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“Reverse humanity” instead of 2 yuan for billions of dollars, is it a bubble or a draught?

“marketing without education, brand without category.” Kuncheng summarized the characteristics of the current food substitute market.
If Gu Jia gave Xu Huashan a meal instead of a diet, would the outcome be different?
hypothesis return hypothesis, substitute meal, which originally belongs to the “cheating” option on the way to lose weight, has indeed been out of circulation this summer.
whether it’s Wang satin or fit8 recommended by Weiya and Luo Yonghao; smal and super zero picked by stars such as Guan Xiaotong and Wu Xuanyi; wonderlab, a joint brand of Hexi tea, and “liangpin Feiyang”, a food substitute brand launched by liangpin shop. Even the five grain mill in Chaoshi, which was originally positioned as a health preservation route, is called its own meal substitute
a variety of “online celebrities” are constantly appearing in the live room, short video, and recommendation advertisements in the circle of friends. In a short period of two months, the financing has exceeded 100 million yuan, and the market scale will reach 12 billion yuan in 2020. “Only eat but not practice” can achieve the purpose of weight loss, substitute meal has become a tuyere all of a sudden. A 6031 but can you really name a few food substitute brands? Or when you want to eat substitute food, which brand best meets your needs? These “soul interrogations” are not only difficult for consumers to answer, but also for brand owners themselves on the way to “No.1”. At present, it is the critical period to win the right to speak.
but the truth is that there is no such story as “three meals and a half” in the catering circle, which also focuses on vertical demand and innovative categories.
Crazy meal substitute
in 2017, Xu Yijun’s second entrepreneurial project failed, and he began to look for new goals.
, who has lived in Japan for many years, has found that the Japanese food substitute culture is very mature. Supermarket convenience stores can easily buy all kinds of substitute food, and local women will have a meal directly choose to eat substitute food. Although Chinese people pay more and more attention to nutritious and healthy food, and “weight loss” is an eternal topic, there are very limited domestic brands in the field of substitute food.
“the substitute market in China is comparable to that of Japan 10 years ago.” Xu Yijun said to e-commerce online. In the year of
, he founded Chuji food and introduced the rare substitute biscuits in Japan. A 6031 “at that time, there were not many brands in the field of substitute food, and there were fewer factories that could produce. This year, it was obvious that the market was hot. Convenience stores, including the whole family, are looking for food substitutes, and they will also give admission discounts. ” Xu Yijun said.
Capital sense of smell is the most sensitive wind vane, this year in the food track, substitute meal to become the C player. In July alone, there were several financing events in the catering market. On July 7, Smeal obtained equity financing from Zhonglu kainiu. On the 27th, the first round of fit8 invested tens of millions of yuan. On the 29th, wonderlab obtained equity financing from IDG and Kaihui fund.
, whether it is the advertising push of the circle of friends, or the live broadcasting room of Weiya and Luo Yonghao, there are frequent substitute meals. In the little red book, there are as many as 210000 notes on the substitute meal, which are not lack of various brand evaluation and star endorsement.
The expansion speed of the whole market of
has doubled. According to the report from Euromonitor International, the scale of China’s food substitute market reached 5.71 billion yuan in 2017 and is expected to reach 12 billion yuan in 2020.
A 6031 in the consumer Su Zi’s view, the current most popular “BM” girl style, let weight loss become more urgent, curious mentality and weight loss just need to let her not hesitate to buy a substitute meal. Zhang Guangming, founder of
fit8, said in an interview with e-commerce online that the rise of the catering market lies in the awakening of young consumers’ awareness of health.
“all along, healthy food lacks brands that serve young people, and the marketing model and brand positioning of substitute food just meet the needs of young consumers.” Zhang Guangming said. The
epidemic situation has further promoted the demand for healthy food. According to the data from hungry people, after returning to work, the order volume of healthy food with light salad increased by more than 50%.
“some people who make healthy food use the name of substitute meal to make it easier for users to understand and accept, which is why the substitute food industry is booming rapidly.” Zhang Guangming said. What is
substitute meal? I’m afraid this is a problem that even the catering brand can’t explain clearly. In Xu Yijun’s opinion, substitute meal means low fat, low oil, low sugar, low calorie, rich in protein and cellulose, and it is a kind of energy supplement food.
simply put, the meal substitute itself can not make you thin, it just makes you not hungry, and supplement enough nutrition, through the “calorie difference” to achieve weight loss effect. The birth of
generation meal has nothing to do with weight loss.
in the early 20th century, the prototype of meal substitute was born in North America. At that time, small pellets made of ground meat were used as nutritional supplements in harsh environments. Gradually, people began to find that this kind of food can replace a meal, but also gradually derived from the “weight loss” effect. A 6031 in 1996, the European Union decided to standardize the market. In EU countries, there are two types of meal substitutes: weight control food supplements and traditional food preparations that completely replace the same purpose. It is stipulated that substitute food should provide 200-400 calories of food energy, and the proportion of fat should not exceed 30%.
in the United States, food substitutes are required to contain 200-250 calories of calories, in addition to adding a variety of vitamins and minerals to ensure low fat and sugar. Until about 2000, energy bars, meal replacers, milk shakes and beverage substitutes came into the market one after another. At this time, we are familiar with the catering market has matured.
you know that when you drink milk, you need amino acids and lipids; when you eat bread, you need carbohydrates; when you eat vegetables and fruits, you need vitamins and minerals.
when you find out the logic behind food, you can replace the idea of eating with substitute food.
The nutrition and taste of
modern food products are gradually improved. Thanks to the “Internet red property”, the substitute food has become the “standard configuration” of healthy life.
Chinese people’s cognition of meal substitute comes from wechat business. In the circle of friends, there are often wechat merchants with the slogan of losing weight to share the magic effect of eating substitute meals. Compared with sales volume, the main purpose of these brands is to earn “capitation fee”.
why is the substitute food brand willing to take the micro business model? On the one hand, weight loss is an eternal topic for women, which just fits in with the target customers of wechat; on the other hand, catering brands need to form a closed loop in private domain to enhance stickiness in order to ensure the repurchase rate, and wechat business is just the “master” of private operation.
With the continuous development of the food substitute market in China, “breaking the circle” has become the mainstream, and the substitute products have gradually developed into two completely different tracks: one is the company dominated by solution products such as super zero, Dongshi and menthol health; the other is the famous brand of milk shake, protein bar and cereal which are mainly produced by wonderlab, fit8 and Wang satin.
the key period of racing
“everyone is fighting for the first position, because only the head brand can have the voice and pricing power in the vertical field.” Xu Yijun said. In the seven months since its establishment, the sales volume of
fit8 has increased by 20 times. In the first half of this year, the revenue of beast life has increased more than 2 times compared with the same period last year, and the compound annual growth rate of Chuji is also maintained at more than 80%. The high-speed running of
generation meal brand is the bonus period from the new track, and it is also the epitome of various brands grasping the horse race enclosure. Zhu danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, pointed out that the domestic food substitute market is entering a growth period from the introduction period. In fact, the whole catering market can accommodate many brands, but it will go through a stage of development. It is expected that the future food substitute market will present different brand levels from super high-end, high-end, medium and high-end to mid-end, mid-low-end and low-end.
and want to become a real head brand, in addition to the scale and growth rate, its repurchase rate and user stickiness are very important indicators, especially for the meal agent, it is a threshold.
“we don’t define ourselves as weight loss meals, but weight management instead. Weight loss is difficult to become a sustainable lifestyle, but weight management is different, which is the key to maintaining the repurchase rate.” Zhang Guangming said.
in the view of Xiaoer Kuncheng of tmall industry, meal substitute is a kind of “anti human” food, which means that it is difficult to change the unhealthy diet in the original life of users. Therefore, most of the food substitute brands talk about the concept of “the fourth meal”, weakening the functional use, but emphasizing the use of low calorie and high nutrition food as a supplement.
“what is most needed now is to establish the definition and industry standard of substitute meal as soon as possible.” Kun said to “e-commerce online”.
at present, the main battlefield of meal substitute is also concentrated online. In the process of cultivating substitute meal culture, the online education cost for users is lower and the efficiency is higher.
“on the contrary, there are great opportunities for new brands.” He said. The advantages of new food substitute brands are that they are better than big brands in terms of their understanding of users and the fit between products and users. They are also good at trying various new methods in e-commerce operation, such as using B station, little red book, live delivery and other channels for product sales.
(new players of meal substitute, with an increase of more than double in two years)
in fact, food substitute, like most FMCG foods, is a high margin product. The comparison of “e-commerce online” shows that the price of protein bar / cereal bar is about 10-25 yuan / piece, and the price of substitute milk shake is about 25-40 yuan / meal. According to industry insiders, no matter what kind of category, the overall gross profit margin of substitute meals remains around 65%. A 6031 therefore, the substitute brand is still in the “price sensitive” period. “Weight management is a long-term demand, and price is a key factor affecting decision-making, so cost performance is very important.” Xu Yijun said.
can’t tell the story of three and a half meals.

