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1. Yili yirantui drinks new milk mineral milk tea with zero sucrose, low fat and added milk mineral salt
2. Senyong Dairy Co., Ltd. has launched tomato flavor yogurt, and the fruit pulp creates a unique taste
3. In Chali tea, you can eat and drink stick milk tea to realize the freedom of milk tea anytime and anywhere
4. Plant selection & daily black push plant milk gift box, the most in tide drink artifact “vegetable with cover” comes
5. Crisp shark carving can be a new series online, providing strong energy supplement
6. Yanjin shop push lock fresh set brine series, 24 hours to do now hair
7. Dexter join hands on Sunday to promote new Chinese style vegetable meat hamburger
8. Three squirrels will build an alliance factory and plan to transform into “dried nuts + selected snacks” brand
9. JDE Peet’s, the world’s second largest coffee group, will invest 110 million euros to expand its capsule coffee business
10. Alibaba’s acquisition of Gaoxin’s retail control with us $3.6 billion
11. Doffer food incubator announced the first investment of four Chinese plant based start-ups
12. Five months after its establishment, new investment was obtained, and oatoat, a brand of vegetable protein drink, completed the financing of a round of pre-A with a level of 10 million yuan
Recently, Yili Yiran launched a new instant milk tea, milk mineral milk tea. New product 0 sucrose, sweet from natural sugar erythritol; milk patented technology to ensure the taste while reducing fat by 50%; adding imported milk mineral salt to help the body supplement calcium; each bottle contains about 1.5 calories of apples. In addition, in terms of packaging design, milk mine milk tea continues the ox horn bottle of Yiran milk mine light drink, and matches the image of IP Hello Kitty, which has a high degree of recognition. At present, the new product has been launched in tmall flagship store, with a price of 90 yuan / 6 bottles.
Yiran is a beverage brand launched by Yili in April 2019, which has created a subdivision category of milk mineral light drink. At present, it has dairy mineral light drink, milk mineral bubble water, and children’s milk mineral beverage – Iran small calcium box.
image source: Yiran flagship store
Recently, Mori dairy industry in Japan a new type of yogurt containing tomato pulp. Although Mori’s unique taste of tomatoes is still not acceptable to consumers, according to the survey. Therefore, moring created this tomato flavor yoghurt to make people who hate tomatoes accept the taste, and then experience the texture and aroma of tomatoes. It is reported that the sales of this type of yoghurt even surpassed the most popular Aloe Yogurt of moring brand in the market.
image source: Senyong dairy official website


According to the latest discovery of foodaily, Chali tea, a high-end tea brand, recently launched a new Bangbang milk tea in tmall store. It selects four kinds of black tea from the world, selects high-quality milk from New Zealand, and uses 200 mesh fine grinding process to ensure nutrition analysis. At the same time, the new product innovatively makes milk tea into lollipop form, which not only avoids the hidden danger of unsafe heating water of milk tea in plastic cup, but also solves the problem of unstable taste of milk tea in instant bag. It only needs to pour 150ml hot water above 85 ℃ for drinking. At present, the series has strawberry flavor, Peach Oolong flavor and Hong Kong style milk tea flavor; the product specification is 160g (20g * 8) / box, and the pre-sale price of double 11 is 108 yuan / 2 box.
photo source: Chali tmall flagship store
Before that, foodaily also introduced a “fairy stick instant tea”, which was jointly launched by teapop and Chester University in the UK. It takes only a few seconds to perfectly restore a cup of exquisite British tea. It was shortlisted for the “best convenient food” award of the World Food Innovation Award in 2019.
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On October 19, Yili’s vegetable milk brand plant selection and chocolate brand daiheiqiao jointly launched the co branded vegetable milk gift box. The original cocoa, banana cocoa and hazelnut cocoa are provided with the exclusive secret recipe by Heiqiao daily. After unscrewing, the powder falls into the bottle and shakes until it dissolves. The product is made of Oriental soybeans and South American cocoa. It does not contain sucrose and white granulated sugar. It aims to create a non burden plant nutrition combination.
The novelty and interesting design of plain matching cap is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this co branding. Before that, foodaily published the “one small bottle cap can increase product sales by 300% in three months”? Take you to the bottle cap black technology! |The article “packaging outpost” introduces many foreign bottle cap innovation cases. Click the above link to view the details.
image source: Yili milk
5、脆脆鲨鲨刻能全新系列上线, 提供强劲能量补充

Recently, Nestle’s chocolate Weihua brand crisp shark has launched a new “crisp shark shark carving energy” nut chocolate Weihua. The product has two flavors of peanut and hazelnut. Chocolate coating and double mixing of nuts are combined with sweet baked Weihua. It is crisp but not sweet and greasy, light sweet and not sticky to teeth.
The new product aims at the new generation of people, and cross-border co branding with the current hot mobile game IP wilderness fighting and popular cartoon IP line friends, hoping to help them quickly recharge energy, ease the fatigue of heavy mental or light physical activities, and recover to a good state.

