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Zhang Weixia, a gold seller: to do a good job in terminal service, half is poetic, and the other is fireworks

2020 has entered the countdown stage, with the cold air coming, going out to work has become a challenge.
Zhang Weixia, the general manager of Taiyuan Zhenghe optimization (hereinafter referred to as “Zhenghe optimization”), has long sent a circle of friends with a two leaf picture of “going to work”.
Zhang Weixia, general manager of Taiyuan Zhenghe optimization
Zhang Weixia’s dealer career, like this picture, is half poetic and half fireworks.
Pay attention to the details of manufacturers

Since becoming the official distributor of leisure food industry on July 1, 2013, Zhang Weixia has been recognized by Qishuang, ranli, koumao, Ganyuan, little prince and Xiaozi time.

Different from other dealers, Zhang Weixia pays more attention to the details of manufacturers and products when selecting products

1. 厂方要有可持续性发展的战略;

2. 产品要有长线培养的品质底蕴;

3. 厂方有意识做终端市场,提供终端服务。

How to explore the inside information of products? The first time she saw Xiaozi was at the one-year Ningbo whole food exhibition. Zhang Weixia has always heard of Haicheng Guangsheng Food Co., Ltd., and also knows the quality details accumulated by Guangsheng in the Hawthorn industry for decades.
Therefore, she decisively represented Guangsheng’s new product Xiaozi time. “When I saw it in Ningbo total food exhibition, the price of Xiaozi time was relatively high, and the quantity of our agent was not large.” Zhang Weixia explained: “it has been cultivated in this way for five or six years now, and the amount of each year is gradually increasing. Until today, petty bourgeoisie time has also become a national popular product. Facts have proved that we chose this product at that time.”
In fact, many times, the emergence of new products can not occupy the market position at the first time, and dealers should choose not only new products, but also products that can withstand the precipitation of time and are worth long-term cultivation.
In the era of network, the speed of product update is increasing day by day. Choosing products with rich information will help dealers to improve their sales volume and meet their long-term development.
Do a good job in terminal service
Located in Hengshan Road, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, Zhenghe’s choice of food wholesale market is limited by its geographical location and has a small population. Therefore, Zhang Weixia chooses to store its products in terminal supermarkets and fresh food channels. She said, “we hardly rely on store sales, but the business team is doing small and large stores including snack houses.”

Since we have chosen to lay it in the terminal supermarket in an all-round way, how to do a good job in terminal service is the problem Zhang Weixia has been thinking about. After years of practice and exploration, she summed up the following experiences:

01 the first factor is the diligence of business personnel
Only when we can talk about business and take our products to more channels.
02. Choose products suitable for your own channel
Dealers should not only consider the factors of the products themselves, but also combine their own actual channels to sink into the channels and select the most appropriate products.
03 pay attention to details
Terminal services must be meticulous. For example, the distribution of products for the terminal should be kept in the state of less distribution and frequent distribution, so as to ensure the freshness of products in the channel. At the same time, dealers should pay special attention to the display and beautification of the products in the sales channels, and timely organize sales promotion, purchase and gift activities to attract customers.
To do a good job in terminal service is not only to improve product sales, but also to improve the popularity of positive and preferred brands, increase the stickiness of brands and terminal channels, so as to improve the market position.
Poetic flavor of leisure food market
In 2019, the per capita consumption of leisure food in the United States will reach 153.6 US dollars, 106.5 US dollars in the UK, 89.8 US dollars in Japan and 14.2 US dollars in China. The per capita consumption of leisure food in the United States is more than 10 times that of China, that of Britain is 7.5 times that of China, and that of Japan is more than 6 times that of China. It can be seen that the per capita consumption of leisure food in China is still far behind that of many developed countries, which also shows that China’s leisure food industry has great market potential.
In recent years, the income level of Chinese residents has been increasing, the consumption capacity has been increasing, and the proportion of leisure and entertainment expenditure has gradually increased, which has created a good market foundation for the development of leisure food.
In addition, leisure food consumption scenarios, covering a wide range, has the effect of killing time and pleasant mood, people began to pursue the pleasure brought by food quality. Especially for young people, leisure food has become an indispensable part of life.
Zhang Weixia believes that since she has chosen to engage in the dealer industry, it is necessary to highly recognize this industry. “New channels will certainly emerge in the future. We should contact, understand and further develop in time. With the development of the industry, we should constantly break the traditional sales model, open new channels and improve product sales,” she said
In the future, Zhang Weixia will continue to work as a dealer. Half of the work is poetic and the other is fireworks, which will make her career more colorful.
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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