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Taitai Le wants to achieve 10 billion in the next three years! Just now, we had a chat with the president

Taitaile, one of the leading enterprises of chicken essence, is speeding up its transformation to a large seasoning company and has played a set of “combination fist”.

Today, Taitaile held the “2020 Taitaile flavor science convergence future seminar” in Shanghai, released the scientific research results of the first anniversary of Taitaile academician expert workstation, and announced the formal establishment of the flavor industry technology innovation strategic alliance. At the same time, Taitaile’s three new products were also on the scene, including its first oyster sauce product.

“The establishment of this alliance aims to gather the advantageous resources of industry, University and Research Institute to jointly explore a healthier diet future. In the future, Taitai le will continue to carry out more product R & D and innovation. ” Zhang Xiqiang, President of Shanghai Taitaile Food Co., Ltd.

After the meeting, Zhang Xiqiang talked about that Taitaile was also expanding the taste bud business from the aspects of products, channels, brands and production capacity. He said that Taitaile’s goal is to become a “10 billion enterprise” by 2023, which is equivalent to double the sales of 5 billion yuan in 2018. In this doubled sales scale, it is expected that 30% – 40% of the sales will come from new products.

Zhang Xiqiang, President of Shanghai Taitaile Food Co., Ltd

Next, please see the message sent back by the snack agent at the scene.

Oyster sauce and more

At the meeting, Taitai Le officially released three kinds of products, such as recipe type seasoning, newly upgraded chicken powder seasoning, abalone sauce and oyster sauce.

It is worth noting that this is the first time Taitai Le has launched oyster sauce products. According to reports, this oyster sauce has two main selling points different from the existing products on the market. One is the addition of abalone juice combined with high-end ingredients; the other is the use of silicone valve cap, which is more convenient for consumers to control the consumption.

“Now almost all oyster sauce on the market is bottled in glass. The user experience of this kind of packaging is very unfriendly, because it is very difficult to pour out, and it shakes a lot even on clothes.” Zhang Xiqiang told xiaoshidai.

“So this time, we have a major breakthrough in the packaging, our oyster sauce squeeze out about 4G, about two times to make a dish, control volume, clean, convenient.” He said that even novices in the kitchen can accurately control the amount of consumption, and put an end to the “kitchen tragedy” in which “the spoon shakes everything”.

Taitaile’s first oyster sauce product

He said that the inspiration for this packaging innovation actually comes from the “pain points” consumers have long had for existing products. “We see many consumers on the Internet saying that oyster sauce is too thick to pour out. Many users make complaints about Tucao.

As for taste innovation, Zhang Xiqiang said that Taitaile found through market research that consumers now have higher demand for taste. “Of course, many people are making oyster sauce, but we are the first to put forward oyster sauce with abalone sauce.” In the middle and late next year, Taitai le will also launch a new product inspired by the high-end dish “fo Tiao Qiang”, he told the food agency.

Xiaoshidai learned that next, Taitaile’s first oyster sauce products will be sold in e-commerce and hypermarkets. “We’re going to take about a year to get this new product out to basically all the places where you can see Taitaile products.” Zhang Xiqiang said.

New product of Taitaile “recipe seasoning”

As for the other two series of new products released by Taitai Le today, they have already started trial sale in a small scale.

A snack agent has introduced that in April this year, “recipe seasoning” was launched on e-commerce. The main theme of the series is “one bag of seasoning can make a dish”. Behind this is the insight into the subdivision needs of consumer groups such as “office workers” and “kitchen white”. In August of this year, the new chicken powder seasoning product made its debut at the “summer new product cloud conference”. At present, it is sold in the official flagship store of Taitaile tmall, with a total of 4 specifications.

“Fresh” as the core

In order to win the “war on the tip of the tongue” in the highly competitive seasoning industry, Taitai Le also decided to make efforts from the source: to invest heavily in basic scientific research.

At today’s event, the snack generation noticed that the first scientific research results were officially released by the Taitaile academician expert workstation established last year. Taitai Le said that in combination with the breakthrough of university research results, it has started to study the possibility of application in actual products. For example, soybean peptide products developed in cooperation with South China University of technology have been industrialized in Taitaile’s solid, liquid and semi-solid sauce products.

“We have made a lot of explorations with South China University of technology. We have applied some new products based on the research results of taste peptides, which are expected to come into market in the next three months.” Zhang Xiqiang told xiaoshidai that Taitaile and South China University of technology have jointly applied for two invention patents and will further increase investment in scientific research in the future.