Recently, Yanjin shop lock fresh series products have been launched, including boneless chicken feet, toothpick duck meat, spicy marinated lotus root slices and spicy marinated beef. This series of products adopt the whole process locking technology, which can be made and distributed 24 hours a day, truly realizing the concept of locking fresh from farm to dining table.
According to the brand introduction, boneless chicken feet are exfoliated by hand, which is sour and spicy appetizer, with rich levels of entrance; toothpick duck meat is selected with small breast of duck and stewed slowly with thick juice to really taste every shredded meat; spicy marinated lotus root slices are carefully cut with fresh lotus root middle section, and the marinated juice is tasty, which is spicy and delicious, not powdery but not waxy; spicy stewed beef is selected with beef tendon, 4mm thick cut, and the muscles and muscles are connected and chewy The bittern is common.
photo source: Yanjin shop

On October 21, Dexter, a western fast food brand, joined hands with China’s vegetable protein meat brand to launch its latest vegetable chicken burger, luxianxian vegetable meat burger, in more than 2600 stores across the country on Sunday, with a retail price of 20 yuan and a member’s tasting price of only 15 yuan.
The theme of “Luxian hamburger” launched by Dexter this time is “Chinese flavor”. It uses typical Chinese ingredients such as rattan pepper and fresh bamboo shoots for seasoning. It also cooperates with Chinese local vegetable meat brand on Sunday. In the circle communication, it also cooperates with local food IP eclipse records and national circle artist Lai Meiyun, fully emphasizing the Chinese flavor of the new product “vegetable Chicken Burger”.  
image source: Monday

On October 19, three squirrels announced that East China supply chain, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, signed an investment agreement with the Management Committee of Anhui Wuwei Economic Development Zone, which will combine with several suppliers and invest 2 billion yuan to build three squirrel alliance factories. In addition, three squirrels will cut 300 SKUs by the end of this year, and plan to transform from a full category brand to a brand of “dried nuts + selected snacks”, according to an interview with the relevant responsible person of three squirrels.
It is reported that at present, the three squirrels have formed a multi category leisure food combination with nuts, dried fruits, baking and meat products as the core categories, and has large single products including Bigen fruit and daily nuts, with nearly 600 SKUs.
9、全球第二大咖啡集团JDE Peet’s将投资1.1亿欧元扩张胶囊咖啡业务

JDE Peet’s, the world’s second largest coffee group, accelerated its expansion after raising $17 billion this year and listing in Europe. Recently, the group announced that it will invest 110 million euro to expand the global capsule coffee production line. This investment will directly increase the coffee production capacity of JDE Peet’s by more than 60%, ensuring that the group can meet the rapidly growing demand of global consumers for capsule coffee in the future. According to the plan, these production lines will be put into operation in the next 18 months. The first one to complete the expansion will be the production line in Andr é zieux, France, which is expected to be completed in the first half of 2021.
image source: Food Business News
On October 19, Alibaba Group announced that it plans to invest HK $28 billion (about US $3.6 billion) through its subsidiary Taobao China to purchase about 51% of Gaoxin retail from Auchan. After the share purchase, alibaba will directly and indirectly hold 72% of the shares of Gaoxin retail and become the controlling shareholder.
This is Alibaba’s largest M & A in the new retail field, and it also means that the digitization of China’s largest supermarket will accelerate again, and the retail industry of the supermarket will usher in the next digital development.
On October 16, Dao Foods International officially announced the launch of Dao foods incubator For the first time in China, we focus on the development of plant-based products for young consumers Xiaowa Zhiyin, a plant-based functional nutrition drink, was developed for children aged 12 years.
In September this year, doffer Food International announced the formal establishment of Dao foods venture fund I, and said that it would support and invest in 30 alternative protein food start-ups rooted in the mainland of China in the next three years.


It is reported that oatoat, a brand of vegetable protein beverage, has recently completed a round of ten million level pre-A financing. This round of financing is exclusively invested by IMO ventures, and the funds will be mainly used for product development and supply chain improvement.
Oatoat was founded in May this year. Not long ago, it just completed the angel round financing led by Huachuang capital and co invested by the only capital. The total amount of two rounds of financing reached tens of millions of yuan. Oatoat hopes to re define vegetable protein drinks and promote the category of public consumption drinks by simplifying ingredients without adding or adding less food additives, so as to restore the original purity and nature of food.
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