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Coco Street coconut milk wafer biscuits — the collision of delicious and joyful

Life in the world, all kinds of food, only delicious snacks and love can not be let down.

The pictures from left to right are as follows:

Li Jun, project director of whole food exhibition and editor in chief of snack Express

Liu Guifeng, general manager of Shanghai coco Street Food Co., Ltd.,
Chen Lishan, marketing director of Shanghai coco Street Food Co., Ltd

Facing the complicated leisure food market, which product would you choose? Coco Street Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “coco Street”) produced coconut milk wafer biscuits can not be missed!

A wonderful date between coconut milk and Weihua

Coconut milk is a kind of white liquid in coconut, sweet taste and warm nature. Coconut milk is rich in vitamins and proteins, which can effectively supplement the nutrients of human body and improve the disease resistance of the body. At the same time, coconut milk is rich in potassium, magnesium and other minerals, which can correct dehydration and electrolyte disorder, diuresis and detumescence.
Regular consumption of coconut milk, can also benefit people’s strength, supplement the intracellular fluid, expand blood volume, moisturize the skin, with the effect of beauty. While eating delicious food, while doing beauty, why not?
Coconut milk can be said to be a good consumer’s heart, but only drink coconut milk, is it too monotonous? Coco street is determined to innovate and skillfully combines coconut milk and Weihua to make coconut milk Weihua cake. With the same nutrition and different taste experience, once launched, it will be sought after by consumers.
In the production of coconut milk products, the most important thing is to retain the nutrition of coconut milk itself. After careful selection, coco Street finally uses gold coconut milk from Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia as raw materials.
The pure natural coconut meat does not contain any additives. After strict and complex hot processing technology, baking and grinding, the coconut milk and New Zealand original imported milk powder, the world’s top flour and oil are skillfully blended to make coconut milk Weihua biscuits, which retain the nutritional value of coconut milk to the greatest extent.
At the same time, in order to eliminate any factors that are not conducive to the health of the imported products in the process of testing, it is necessary to eliminate any factors that are not conducive to the health of the imported products in the process of testing.
Equipment imported from Buhler, Switzerland

Coco Street ensures that raw materials are checked and screened from order to use. Let the consumer eat at ease, but also for the dealer partner to send to ease of mind.

After many “baking” tests, coco Street coconut milk waffle finally came out.
Take apart the cute package and take a bite. It’s crunchy, soft and delicate. The thick coconut fragrance melts in the mouth, making the taste buds enjoy the rich tropical flavor.

When the mouth is lonely, don’t control to send a few!
packaging and distributors build brand

This is a look at the age of beauty, for leisure snacks, packaging has gradually become the first person to explain the product.

The pictures from left to right are as follows:

Chen Lishan, marketing director of kekejie Food Co., Ltd

Zhu Yongming, general manager of Xiamen Dongchen chuangxiang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd

Liu Guifeng, general manager of Shanghai Keke Street Food Co., Ltd., project director of
whole food exhibition and editor in chief of snack express, Wu Minmin,
Fujian Dabang packaging products Co., Ltd

Coco Street follows the pace of the market and cooperates with Xiamen Dongchen chuangxiang Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. to embody the products on the packaging, stimulate people’s appetite in visual expression and enhance the visual impact of the brand.
The exquisite packaging caught many people’s attention. A consumer said: “our children especially like coco Street coconut milk waffles, and they have to eat them every day. I think the packing box is also good-looking, and it can be left for decoration at home. ” Coco Street coconut milk waffle has been a warm welcome.
Coco Street will focus on sales in the terminal supermarket, which is inseparable from the support of dealers. General manager Liu Guifeng said: “coco street is committed to building a long-term brand, so we want to find partners who recognize our brands and products and can cooperate for a long time.”
With the rise of live broadcasting with goods, Liu Guifeng realized that we should keep up with the trend of the times. He said: “we tend to look for anchors with stable traffic and long-term cooperation, so as to enhance the popularity of coco street with us.”
With packaging, high-quality products into the market, more and more people are familiar with the practice of coco street is worth learning from all leisure food enterprises.
focuses on brand and focuses on coconut milk
At present, the global demand for leisure food is growing, and China has become one of the largest markets. By the end of 2019, the number of biscuit production enterprises above the designated scale with the main business income of more than 20 million yuan has reached 656, and the corresponding main business income has reached 131.733 billion yuan.
For these advantageous enterprises, their products often have a relatively clear positioning, and their market share is also increasing in the development of the industry. Coco Street pioneered the concept of “coconut milk” in China, and the concept of coconut milk Weihua was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and was unanimously recognized by the industry.
At present, market consumption has entered the era of brand. Brand is the embodiment of comprehensive strength, technology, quality, management, marketing and media of an enterprise, and is the life and soul of an enterprise. Science and technology is the driving force, quality is the foundation, and integrity is the guarantee. For an enterprise, the brand represents the recognition of the market and consumers for the enterprise. Establishing a good brand is equivalent to winning the market and laying a solid foundation for the enterprise. Coco Street focuses on building brands, striving to equate the status of coconut milk Weihua in the hearts of consumers with that of cocoa street, and become the leader of coconut milk Weihua industry.

In order to strengthen the concept of coconut milk Weihua, Liu Guifeng said: “we will continue to strengthen the concept of” coconut milk “and launch different coconut milk products on the existing basis to bring different experiences to consumers.”
Coco Street will always concentrate on coconut milk Weihua products and continuously introduce diversified products of different specifications and channels suitable for different consumer groups to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.
At the same time, coco Street will increase its support for dealers, find like-minded dealers, keep the dealers, and push cocoa Street coconut milk Weihua into a broader market and send it to more consumers.
Investment hotline: 18853907677
Source: original copy of snack express needs authorization
Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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