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Zhang Jiqiang: quality decides survival, brand decides fate, and attempt decides territory

In a city with a long-term resident population of only 2.315 million yuan, the annual sales of casual food alone reached 25 million yuan. It sounds like a bit of a fantasy, but Zhang Jiqiang, general manager of Jincheng Yixiang trading company (hereinafter referred to as “Yixiang commerce and trade”) did.
Zhang Jiqiang, general manager of Jincheng Yixiang Trading Company
“Quality decides survival, brand decides fate, and attempt decides territory,” he said. The success of an enterprise depends more on the efforts of the team and the help of partners. “
The key to the success of a company lies in its cohesion
It is well known to all women and children that the common saying “people are united, Mount Tai will be moved”. Strengthening the team cohesion is the foundation of a company’s operation. In Jincheng, many people yearn to work in Yixiang business and the working atmosphere of Yixiang business unity. The cohesiveness of this team is inseparable from the good operation of Zhang Jiqiang.

Group building of Yixiang family
The first is the treatment of retaining people, people-oriented. In Yixiang business, everyone is a shareholder of the company. Zhang Jiqiang said: “we jointly run the company and share the money we have made. Therefore, everyone regards the company as their home, and every day is full of fighting spirit. “
Mid Autumn Festival dinner: Fengcheng International Hotel
The second is to pay attention to team building, environment to retain people. If a company wants to keep its employees, it needs to let the employees recognize the company psychologically. Zhang Jiqiang organizes teams to do League building activities every quarter. He said, “for example, we should watch movies with educational significance and take part in meaningful activities together. We should not only pay people, but also keep people in the environment.”
Yixiang’s family watch the patriotic film “eight hundred”
The third is to study and retain people. Yixiang business has a fixed morning meeting time, providing a platform for everyone to communicate and learn together. Zhang Jiqiang has always stressed that “three people are bound to have my teacher.” he said, “we should look at each other’s shortcomings with a microscope and the advantages of each other with a magnifying glass.” Learning from each other is a long-term strategy for one’s development.
Morning meeting in Yixiang
We gather in a big family of Yixiang commerce and trade. They are brothers and sisters. “My goal is to make all team members sweat happily and not cry in tears,” Zhang said Under his guidance, Yixiang commerce and trade has made concerted efforts to improve the performance of Yixiang business.
The key to the success of products lies in quality and channels
The goal of Jincheng Yixiang trading company is to become the leader of high-end leisure food in the local leisure casual food market. Since he became the distributor of leisure food industry in 2013, Zhang Jiqiang has successively represented gangrong, Haoshi, lejinji, barbibear, Daliyuan and other brands.
In people’s general cognition, the price of these products is relatively high, and the consumer acceptance will be reduced accordingly. However, with the upgrading of people’s living standards, Zhang Jiqiang said: “with the development of the industry, people’s living standards will always be improved. Although high-end products are expensive, their health is guaranteed. “
Zhang Jiqiang has laid out offline channels for products, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and even Township stores. “There are also a large number of people with consumption potential in villages and towns. When we went to the developers’ supermarket before, we used to provide some goods for the channel first, and then replenish them again if the sales volume was high. We successfully laid medium and high-end products in Township stores,” he said
Consumption lies in guidance. Zhang Jiqiang broke the conventional cognition and led the new trend of medium and high-end products in Township stores, which was warmly welcomed by township consumers.
In fact, many dealers, like Zhang Jiqiang, are limited by the geographical environment and have limited sales channels to choose from. In the face of difficulties, we should find ways to break through and choose the most appropriate channel according to local conditions.
At the same time, dealers should also go out of the traditional cognitive scope and keep up with the trend, so as to distribute goods in the most appropriate channel, so as to improve product sales.

The future development lies in working together with the upstream and downstream
Jincheng’s leisure food has a small share in the national market. Because of this, Zhang Jiqiang believes that the leisure food industry in Jincheng has great room for improvement. Yixiang commerce and trade should seize the opportunity and work together with upstream and downstream to improve product sales. In order to obtain the support of upstream and downstream, Zhang Jiqiang put forward the following requirements:
After the upstream manufacturers launch new products, Yixiang commerce and trade should actively cooperate with the promotion. Zhang Jiqiang said: “manufacturers need to invest a lot of manpower and material resources to launch new products, so dealers should actively cooperate. Only with the same ideas, methods and goals can we promote new products more perfectly.”

When cooperating with downstream customers, dealers should pay attention to guarantee service and bring sufficient profit space for downstream customers. In order to help downstream customers improve product sales, Zhang Jiqiang launched activities such as tasting.
It is worth mentioning that Yixiang commerce and trade rarely launch special products. In this regard, Zhang Jiqiang explained: “special price products are generally temporary products, and the consumer experience is not very good. We are in order to improve consumer satisfaction and provide consumers with high-quality and healthy products, so that customers can really make money, and customers can make money. In order to achieve a real win-win situation. “
Quality decides survival, brand decides fate, and attempt decides territory. With the continuous development of Jincheng leisure food industry, Zhang Jiqiang still adheres to the goal of becoming the leader of high-end leisure food in the local leisure casual food market, acting for more high-quality products and providing more thoughtful services for consumers.
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Editor in chief: Li Jun
Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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