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Three and a half push super instant oatmeal latte, Naixue into the board bubble water, Wang Satin on the new taro mud milk tea cereal . hot news in a week



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1. Three and a half push super instant oatmeal latte demo, explore oats+
2. KFC’s introduction of cold extracted freeze dried coffee to expand the influence of K coffee
3. Learn from milk tea session, Wang full push taro mud milk tea baking cereals
4. Ideal fuel push bulletproof milk shake, open bottle drink, ready to store energy
5. Nai Xue’s tea on the shelf bubble water new product, the main hit 0 sugar 0 card, drink not fat
6. Super zero push control card snail powder, heat reduced by three quarters
7. “Stinky” flavor is similar, double happiness, Baman push golden soup stinky tofu and snail powder
8. Unlock the new posture of plant nutrition, the rejuvenation of original beans will make chickpeas into puff strips
9. Vegetable meat into stewed meat, Zhou black duck on line vegetarian duck neck
10. KFC promotes a new brand of “Kaifeng Cai”, selling snail powder, fried rice, soup and noodles
11. HEMA registered hotpot trademark, fali hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot catering retail
12. Change the logo of Yuanqi forest from “Qi” to “Qi”
13. Beyond meat announced to strengthen cooperation with KFC China, and will launch other hamburgers in 210 stores within a limited time

14. The world’s largest Chinese fast food enters China in a low-key way, opening a shop in Kunming, Yunnan Province





On October 15, a new super instant oatmeal latte was put on sale in tmall’s flagship store. Oat was transformed into oat milk with both flavor and nutrition by super enzymolysis technology. After being combined with cold extracted coffee or Matcha, super instant series was made by freeze-drying technology. The product is presented in bottled form, which is convenient to carry with you. You can get oatmeal lattes with different flavors by shaking well with water, including espresso, Guatemala and Matcha. Among them, the taste of Matcha is the combination of oats and Matcha without coffee powder. This new product belongs to demo advance edition, limited to 3000 groups, with 79 yuan for 6 bottles.


Photo source: three and a half meals




A few days ago, KFC K coffee launched a series of high-quality flash coffee, including cold extract freeze-dried instant coffee (Sidamo), cold extract freeze-dried instant coffee (osmanthus flavor · Sidamo) and freeze-dried instant coffee beverage (select Earl’s coffee). Among them, the first two uses fine coffee beans from Sidamo region, while Earl tea coffee uses Earl Black Tea and coffee flavor collision, adopts – 30 ℃ rapid freezing and vacuum drying, small pot packaging, cold and hot water can be drunk. The new products are currently available in tmall flagship stores, KFC V gold mall and some stores, with the price of 2G * 24K pieces / 129 yuan.


Photo source: KFC’s official flagship store




Recently, Wang has launched a new product of taro mud milk tea cereal. With milk tea as the inspiration element, non puffed cereals are added with large pieces of freeze-dried taro mud, authentic flavor milk powder + black tea powder, red beans, yellow peach, apple diced, coconut chips and other ingredients, rich in dietary fiber, without adding sucrose, can be used as snacks or milk brewing, to enjoy the happiness of milk tea in a healthy attitude. At present, the price of the new product in tmall flagship store is 59.9 yuan / bag.


Photo source: Wang Quansheng




A few days ago, the ideal fuel of low-carbon water functional food brand launched a bulletproof milk shake in the energy bottle series after the hot single bulletproof coffee. The new product uses milk containing beverage as carrier, which is rich in cyanine whey protein, C8 MCT high-quality healthy fat and dietary fiber. Erythritol is used as a substitute for sugar. It does not contain caffeine and is full for 5 hours. Open the lid to drink, without brewing steps, suitable for meal, outdoor sports, fitness and other needs of energy supply scenarios. The product is sold in tmall flagship store at 350ml * 15 bottles / 299 yuan.


Photo source: ideal fuel




Recently, the new tea brand Naixue’s tea was put on the shelves in tmall’s flagship store. The new product’s main product is 0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 calorie. It’s good to drink and not fat. It has the taste of white peach and Italian lemon. The cute and lovely illustrations of “white peach essence” and “lemon essence” are used on the package, which is very gratifying. At present, the product is in the pre-sale state of “double 11”, and the display price is 500ml * 12 bottles / 88 yuan.


Photo source: Nai Xue’s tea




On October 16, super zero announced the launch of a new snail powder in its healthy fast food control card series. It uses oats and konjac to remodel the snail powder. At the same time, it controls oil and sugar. A bowl of eight packs of ingredients can keep the original flavor of snail powder and reduce the heat to one fourth of that of ordinary snail powder. The product is free of boiling and can be enjoyed after brewing for 2 minutes. The price is 24.9 yuan / box and 74.7 yuan / 4 boxes in tmall flagship store.


