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Top 10 food trends in 2021

experienced the impact of the epidemic in 2020, people’s consumption habits have changed greatly. For example, many consumers have gradually shown an interest in cooking after the outbreak and prefer to eat breakfast at home. In addition, they have become more willing to pay for health care related products.

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In the early morning of October 20, whole foods, the largest natural food and organic food retailer in the United States, released the top 10 food trends in 2021, which is the sixth year in a row that the whole food supermarket predicts the development trend of the food and beverage industry in the next year.
According to the Convention, the whole food trend Committee, which is composed of more than 50 local gourmets, regional and global purchasers and culinary experts, compiles products purchasing experience, professional knowledge, research on consumer preferences and existing or emerging frontier brands every year to predict the food industry trends in the new year.
Among the top 10 food trends in 2020 released last year, vegetable protein, children’s snacks, non-alcoholic drinks and other trends have become a hot spot in the food industry in the past year and have shown good market performance. Meanwhile, the minority trends such as meat and plant-based mixed food, environmental protection and renewable agriculture are still developing step by step.
This year, the whole food trend Committee predicts that in the coming 2021, new flavors, different cooking methods and emerging products will attract the attention of the industry and consumers. For example, functional foods with health attributes, varied coffee, nutritious and ceremonial breakfast, and “dried meat” made of fruits and vegetables will become popular next year.
Now, foodaily will interpret them one by one and share some excellent product cases, hoping to bring you innovative inspiration.
Nutrition and health is the most important thing
Today, the line between dietary supplements and packaged foods is becoming increasingly blurred, and we expect this trend to accelerate in 2021. This means that super food, probiotics, nutrient broth, pickles and other related products with health attributes will continue to grow. At the same time, we can see that many brands have begun to add functional ingredients such as vitamin C, mushrooms and adaption to reduce stress, relax spirit and strengthen the immune system. Obviously, people urgently need these functional foods.
Cleveland Kraut’s Pickle product, gnar gnar, is focused on the health function of active probiotics, so millions of probiotics are added to the product. The Cleveland Kraut team believes that fermented food is the key to a healthy diet. They want to make it easy for people to enjoy fermented food in any situation, so they hope that this unique food condiment can bring intestinal health benefits to people’s daily diet.
Image source: Walmart
A fine breakfast every day
As more and more people work from home, breakfast, as the most important meal of the day, is gradually gaining unprecedented attention. People no longer only cook breakfast on weekends, but they do breakfast seriously every day. For those who pay more attention to breakfast, brands have also launched a series of tailor-made innovative products, such as a quick-made pancake, a low-temperature slow boiled egg, and even a “vegetable egg” made from mung beans.
For example, just egg once launched a plant-based “egg”, which uses mung bean protein as the main raw material and is made entirely from plants. Compared with traditional eggs, it can reduce water consumption by 98% and greenhouse gas emissions by 93%. And it is pre packaged frozen food, consumers can eat after heating, very simple and convenient.
Source: gtfoitsvegan
Whole foods is also selling a homemade frozen egg product, which is a mixture of native eggs, delicious ham, Gruyere cheese and garlic, seasoned with a small amount of white pepper; it contains up to 17 grams of protein per serving and does not add nitrates or nitrates. The product is not only small and delicious, but also rich in nutrition, which is very suitable for making intimate breakfast on busy working days.
Image source: Amazon
“Turn red” kitchen classic food
It’s being transformed like crazy
As people spend more and more time in the kitchen, family chefs are looking for some hot, net red new food. Therefore, such as pasta, sauces, spices and other classic basic foods or condiments have been attached great importance again, and given priority to become the transformation object of every “Chef”. As a result, these fancy innovations have led to new foods such as palm core pasta, apple wood smoked salt, or plant-based “broth.”.
Whole foods has launched a palm core spaghetti to recreate the classic staple. According to reports, palm core is the inner stem core of some palm trees originated in South and Central America. Due to the limitation of growth environment, palm core is a popular ingredient in salad food, and now it has become the main component of new pasta.
Image source: Whole Foods Market
Coffee is more than just a cup of coffee
The bond between man and coffee is far more than a coffee cup.
The popularity of coffee has promoted the innovation of all kinds of food. Now, consumers can not only drink coffee, but also eat coffee. The forms and types of coffee have become more diversified, emphasizing portability and unique experience. From single coffee to coffee + tea, coffee + alcoholic drinks, the form has also expanded from drinks to coffee snacks. More and more coffee flavors, such as energy bars, Cereals, milkshakes and wine, have emerged in the market, and coffee yogurt has even been provided to consumers who want to refresh themselves at breakfast
In the “top 10 hot spots and business opportunities in the food and beverage industry in 2020” predicted by foodaily at the end of 2019, it also made a detailed interpretation of “Baibian coffee” and caused extensive discussion in the industry. What are the top ten trends of food industry in 2021 that we are looking forward to this year?
