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Snow print recalled about 400000 cans of liquid baby milk. Yili aims to become the No.1 dairy industry in the world by 2030. Guangming responded to the punishment and cooperated with nearly 100 brands on Monday. Carlsberg stepped up the development of non-alcoholic beer

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About 400000 cans of liquid baby milk recovered from Japanese snow printing due to quality problems, which may flow into the Chinese market (CCTV finance and Economics)

According to CCTV finance and economics news recently, Japan’s well-known dairy brand “xueyin” decided to recycle about 400000 cans of liquid baby milk due to quality problems. It is reported that the recycled products are liquid milk for infants and young children aged 0-12 months produced by xueyin subsidiary before September 16 next year. The reason is that small pieces of metal cans may be mixed into the liquid milk, which may pose a potential safety hazard for infants. The company’s official said that there were no reports of health problems after drinking, but the recycling work is still in progress, and the company will apologize to consumers and promise to compensate the corresponding amount. The reporter learned from the snow print that the problem product was not sold in China’s online direct stores, but it was not ruled out that it might flow into the domestic market through such channels as purchasing agents. Consumers should pay attention to screening.

Bright Dairy responded to a fine of 300000 yuan for violating the advertising law (company news)


In response to a fine of 30 cases for violating the advertising law, Bright Dairy recently responded that the reason for the punishment was “in order to cooperate with the company’s strategic planning, the video was commissioned to be produced by Shanghai Ximeng Cultural Media Co., Ltd. In the process of production, the producer neglected to express the territory of China completely and accurately. “. The company said: “our company has stopped publishing the video, and has a deep understanding of the facts and behaviors, actively cooperate with the investigation, timely rectify, and carry out investigation at the first time to reduce the impact of the incident. The video producer has also been deeply aware of the error and accepted the processing. “


Yili Pangang: long term strategic goal is to become “No.1 dairy industry in the world” by 2030 (company news)


On October 15, the leadership summit of Yili Group in 2020, with the theme of “gathering momentum to flourish and lead the future”, was held in Hohhot. Pan Gang, chairman and President of Yili Group, officially announced the medium-term goal of entering “the top three in the global dairy industry” in 2025 and the long-term strategic goal of becoming “the first in the global dairy industry” by 2030.


Zhangzi Island is sued by investors and claims 240000 yuan (interface News)


On September 24, Zhangzidao (002069. SZ), the investment and service center, accepted a lawsuit in support of Dalian intermediate people’s court, according to The investment and service center appointed Xu Qiang, a public welfare lawyer, to represent four investors and claim 240000 yuan from Wu Hougang (then chairman and president), Liang Jun (then director and executive vice president) and Zhangzidao, a listed company.


Local vegetable meat brands cooperate with nearly 100 brands on Sunday (company news)


Recently, the local vegetable meat brand held a theme activity “nice to eat you” Carnival in Shanghai on Sunday. According to reports, on Sunday, it has reached cooperation with nearly 100 brands, including Xicha, wenheyou, Tim Hortons and other brands, as well as chain organizations such as guimanlong and Zhengda Group, covering thousands of stores across the country.


Carlsberg CEO: stepping up the development of non-alcoholic beer (Financial Times)


Cees’t Hart, chief executive of Carlsberg, the world’s third-largest beer producer, said the company was stepping up the development of non-alcoholic beer, according to Financial Times news yesterday. In most countries, annual sales of this category have increased by 20% to 25%. In the next few years, the share of non-alcoholic beer in the Western European beer market is likely to triple to 15%. Carlsberg will expand the scope of its non-alcoholic beverages and flavored alcoholic essence gas bubble water, because it not only regards beer as a growth target, but also exploits the opportunity for consumers to re focus on health under the epidemic situation, the report said.

Heineken USA cooperates with beverage company to sell alcoholic soda water (company news)


According to recent news from Heineken, Hornell brewing company, an affiliated entity of Heineken USA and Arizona beverages, announced that it would cooperate to sell Arizona sunrise alcoholic soda water. The product will be launched in the United States in the first quarter of 2021.


British coffee and sandwich chain pret a manger closes more stores or cuts 400 jobs (Reuters)


Pret a manger, a British coffee and sandwich chain owned by jab holdings, an investment group, said it would close another six stores and possibly lay off 400 people as its business was affected by the UK government’s efforts to prevent and control the epidemic in recent weeks, Reuters reported. In August, pret a manger announced the permanent closure of 30 UK stores and laid off 2800 or a third of its staff.

Improve operational efficiency, China Resources Snow Beer S & OP one system first launched online (company news)


Recently, the first batch of S & OP one operation planning system project jointly launched by China Resources Snow Beer and futurmaster took three months to successfully go online. It is reported that the system includes national supply and demand relationship optimization, demand planning, supply planning and dealer sales forecast and replenishment. Through the establishment of a national unified production and marketing planning decision-making platform, the system can improve the regional production and marketing coordination ability, meet the market demand, reduce the overall cost and improve the operation efficiency. The system will cover the headquarters of China Resources Snow Beer, 16 regional companies, more than 70 factories or warehouses, more than 3000 districts and counties, and more than 35000 distributors. Among them, the first batch of project promotion involves four regional companies in Anhui, Shandong, Henan and Shanxi, with more than 100 key users.

Bentley announced the first blended whisky “Ao” (company news)


Recently, Bentley announced the launch of the first global blended whisky, sandley world whisky “Ao”, which is made by five famous distilleries in Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the United States. It is specially designed for global tourism retail (the recommended zero price is 65 euro / about 510 yuan), and it faces 16 markets.


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China Center for Disease Control and prevention: isolation of new coronavirus from Qingdao cold chain food packaging (Xinhua News Agency)


Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released from the positive samples of imported frozen cod from workers in Qingdao during the past 17 months, according to China News Agency. This is the first time that a new coronavirus has been isolated from the outer package of cold chain food in the world, and it has been confirmed that the outer package contaminated by the new coronavirus can cause infection.


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