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McDonald’s China, the “most emotional” activity, has changed this year?!


“Ran” to 16 cities including Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Harbin and Guangzhou, and 45000 people signed up to participate in the race, which reached a record high in the past years.

What is the foundation of McDonald’s traditional love parent-child running? Let’s decrypt it together.


Unlike the previous large-scale offline parent-child running, this year’s “run for Aimai” will adopt the form of online recruitment and offline creative participation, so that participating families can participate in the activities without gathering and contacting.

In other words, this year’s “run for Aima” is more flexible and more spontaneous, allowing you to complete the “task” of running within the specified time.

Specifically, from today to November 30 this year, participating families can register online (click to sign up). After successful registration, they can obtain the task box and equipment package sent by McDonald’s. After that, the participating families can

Innovative use of “online love parent-child running”

In addition, participating families can also share photos of running clock in to McDonald’s official microblog to participate in online interaction.

The sense of ceremony should not be less than

Although online participation, this year’s “run for Aimai” is still full of ceremony.

It is understood that there are many surprises with this year’s theme “packing”. There are two large and one small cloaks that accumulate energy during the day and glow at night, interactive game task boxes for small heroes and sprint belts for running, and electronic exchange certificates for McDonald’s products worth more than 100 yuan..

this year’s “run for Aimai” super value equipment pack

(first sign up, first served, sold out)

After the successful registration of the running family, they should send out a piece of equipment bag for love


Many McDonald’s restaurants have been transformed into “run for Aimai” theme stores


In fact, behind the “run for Aimai” is McDonald’s warm-hearted action to organize love parent-child running activities and contribute to the charity project of “McDonald’s uncle’s home”.

It is understood that “Uncle McDonald’s house” is a global public welfare project, which was established in the United States in 1974. It aims to provide a free accommodation near the hospital for children’s families who seek medical treatment in other places.

Take the first “Uncle McDonald’s home” in Changsha, Hunan Province as an example, which is only five minutes’ walk from the children’s Hospital of Hunan Province. According to McDonald’s today, as of July this year, “Uncle McDonald’s house in Hunan” has provided more than 22709 nights of accommodation free of charge for more than 542 families with children.

uncle’s home of McDonald’s in Hunan

Zhangjiayin, chief executive officer of McDonald’s China, said in today’s briefing that “running for Aima is one of the most representative public welfare activities and parent-child activities of McDonald’s China, aiming to make more people pay attention to, understand and participate in the charity project of McDonald’s uncle’s house. “

By the end of last year, running for Aima has accumulated 600000 kilometers of running distance, which can circle the earth 14 times. McDonald’s said: “even if we don’t gather in this year’s special circumstances, we can still continue to be the original intention and mission of Aimai, so that more parents and children can gather their love and help the sick children in need of care.”

It is reported that by this year, the “McDonald’s house” supported by this activity will also make important new progress.

After entering Shanghai, the coverage of “Uncle McDonald’s house” is expected to be further expanded with the help of everyone’s love. Previously, zhangjiayin has revealed: “I hope that the major cities in the country will have uncle McDonald’s home.”

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