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Baby food is also growing
There is always a single variety of baby food. Thanks to the inspiration of some chefs in cooking innovation, the choice of baby food for parents has been expanded unprecedentedly: Rosemary, purple carrot and flaxseed rich in omega-3 can be easily packed into small extrusion packaging, becoming a new choice of baby food. “Small food and big taste” has become a new direction of baby food development.
Serenity kids has launched a baby supplement that contains natural ingredients such as pumpkin, grass fed beef, spinach and avocado, which is very suitable for babies over six months old. Beef comes from 100% grass fed bison. The content of unsaturated fatty acids is very high, which is very conducive to the development of baby’s brain; Organic Pumpkin, spinach and avocado oil are rich in fiber, vitamins and essential fatty acids for human body.
Image source: the Austin Chronicle
Another “high-end” food:
Recycling sustainability of used food materials
Today, many brands and food manufacturers are looking for new ways to make the neglected and underutilized parts of food re synthesize and produce new foods. As the joke goes, “there’s still a lot to go before the peels and stems get to the compost bin.”. In this way, it is very helpful to make the most of the energy needed for the production, transportation and preparation of food materials by making “upgraded recycled food” from materials that would have been wasted.
The packaged dried fruits produced by the ugly company in California are made of unsightly but good quality dried fruits. The ugl says it can avoid more than a pound of fruit from turning into waste in each package, and the raw materials are 100% natural, non genetically modified, and free of preservatives and sugar. And this sustainable food not only helps California farmers reduce waste, but also adds value to their farms, which is good for the environment.
Image source: the uglycompany
There are so many cases like “turning waste into treasure”. They are both delicious and interesting, and have played a leading role in our industry. We should continue to develop sustainably. Foodaily has previously made a detailed report on this topic: how can these food companies “turn waste into treasure” to save the earth by reducing 1.3 billion tons of food waste?
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Change oil, fancy oil products to meet the needs of cooking
After turning over the chapter of olive oil, oil products are now in full bloom. Whether it’s a frying pan or a salad, different kinds of oils provide different flavors.
Cooks who cook at home start experimenting with a variety of oils, each with its own unique flavor and characteristics. For example, walnut seed oil and pumpkin seed oil provide delicious nut flavor; sunflower seed oil is widely used, not only at high temperatures, but also in salad dressing. Whole foods supermarkets have launched cereals free cassava flour tortillas with sunflower seed oil.
Image source: Whole Foods Market
Hard Kangpu tea will come out in C
Whole food supermarket believes that hard Kangpu tea has become a new star in beverage category, and will have a greater breakthrough in 2021. Because hard Kangpu tea at the same time to meet the consumer concerns of many selling points: bubble feeling, full of active probiotics, gluten free, etc.
For example, hard Kombucha produced by strainge beast is very popular with consumers. It contains active probiotics and 7.0% alcohol. It has three flavors: ginger, lemon and hibiscus; blueberry, Brazilian berry and sweet basil; passion fruit, hops and blood orange.
Image source: good beerhunning
Chickpeas with unlimited possibilities
It’s time to think about anything other than chickpea puree and chickpea salad sandwiches, or chickpea flour! You can add chickpeas to anything!
People familiar with it all know that chickpea is rich in dietary fiber and plant protein, enjoying the reputation of “king of beans”. As a result, a variety of chickpea innovative foods began to appear in the market, such as chickpea tofu, chickpea powder and even chickpea cereals. So, chickpea mania is coming.
Oggs, a British vegetarian baking brand, seized the opportunity of limited egg supply caused by the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of this year to launch the world’s first patented vegetable egg product, oggs aquafaba. It is reported that aquafaba is made of boiled chickpea liquid, which is comparable to eggs in taste and function. The nutritional value of each box is equivalent to four eggs.
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Dried meat, a new way of edible storage of fruits and vegetables
Affected by the plant-based trend, “meat” is no longer the exclusive meat lovers. Now, from mushrooms to jackfruit to bananas, all kinds of fruit and vegetable products have been made into “meat”. This seems to satisfy the taste buds while providing a new and storable alternative way to enjoy fruits and vegetables.
In general, manufacturers will dry agricultural products at peak freshness to preserve nutrition and taste; if they feel that the flavor of the food itself is not enough, they will use pepper, salt, ginger and cocoa beans to assist in seasoning.
Snack Jack brand jackfruit jerky has many flavors, unlike many jerky and many flavoring ingredients. Snack Jack said other vegetarian jerkies were processed by mixing, mashing, pulsing, adding soy or pea protein, and then re made into strange rectangles or columns, while snack Jack beef jerky was made mainly by hand slicing, salting and dehydration.
Source: snake jack
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