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Xiong Zhuang: magnificent life, no need to explain

Xiong Zhuang, legal person of Xuezhen Trading Co., Ltd



Frankness and integrity are the labels defined by Xiong Zhuang for himself, and also the positioning for Xuezhen Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xuezhen trading”).
Xiong Zhuang, legal person of Xuezhen Trading Co., Ltd
As a young man, he has managed the whole business of Xuezhen. Xiong Zhuang’s business is inseparable from his frankness and integrity.
Starting from the service, the agent products are less and better
Have you heard that a dealer only acts for three or four products? Xiong Zhuang did it. Since 2015, Xiong Zhuang has only acted as an agent for Jinluo, zihi pot, yilekang and other products.
Many people will feel that it is because their own strength is not enough, so there is no way to expand the agency scale. However, this is not the case. As for his choice, Xiong Zhuang explained: “I think the agent products are not more but better. I focus on a few products. I am responsible for the upstream and downstream partners, as well as myself and the company.”
As the best partner of instant noodles, the intimate base friend of fried rice, and the soul mate of egg pancakes, ham sausage has attracted a large number of greedy people since its debut by relying on the mass line of simple and versatile, strong flavor and no money to relieve the addiction to meat.
Xiong Zhuang, born in the 1990s, is also a loyal “Ham fan”. Therefore, he chose Jinluo and yikangle as agents, and insisted on building a new atmosphere of Karamay ham sausage industry with his confidence and care. He said: “when I choose products, the most important thing is the manufacturer’s after-sales and service. It’s best to learn from Zhen business, which is the exclusive agent of Karamay area.”
One thing is better than all things. Focusing on a few products can also create great value. Under the operation of Xiong Zhuang, Xuezhen business has become the representative brand of ham sausage in Karamay and has been recognized by consumers.
Omni channel distribution, adjust measures to local conditions, and focus on offline channels
Agent products are few and fine, Xiong Zhuang has more energy to develop channels, carry out Omni channel distribution. Today, Xiong Zhuang focuses on offline channels. China has a vast territory, and each local consumer group has its own characteristics.
Karamay has many tourist attractions, and the world ghost city has been rated as “China’s most beautiful Yadan” and “one of the 50 Places in China worth visiting most by foreigners”. The majestic Yadan landform attracts tourists from all over the world, and also brings a continuous flow of tourists to Xuezhen business.  
The offline channel is suitable for the development mode of Xuezhen commerce and trade, but Xinjiang is located in the border area, so it is necessary to open up the online channel if it is exported to other provinces. Xiong Zhuang said: “online channel price transparency, easier to attract customers, establish a good corporate image.”
How do distributors choose the right channel for their products? In fact, the choice of channels is closely related to product attributes, customer groups and business models. The following methods can be adopted:
 1. 参考同行的渠道布局

However, we should always bear in mind that the brand differences are great, which may be different from the audience groups, and may be different in the choice of marketing channels. Therefore, according to the characteristics of their own brand, choose the most suitable sales channel;

2. Persevere

After full investigation and research, dealers should stick to it and firmly believe that one day they will be able to see the bright clouds and improve the sales volume of products;

3. Keep pace with manufacturers

Keep up with the pace of manufacturers, make reasonable use of the opportunities of manufacturers’ investment, and select channels in combination with the suggestions of manufacturers, so as to make good local influence with the help of manufacturers’ influence.

Streamline customers and pursue straightforward life
What is a person’s best living condition like? Xiong Zhuang is refined in his work and keeps his speech within ten words to save time as much as possible. The pursuit of a straightforward life is not only Xiong Zhuang’s requirements for himself, but also the requirements for the dealer’s work.
In recent years, ham sausage Market is concentrated in the northeast, North China, northwest, East China and southwest regions, and the northern market has been the focus of each sausage production enterprise. At present, most of the domestic enterprises with large production of ham sausage are concentrated in Henan and Shandong provinces, and the output of ham sausage produced by enterprises in these two provinces can account for more than 70% of the national total.
Various ham sausage dealers have taken price reduction, promotion, advertising and other ways to seize the market, the competition is quite fierce.
Facing the increasingly competitive ham sausage Market, Xiong Zhuang plans to retain 30% of its customers and concentrate on customer retention service.
As he himself said, “I live for myself! I meet any challenge, no matter what, I will not forget the original intention. In the face of difficulties, I am still fearless! Because I am Xiong Zhuang, even if I fall down, I have to be beautiful
A magnificent life needs no explanation. Xiong Zhuang is the helmsman of his own life. He will continue to deepen the leisure food market in Karamay and create a new atmosphere for Karamay ham sausage industry.
Source: original copy of snack express needs authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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