Dr Pepper in 2008.
(15) Corona Premier
In 2018, corona, a Mexican beer brand, launched corona premier, a new low-carbon and low calorie variety with only 90 calories and 2.6 grams of carbohydrates. At the same time, different packaging forms such as 12 oz bottle, can, 24 oz can and 18 oz bottle were launched simultaneously, and draft beer was introduced in bars all over the United States.
Corona premier ranked first in the list of new product sales in the United States one year after it was launched. It has become a sponsor of the US Open for two consecutive years, and has cooperated with Travis Mathew, a golf apparel brand, to launch Golf cutting-edge products. According to constellation brand’s financial report for the second quarter of fiscal year 2021, corona beer brand has achieved double-digit growth in the IRI channel, among which the new product corona premier, The performance of corona refreshca and corona hard seltzer was strong. The performance of corona hard seltzer, which was launched in 2020, exceeded the expectation. In less than a year, corona hard seltzer has become the fourth in the category of hard seltzer in the United States, occupying 6% of the market share.
(16) Ketel one Botanica
Ketel one Botanica is a new vodka series launched by ketel one, the top vodka brand in the Netherlands, in 2018. The product distilled vodka made from non GM cereals two times in a copper can distiller, adding natural fruit and plant essence. The alcohol content was 30%, and the calorie of each bottle was only 73 calories, 40% lower than that of the same product. The first batch of peach blossom orange blossom, cucumber mint, grapefruit rose flavor.
Ketel one Botanica low calorie vodka won the first place in the sales list of new strong liquor products in the United States in 2018. The products quickly penetrated into the fitness fields such as yoga and interesting running, and were promoted in the wine festival. Ketel one Botanica’s sales channels extend from the United States and Europe to Australia.
On September 1, ketel one Botanica launched a canned ready to drink cocktail with a 3.6% alcohol content and 73 calories per bottle.
(17) Michelob ultra pure gold
In 2018, Michelob ultra, known as “low carbon water beer”, launched the organic version of light beer, Michelob ultra pure gold. Made from organic cereals, the product contains only 85 calories and 2.5 grams of carbohydrates per bottle, making it the first national beer brand to receive organic certification from the U.S. Department of agriculture. Azania Andrews, vice president of marketing at the company, said the product has generated $100 million in net revenue since its launch.
In addition to creating a healthy product image, pure gold is also innovative in advertising and marketing. In 2019, they will broadcast the first ASMR ad in the super bowl, and in 2020, they will broadcast a 6 for 6-Pack ad in the Super Bowl competition, calling on consumers to buy six bottles of pure gold beer, which will help the United States to organicize its 6 square foot land. In September this year, Michelob ultra pure gold signed a contract with malum, a famous singer, to announce the launch of cooperative clothing and enter the fashion industry.

By summarizing the highlights of 17 products on the list, as well as the growth track of brands, we can see that the health elements represented by low sugar and low card are becoming the most important characteristics of American food and beverage brands. Almost half of the products are vigorously promoting the characteristics of low sugar and low card. Brand image building is an important factor for beverage enterprises to get a foothold in the market. For sports energy drinks and alcoholic drinks of specific groups, new brand image is created through various marketing methods to narrow the distance with potential consumers.
For non beverage products, flavor, taste and packaging design are still the preferred indicators for many brands to achieve differentiation.
Nielsen’s list of breakthrough innovative products is not only a window to study the industry innovation trends in Europe and the United States, but also provides a model for us to analyze China’s food innovation path. Compared with the European and American markets, the innovation environment of Chinese food enterprises is undoubtedly more complex. A large number of new consumer brands are subverting the traditional industrial structure. This transformational business environment also provides a fertile ground for breakthrough products.
Breakthrough innovation, seemingly unattainable, is actually hidden in this list. Have you studied it thoroughly?
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