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After more than 100 years of family business, Mars is about to launch such a global plan!

The world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today. As a family business with a history of one hundred years, Mars launched the global “full potential development” plan to promote the new business trend with a pluralistic and inclusive attitude.

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On October 21, this year’s double 11 battle officially started, driven by two big heads Taobao anchor Weiya and Li Jiaqi, the atmosphere was very hot. According to Zhigua data from the third-party Taobao live data analysis platform, Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast estimated Gmv (transaction volume) of 3.911 billion on the first day of double 11. From this amazing number, we can see again the consumption power of “all girls” behind Li Jiaqi. According to mob data, women shop 7.2 times a month, much higher than men’s 5.5 times, and 6% of women “chop their hands” almost every day.

In recent years, with the rise of domestic women’s consciousness, “her economy” has been mentioned all the time. Foodaily also listed “her food” as one of the top 10 hot spots and business opportunities of the year in 2018. Women’s characteristics of delicacy, sharing and tasting make her consumption a force that can not be ignored, especially the new generation of young women. Mastering women’s vision and emotion means mastering most of the market.


In addition, the rise of “her economy” is also a signal that the current consumer market and the industry as a whole are becoming more inclusive and diversified. If a brand wants to occupy a leading position in the industry for a long time, it needs to quickly insight and flexibly apply it to all levels, and promote the continuous innovation of corporate culture in an open and inclusive way. Recently, foodaily has found that its brands have carried out a series of brand renewal activities focusing on encouraging women to pursue pleasure, from products to marketing, which seems to be aiming at this trend. What kind of global strategy does Mars have behind this?


In addition, actively open the company’s history, environmental impact and other corporate information, building workplace diversity… From the perspective of public information, Mars has made frequent strategic moves in recent years. Century enterprise, family color is bright… With a lot of labels, what kind of transformation is Mars making? As the leader in the field of candy, chocolate and pet food, and the wind vane of the whole industry, what kind of signal does this change release? What kind of layout and vision is hidden in the iterative cycle of dealing with new people?


Next, foodaily will take advantage of the brand series of dove’s new action to see how Mars promotes new business trends after more than 100 years?

The brand renewal of dove is just the starting point,

Mars launched the global project “full potential” to win her heart


With the continuous progress of women in their career, women’s professional status is higher and higher, and their disposable income is more and more. They not only pursue freedom and autonomy in aesthetic pleasure, but also pay more attention to self-worth promotion and spiritual independence in the new era. In addition, the future “she” field still has a very large space for development, but its development is also a complex and continuous process.


In order to promote a more inclusive and pluralistic social environment, Mars disclosed to foodaily that they are about to launch the global project “full potential”. As one of the initial markets, China’s latest series of activities focusing on encouraging women to pursue a happy life are just the starting point of this plan. In the future, the “full potential” program hopes to help women convey their voices and let more women’s stories from all over the world be known.

March ා Ma’s goddess ා series of activities, photo source: Ma’s Chinese official micro

For this reason, Mars took the lead in brand renewal of the brand of Marvel chocolate, a brand-new brand of Marsh’s candy. It proposed “pleasure first”, which was consistent with the life style and attitude of the new generation of people, so as to arouse emotional resonance. It hoped that consumers would feel the happy time brought by the smooth taste of chocolate, and face life more calmly and confidently with the “happy oneself” mentality Dare to be yourself.


Furthermore, in order to convey this brand new concept, dove spent a lot of thought on product innovation and marketing.


In terms of product innovation, cross-border innovation and continuous promotion of new products for women’s consumer demand


The pearl milk tea chocolate, the chocolate milk chocolate for the gourmet tea, the chocolate ice cream for double sweets, even the cross border makeup, the introduction of colorful eye shadow chocolates, Foodaily is concerned about, and Dove is concerned about the current elements of the netspeak.


The concept of transmission, shooting a big movie from a female perspective, and through tiktok, Taobao, BiliBili, etc.


At the end of August, Dove chocolate made a big film goodbye Ferris wheel with the theme of “pleasure first”. Zhou Dongyu, the Golden Horse Film queen, joined hands with Yang Mingming, a well-known director in China. From the unique perspective of women’s life in the new era, he discussed the life philosophy and values of women’s “pleasing themselves” in the new era, and delivered “pleasure first”. After online, it received 15 million broadcast.


Meanwhile, tiktok and Dove started tiktok to create a “big movie competition for all.” in the form of online video sharing competition, the whole voice users were invited to create a big movie with Dongyu Zhou to provide a platform for female voice production.

It is worth mentioning that Mars is a new generation of social networking tiktok for the new generation. It is understood that the early example of the combination of products and advertising was created by Mars. At that time, Mars also tried to use knowledge contest programs to promote candy. In today’s Internet environment, the importance of new media is self-evident. In this micro film promotion, we can see that Mars is expanding new media channels.

