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The food without good quality is sold. The impossible foods sells plant meat hamburgers in Hong Kong. The media group has arranged social e-commerce, and goose island beer is newly packaged. The General Administration has informed 9 batches of unqualified food

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MUJI begins to sell vegetables

According to the WeChat public’s “investment community” today, the official account of China’s MUJI March Ying (vegetable market) plan will be introduced in China, and its first store will be located in Shanghai Rui Hong world. This is the first time Muji has opened its vegetable market to China. Different from the traditional fresh food market, Muji minimalism is still the main style in the interior design of Muji fresh supermarket. In addition to selling fresh agricultural and sideline products such as fresh fish, raw meat, vegetables and fruits, it also provides on-site processing and dining services, and consumers can personally participate in the cooking of food materials.

Impossible foods sells fortune in Hong Kong, China

According to foreign media yesterday, impossible foods, a US vegetable meat producer, said its vegetable based beef burger had been on sale in about 200 supermarkets in Singapore and Hong Kong, China, on Tuesday. It’s also the first time the company’s plant meat products have been sold in grocery stores outside the United States.

Plant egg just egg parent company to build Asian plant (company news)

Yesterday, eat just, the parent company of just egg, a vegetable egg brand, announced a partnership with a consortium led by investment management firm proterra Asia. The consortium will invest up to US $100 million and eat just will invest US $20 million to establish and operate an Asian plant protein production plant in Singapore. In addition, the eventually established east just subsidiary, namely, eat just Asia, will become the manufacturing and distribution partner of just egg vegetable eggs in Asia.

Plant protein drink brand “oatoatoat” completed 10 million yuan pre-A round of financing (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton today, the new brand of vegetable protein drink “oatoat” has completed the financing of 10 million pre-A round, which is exclusively invested by IMO ventures. The founder of oatoat said that this round of funds will be mainly used for product research and development and supply chain improvement. This is the second financing that oatoat has received in five months.

The revenue of Yangyuan beverage in the first three quarters decreased by 38.14% (company announcement)

According to the three quarterly reports released today, the operating revenue of Yangyuan beverage from January to September this year was 3.019 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 38.14%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 1.168 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 32.48%. According to the company, the main reasons for the decrease in revenue during the reporting period include the advance of the Spring Festival in 2020, the reduction or even cancellation of dinners and visits to relatives and friends, resulting in the decline of market demand for the company’s products.

Jia Guolong’s first store of “semi-finished products” Kungfu cuisine (Interface)

According to today’s news on the interface, Xibei “Jia Guolong Kung Fu cuisine”, a semi-finished dish, opened its first store in Beijing recently. All the dishes sold in the store are semi-finished products, which are stored in the freezer. When customers place an order, the staff will heat them and serve them to the table. Unlike other restaurants, there is no kitchen for Jia Guolong’s Kungfu dishes. Only the heating area in the middle of the restaurant is used to heat the semi-finished food boxes.

Muyuan shares: pig price will remain at a high level in the future (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton’s news today, muyuan shares said on the interactive platform of Shenzhen stock exchange that at present, with the gradual recovery of industrial capacity, the overall price of pig presents a downward trend. There is still a gap between supply and demand in the industry. Compared with the historical average, the pig price will remain at a higher level for some time to come.

Are you hungry? 1.6 million businesses jointly launch 50% off welfare (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton news today, from October 21, hungry Mo has joined with 1.6 million businesses to promote 50% off welfare, including 900000 catering businesses offering “50% discount for the whole store.”. Starbucks and McDonald’s double 11 customized barrels will also have exclusive discounts on the line of hungry online.

Meituan will soon launch “meituan Festival club” to lay out social e-commerce (Tech planet)

According to official account group Tech, many close to the US group said that the US delegation will launch a new project called “Tuan Tuan Festival club”, which will be the main local group purchase special seckill service, and gather different kinds of merchandise preferences activities. Then, in the form of articles, push the local public WeChat’s public number to local users, and users will be able to buy. The WeChat official account of the local league Festival Group is embedded in the seckill platform. Users can jump through scanning the code or clicking the applet. Its operation mode is similar to the local life group buying product “Lianlian peripheral Tour”, which is its direct competitor.

Dexter launches vegetable chicken burger on Sunday (company news)

Today, Dexter announced the launch of a new vegetable chicken burger in 2600 stores across the country, making it the first Western fast food brand in China to simultaneously supply vegetable meat products in all stores in the country. It is reported that the initial price of this new hamburger product is 20 yuan, and the member price is 15 yuan.

New packaging of Goose Island craft beer (company news)

Yesterday, Goose Island announced the official launch of an upgraded product package. Its three classic products, “Goose Island Indian light ale goose IPA”, “Goose Island Light Indian light Indian light ale beer duck goose” and “Goose Island City wheat flavor beer goose 312” will be presented to Chinese consumers with brand-new visual logo.

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China beer taste research institute established in Beijing

On October 17, China beer taste research institute was officially established in Beijing. He Yong, Secretary General of China Liquor Industry Association and chairman of beer branch, said that in recent years, beer consumers’ consumption experience demands have changed significantly, from the original “can drink”, “drink enough” and “drink well” to the development direction of “good drink” and “fun”. At the same time, beer is also a creative consumer category, with a variety of product types and taste styles. Therefore, it is hoped that more and better cross-border cooperation projects and focused content will emerge continuously for the dissemination of Chinese beer category culture by fully combining the advantages and characteristics of beer enterprises and cross-border cooperative enterprises.

Report of 9 batches of substandard food by the General Administration of market supervision

Yesterday, the official website of the General Administration of market supervision reported the unqualified situation of nine batches of food, involving five categories of food, including edible agricultural products, alcohol, convenience food, bee products and meat products. The main problems found are microbial pollution, veterinary drug residues exceed the standard, quality indicators do not meet the standard, food additives do not conform to the label value, quality indicators do not conform to the label value. Details are as follows:

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