Image source: Super zero



On October 13, Baman, a fast-food rice noodle brand, announced the launch of a new product of stinky tofu and snail powder in golden soup. It seized young people’s addiction and preference for “stinky smell” and used stinky tofu and snail powder to make stinky young people reluctant to stop. At the bottom of the soup, Xiangxi Miao’s ancient hot and sour soup is combined with traditional snail powder soup. The sour, spicy, smelly and delicious taste are perfectly integrated. The new products can be experienced in offline stores or purchased in online shopping malls. The price is 64.8 yuan in 5 boxes.


Photo source: Ba man




On October 13, the plant-based snack brand yuandou Fuxing launched a puffed snack chickpea puff made of super food chickpea. The product is rich in plant nutrition, containing 13 g of plant protein and 7 g of dietary fiber per 100 g; the fat content of the product is 40% lower than that of normal potato chips by baking and non frying technology, in addition, the content of added sugar and salt is also reduced. The new product has three flavors of seaweed, tomato and banana, and has been put on the shelves in tmall flagship store. The price of the new product is 45g * 4 bags / 39.8 yuan.


Photo source: the revival of raw beans




On October 10, Zhou Hei duck announced the launch of its vegetarian duck neck product. The new product is made of 100% plant protein, which is similar to duck neck in texture, texture, taste and color. It is lower in calories than beef and pork of the same specification. It contains 17.9g protein per 100g, and does not contain cholesterol and trans fatty acids. At present, the price of fresh frozen duck neck (200g) is 29.9 yuan, which is only limited in some stores. There is no distribution in online channels such as zhouheiya tmall flagship store.


It is reported that Zhou Hei duck has launched a series of vegetable dishes online, including hand shredded meat, baked gluten and konjac vegetable tripe.


Photo source: Zhou Hei duck




On the evening of October 13, KFC announced on Weibo that it would launch a new brand of fast cooking and packaging food “Kaifeng Cai”. In the first quarter, all new products were related to “chicken”, including chicken breast, chicken soup, chicken snail powder, etc. According to the brand introduction, according to the brand introduction, Kaifeng Cai series of products are developed to meet the needs of young Chinese consumers. It takes only a few minutes to enjoy a home-made delicacy.


It is reported that these products have been listed since October 12th, and the sales channels are mainly concentrated in KFC App, WeChat official account and small programs, and some stores.

(click on the picture for details)

Photo source: KFC




According to the enterprise search app, Alibaba Group Holdings Limited applied for registration of HEMA hotpot trademark on September 11, including 30 categories of convenience food, 35 categories of advertising sales, 43 categories of catering accommodation and 31 categories of feed seeds. It is reported that HEMA launched hotpot products last year, and this year’s registered trademark marks that HEMA has officially entered the new track of hotpot catering retail.


Before the mid autumn National Day holiday, HEMA hotpot has been launched in stores all over the country. The online products include spring water mutton, sour radish duck, crayfish, hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot with pickled vegetables in soup, etc. hemamen stores in different cities have also developed new pot bottoms according to the preferences of local consumers, such as Coconut Chicken, seafood pot, Chaoshan beef, etc.


Change “Qi” to “Qi”


Recently, Yuanqi forest has upgraded its brand logo, changing the Japanese “気” to “Qi”. This is the first time that the text content of Yuanqi forest logo has changed since its establishment. At present, the new logo has been used from the main logo of the official website to the poster of the product. “気” is a common usage in Japanese. Before that, Yuanqi forest once caused a dispute in the pseudo Japanese system.


Photo source: new consumption daily


13、Beyond Meat宣布与肯德基中国加强合作,将在210家门店限时推别样汉堡


On October 12, beyond meat, a vegetable meat brand, announced that it would further deepen its cooperation with KFC China and launch a special hamburger for vegetable dishes in 210 KFC stores within three weeks. In June of this year, KFC and beyond meat jointly launched a new plant culture beef cheeseburger, but it was tested in five stores in four cities.




Panda Express, the world’s largest Chinese fast food chain, has opened a low-key store in Kunming, Yunnan Province, according to professional catering website. The shop is open for nearly 13 hours a day, providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. The dishes provided are all traditional Chinese dishes, including soybean milk, fried dough sticks, steamed buns, etc. for lunch and dinner, there are nearly 20 kinds of home-made dishes such as Gongbao chicken, zhangfei beef, and string dishes. It mainly focuses on high cost performance, with an average of about 15 yuan.


Panda fast food, founded in California in 1983, is the largest Chinese fast food chain in the world. There are more than 2000 chain stores in the world with a turnover of 3.9 billion US dollars.

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