Photo source: Ma’s official website


To promote the “full potential” program,

Ma helps women build more stage at home and abroad


Ms. Ye Wenjun, director of Corporate Communication of Mars in China, said: Mars firmly believes that “the future begins with the present”. We hope that the future will be a pluralistic and inclusive future in which the role of women is indispensable. Mars is about to launch a “full potential” program around the world to encourage women to express themselves and explore their potential. Ma will continue to strive to create more equal opportunities for women and display their talents.

At the 4th Pingyao International Film Exhibition held in October this year, marvel China’s brand dove held a female filmmaker’s night exchange activity, and announced that the proportion of female employees in the future advertising film production team of dove brand will not be less than 50%, and the “dove outstanding happy female filmmaker Award” will be set up, which promises that through multi inclusive action, female workers will be significantly less than men In the film industry, it helps women film practitioners to pursue their dreams.

A group photo of director Jia Zhangke and his guests at the eve of women’s film makers in dove. Photo source: Sohu

In addition, in the on-site dialogue, Wang Gongzheng, the project leader of the brand renewal project of dove, first shared the insights behind the theme of “pleasure first” proposed by dove, and the reasons for supporting the project of “all women co creation”. He said: pleasure is the concept that dove has always advocated, and we are constantly keeping pace with the times by continuously paying attention to the needs and attitudes of consumers, so as to give new connotation to the brand concept. At the same time, taking the film industry as the starting point, taking the concept of pleasure first as the platform, through continuous product innovation and more inclusive brand communication means, dove will transfer the concept of “pleasure first” advocated by the brand to all walks of life. “


In addition, Ma is also practicing diversity and inclusiveness. According to the official website of Mars, Mars is building a multi-dimensional and inclusive workplace culture by establishing a women’s community organization within the company to discuss and share women’s topics on a regular basis. In addition, we will often see the female executives of Mars as leaders in various activities, and set up diversified and inclusive executive positions.


Ibtehal Fathy, administrator of diversity and inclusion, image source: Mars official website


A century old family business has taken the initiative to rejuvenate itself,

Now it’s more diverse, more inclusive and more open


As a family private enterprise with a history of one hundred years, Mars now has more than 125000 employees in more than 80 countries and regions. It has four business divisions, namely, Mars pet care, Mars Wrigley, Mars food and Mars edge. According to the 2020 global top 100 confectionery list released by candy industry, a foreign media, on January 31, 2020, Mars is proud of its outstanding performance and ranks first in the world in 2019.


Every great brand is born from the ordinary story and original intention. After five generations of hard work, Mars survived the war and the great depression, experienced the test of fierce competition in the market, and constantly took the initiative to layout and adapt to the new business environment.


Looking at the development history of Mars, we can find that, apart from sighing the power of time and marveling at the business vision of the Ma family, we also find that, from candy and chocolate to pet food, Mars is quite unique in insight into the demands of “people”, and is good at changing with the trend, but this is still unchanged under the guidance of its family philosophy.


Foodaily is concerned that in recent years, Mars has further promoted and implemented its vision. For example:


  • Since the launch of the “sustainable development plan for one generation” in 2017, Mars has actively disclosed the company’s sustainable information, focusing on environmental improvement, rights and interests protection and welfare construction. Its “full potential” project is also based on the guidance of this initiative.
  • In March 2019, Mars specially set up the seeds of change accelerator (seeds of change accelerator) with food as its core, hoping to support the rapid growth of start-ups and achieve their goals, create and provide healthier and more delicious food solutions for more people, so as to build a healthier and more sustainable future.                                                                                               

Behind the transformation strategy is a strong sense of mission.


With the change of business environment by the word “young”, the new business climate has taken shape, and the consumption pattern is undergoing fundamental and rapid changes. When the new generation of consumers enter the market with new consumer demand, the brand serving them will also be “new”, and the “new” here not only refers to the new sharp brands, but also includes the traditional brands after the renovation.


The sixth census shows that the population of the post-90s in China is 174 million, and that of the post-00s is 146 million. Meanwhile, Baidu’s 2019 double 11 big data report shows that the post-90s and Post-00 users account for as much as 80%. This generation of young people, influenced by their growing environment, pay more attention to quality and health, and pay more attention to environmental protection. In addition, according to gender, age, occupation, values and other perspectives, consumers are divided into more subdivided consumption circles and different subdivision demands.


Grant F. Reid, President of Mars, said in an exclusive interview with Bloomberg business week recently that the reason why Mars has been growing and stronger in the past 100 years is that we have established emotional ties with consumers. Consumers not only love our products, but also affect the way we operate now. They are willing to work with us to create a better future for all.


From the information disclosed on the official website, we can see that Mars has already started to lay out new measures, including:


  • In the next few years, we will invest 1 billion US dollars to realize the plan of “sustainable development for one generation”;
  • Committed to improving the well-being of families around the world;
  • Operate and share our research to create a better world for pets;


In recent years, the major brands of Mars are practicing the above measures according to their own brand positioning, influencing consumers and changing the world through the output of brand values.

Finally, both the layout and strategy of “her economy” or the planning in other fields are to solve the problems under the background of this era. Only by solving the problems can the brand bring endless vitality, that is, “the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today”.


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