has the attribute of “online Red” and focuses on vertical demand and innovative categories. The popularity of substitute food inevitably reminds people of last year’s food black horse, three and a half meals. However, in the view of many people in the industry, it is difficult for the substitute food brand to get out of the head brand of “three meals and a half”.
“marketing without education, brand without category.” Kuncheng summarized the characteristics of the current food substitute market.
Zhang Guangming also said: “in the matter of substitute food, there is no specific category in the cognition of users. The logic of users is what is the substitute food? Whether I eat cereal, drink yogurt, eat fruit, or eat konjac, these are all substitute meals, but it is only a concept of user cognition, not an industry or a category. “

is followed by homogenization and competition is serious. At present, most of the substitute food products on the market belong to meal substitute powder, nutritional milk shake, energy bar, etc. If the products of different food substitute brands belong to the same category, there is no such thing as “you have me, I have you” in terms of taste, packaging and marketing. For example, Wang satin and Haomai duo, which combine cereal, dried fruit, yogurt and other elements together, make it difficult for consumers to distinguish.
reflects on the brand level, that is, there is no moat of its own, so it is difficult to form a competitive advantage, and its anti risk ability is relatively low.
“e-commerce online” learned that the supply chain manufacturers of substitute food in China are relatively concentrated, mainly Beijing kangbit food and Shanghai Sirui food. The lack of diversified manufacturers will inevitably lead to the homogenization of substitute food. What’s more, the “competitors” of the catering brands are everywhere. “The competition may be a nearby restaurant or a bowl of instant noodles. Your competitors come from all over the world, and they may not focus on the competition among the catering companies at all.” Zhang Guangming said.
for the same 20 yuan consumption, would you like to have a substitute meal or a restaurant. The former represents self-discipline and the latter represents life.
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