The strategic alliance for technological innovation of delicious food industry was established today

At the same time, the delicious industry technology innovation strategic alliance led by Taitai le was officially established today. According to reports, the alliance aims to “create a network of delicious industry, University and research cooperation”. The existing members of the alliance include Shanghai food society and other industry associations, South China University of technology and other universities, as well as plum blossom biotechnology, Angel yeast, Tyson food, American International spice company and other enterprises.

It is not difficult to see that the seasoning company is trying to strengthen its core competitiveness in the “fresh” dimension.

According to the data, at the 1985 Hawaiian delicious food seminar, delicious food was officially identified as the fifth basic flavor after sweet, bitter, sour and salty. From the scientific definition, fresh, derived from protein, is the feeling of human taste buds to taste amino acids and flavor nucleotides and other substances. When glutamic acid in protein forms salts, the taste will be significantly produced.

New Taitaile chicken powder seasoning

“Flavor is a basic flavor that has only been established as a separate basic flavor in recent decades. As a seasoning company, Taitaile (in the flavor industry) is one of the biggest contributors, because we invented chicken essence.” Zhang Xiqiang told xiaoshidai today that in the future, Taitaile’s new product research and development will continue to focus on the selling point of “delicious” and introduce more natural condiments in technology.

Up to now, Taitaile’s seasoning products have covered two categories: solid compound flavor seasoning and liquid refreshing seasoning, with different series of sub brands and nearly 300 product specifications.

10 billion in 2023

Taitai Le, which holds more “good cards”, is making steady progress towards the goal of becoming a “10 billion seasoning enterprise”.

“In 2018, our sales volume was 5 billion. On this basis, we proposed to achieve 10 billion by 2023, which is equivalent to doubling. So far, despite the black swan epidemic this year, our tasks and indicators have not changed, and I think the direction has not changed. ” Zhang Xiqiang told xiaoshidai today.

This means that Taitai le will “build another one” in five years, and there are still three years left for the company to achieve this goal.

In this regard, Zhang Xiqiang is quite confident: “although this year’s epidemic, but in terms of strategy, our approach is no different from the original. To be specific, first of all, we should do a good job in the current core product chicken essence. We are very confident to make this business to a higher level. I hope the chicken essence product itself can bring us double growth. “

Second, he said that in addition to its core chicken essence business, Taitai Le’s new products are expected to become an important source of sales for the company. “We have a lot of new products on the market every year, and after the launch of our new products, the sales performance is good. For example, the original fresh soy sauce is very popular, and the early sales performance of our recipe style seasoning has exceeded our original expectations.” He said.

Xiaoshidai introduced that the company, which is famous for chicken essence, has high hopes for soy sauce business. “Soy sauce is my favorite. We hope soy sauce can become the second pillar of Taitaile.” Zhang Xiqiang once told xiaoshidai that Taitaile is very strong on one leg at present – chicken essence, but hopes that “Taitaile original flavor fresh” soy sauce series can bring new business increment.

“By 2023, we expect that 30% – 40% of the total sales of Taitaile will come from these new products.” Zhang Xiqiang told xiaoshidai.

He said that from the perspective of product end, in the next three years, Taitaile will enrich its products around the “delicious” items. “We’re not going to develop real estate, we’re not going to sell clothes, we’re not going to make shoes, we’re going to continue to expand our product portfolio around the ‘flavor’ of condiments.” He said.

From the channel end, Zhang Xiqiang believes that Taitaile still has a huge growth space in the channel sinking. “At present, we are doing very well in East China, but our penetration rate in the central and western regions is not satisfactory. Consumers in rural areas can’t buy our products unless they buy them online. Therefore, in the case of sinking channels, I think there are two or three times (growth) space, not just double. “

In addition, Taitai Le also plans to strengthen its brand side, such as launching more sub brands with differentiated positioning. In Zhang Xiqiang’s opinion, different people have different preferences. Therefore, Taitaile can also use the multi brand strategy, with the help of big data and precision marketing, to meet the different needs of more consumers.

Finally, in terms of production capacity, in order to support business growth, Taitaile, which has four factories, also has corresponding investment and expansion plans. “Next year, we will start building new factories and new workshops.” Zhang Xiqiang told xiaoshidai.

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