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In September, foodaily paid attention to and followed up 50 + new products in China, involving 7 categories of dairy products, beverages, snacks, baking, functional food, catering and Tangqiao, covering the heads of various fields and new sharp brands. Among them, we believe that the following small trends should be paid attention to:

1. Instant milk tea health upgrade, good drink not fat become a new label
2. Breaking the circle of grain
3. Protect intestinal health, probiotics & dietary fiber work together
4. The main theme is high-end, healthy and convenient
Instant milk tea health upgrade, good drink not fat become a new label
Key words: sugar free, low calorie, cold extract, oats
In the “modern” spiritual opium “: milk tea, did you renew your life today? In this article, foodaily thinks that milk tea has evolved from a kind of beverage to a “spiritual comfort” under the pressure of modern life. Data show that 70% of consumers spend at least 200 yuan a month on milk tea. More importantly, drinking a cup of milk tea is not only an emotional need, but also part of the unique social culture of young people. Not long ago, the first cup of tea stem in autumn, which was popular overnight, is enough to prove that milk tea has become a social symbol of the new era.
At the same time, we have noticed that the milk tea craze across the country has brought waves to the market of ready to drink milk tea, which has been silent for a long time. With the success of high-end and healthy development of instant tea such as Xicha and Naixue’s tea, brands began to upgrade and reform ready to drink milk tea, from raw materials to formula to technology, intending to get rid of unhealthy image and win the favor of a new generation of milk tea girls with a new look.
“Sugar free” and “no fat” are obviously the labels and keywords that can attract consumers, especially female consumers, and thus become a powerful weapon for instant milk tea to pursue the made milk tea. In November last year, Yuanqi forest launched 0 sucrose low-fat milk tea, which was positioned as a healthy alternative to ordinary milk tea, with a unit price of about 12 yuan / bottle / 450ml. According to market information of magic mirror, the new milk tea launched by Yuanqi forest once became the top 1 milk tea category on Taobao tmall platform from January to August 2020, with a sales volume of about 60 million yuan, which was snapped up in Li Jiaqi’s live room You can see how popular they are.
With sugar free as the main selling point, the low-carbon water brand sugar losing was also launched in September. The product is sugar free, low-fat and added with triple protein. On September 22, Hankou No.2 factory, a soft drink brand, launched its first milk tea drink. However, unlike ordinary instant milk tea, the new product uses enzymolysis oats as “milk” with pure tea tea bottom. It does not add sucrose, has low calorie and low calorie, and is rich in dietary fiber. Compared with the previous two milk teas, the price is relatively cheap, about 6-7 yuan / bottle / 300ml.
When the new sharp brands take the online as the main position, the predecessors who occupy more offline markets are also constantly exploring, seeking new growth points with high-end, young and differentiated products. For example, Assam milk tea launched cold fresh milk tea in April this year, and increased marketing efforts for young people; lanfangyuan, a fragrant high-end ready to drink milk tea brand, launched a sugar free healthy version; Yili weikezi launched high-end cold extracted milk tea in September last year.
Breaking the circle of grain
Key words: health, cereal snacks, cereal drinks, grains+
As a traditional Chinese diet, cereals have been an important role in the table of ordinary people for thousands of years. For a long time, the most intuitive function of grain is to provide satiety as a “plain staple food”, and it is the foil of star food such as fish and vegetables. The status of traditional cereals in packaged food is also very embarrassing. Consumers like to eat popcorn and Guoba, but they just love their taste and texture, and they don’t pay attention to the grain itself.
However, with the advent of the great health trend, the nutritional value of cereals has been more and more explored and recognized by consumers, such as 7% – 18% protein, rich in B vitamins and minerals. Grain has also begun to show its charm. With the popularity of the whole people, it has gradually become an IP that represents nature and health, and is active in various major categories, setting off a new healthy grain food fashion.
What is healthy new cereal food? On the one hand, grain itself has turned into the leading role with its own halo in food, and its natural, health and nutritional value attributes have been paid attention to. At the same time, it has forced technological upgrading and transformation to retain more grain nutrition. On the other hand, in terms of raw materials, cereals other than rice and wheat, beans, potatoes and other foods have become the category of new healthy grains. In addition, the edible forms of cereals are no longer boring, but more diverse and interesting.
Quaker, for example, launched a baked oatmeal snack in September, which combines oats with purple potatoes, seaweed, tomatoes and other raw materials to make crispy balls, which are non fried, low calorie and rich in dietary fiber.
Also in the field of snacks, Snickers changed its impression of high calorie, sweet and greasy, and launched a light crisp grain Weihua in September. Compared with the traditional Snickers, the new products have lower calories, and add purple potato, black rice and other cereal elements to supplement energy with a lighter and healthier image.
Wholly moly! Then we will deeply plough oat bran subdivision track, combine oat bran with soybean milk, rose and Lycium barbarum, low sugar, high dietary fiber and high protein, give full play to the nutritional value of oat bran, explore more possibilities, and keep healthy.
Nestle, on the other hand, directly adds oats to coffee, which is different from the common oatmeal latte based on oat milk. This new product combines real large grain oats with coffee. One is responsible for healthy nutrition and satiety, the other is responsible for refreshing the mind and arousing vitality, which is perfect for breakfast scene.
Protect intestinal health, probiotics & dietary fiber work together
Key words: scientific ratio probiotics, dietary fiber, intestinal sub-health, digestive aid, children
Sedentary, overeating, heavy taste… All kinds of bad diet and living habits make modern people’s intestines unbearable. According to the white paper on intestinal health of Chinese people released in 2018, on the whole, Chinese people pay close attention to intestinal health as high as 84.4%. In a Mintel consumer survey in 2019, Chinese consumers (62%) are far ahead of Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom (34-38%).
In recent years, yoghurt and Lactobacillus drinks have been popular in China, largely due to the claims of “probiotics”, “digestive aid” and “intestinal health”. With the further improvement of nutrition and health awareness, consumers have a further understanding of probiotic yogurt and put forward higher standards and requirements accordingly.
Brand side is to respond to consumers’ demands for intestinal health with more types and higher quantities of probiotics. In September, CASS, a yogurt brand, launched a low-temperature yogurt containing seven kinds of lactic acid bacteria, including Bifidobacterium lactis, paracaseobacter, Streptococcus thermophilus, etc., which can supplement the dominant intestinal flora and help maintain the intestinal microecological balance. Beihai ranch, a health yogurt brand under Yuanqi forest, uses 12 kinds of scientific lactic acid bacteria, including 4 kinds of bifidobacteria, 6 kinds of Lactobacillus and 2 kinds of cocci, which are mainly used to protect the body and intestines.
In addition to probiotics, dietary fiber is also popular among consumers in the field of intestinal health. On the one hand, dietary fiber is becoming more and more cross-border, and other categories have become popular bonus attributes. For example, daidaiheiqiao added nine times more dietary fiber to milk chocolate than ordinary chocolate. At the same time, reducing sugar and adding protein make chocolate healthier.
On the other hand, the intestinal health problems of children, the elderly and other special groups are also worthy of attention. Yili QQ star launched a children’s dietary fiber yoghurt drink for children’s digestive and intestinal health problems, and carried out a series of marketing actions around “kneading the small stomach, digesting the small emotions”, and successfully shaped the personality image of the “small intestinal assistant” of the product.
The main theme is high-end, healthy and convenient
Key words: one person food, western cuisine, microwave heating, bagged, vegetable meat, card control
Since the outbreak, convenience food has become a new outlet. Snail powder, self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, self heating rice, instant noodles, instant noodles, instant rice noodles, Turkey noodles… More and more rich categories, higher quality, more and more unique taste of convenient fast food, hit the consumer table in turn.
According to the estimation of Castle Peak capital, convenient fast food has become a 250 billion level market, of which, of course, there are countless brands entering the market. Some brands take advantage of the trend and categories to rise, while some brands gradually disappear in the waves. In such a fierce competition situation, what strategies should convenience food play to stand out?
Focusing on the one person eating scene, in September, Baixiang launched a sub brand fresh noodles introduced into the high-end fast food track of the Bureau. It uses three minutes for quick cooking, high fresh quality and authentic regional flavor to create a unique brand mark.
With the popularity of ceremonial instant pasta, we further explored the high-end fast food western food track in September, and introduced convenient stewed rice in the same way. On the basis of satisfying the quality, we can provide consumers with a convenient and authentic western style stewed rice experience.
It subverts the traditional convenient fast food dining experience and saves all the steps of cooking, cooking, washing, throwing and so on. The instant food is put into the bag, frozen at – 35 ℃, and the whole bag is heated in the microwave oven for three minutes to unlock the new eating posture in the bag, which perfectly meets the convenient and delicious needs of lazy house, hungry and greedy.
In September, super zero launched a series of card controlled fast food dishes. Through the triple technology of controlling oil, sugar and staple food, super zero has greatly reduced carbon water content and calories, but does not affect nutritional intake. It is suitable for consumers who want to eat well but want to lose weight at the same time.

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