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Magic claw functional beverage: five brand secrets revealed by a channel photo

products on the shelf, what are some views?
This is a picture. Look at it for 10 minutes. How many mysteries can you find?
Claws and Red Bull together
Magic claw is the functional beverage brand of Coca Cola company. If Coca Cola is so famous according to the idea of ordinary enterprises, it should be better to put magic claw beside Coca Cola.
We should publicize to all consumers: Magic claw is a brand of Coca Cola. Coca Cola has been a big brand for more than 100 years. That small Thai brand can’t compare with us. Coca Cola’s functional beverage is a better product.
Companies have every reason to do so, because they get the same answer when they ask anyone around them. The decision maker is in the information cocoon room, what he hears is the information that caters to his internal thinking. The reason is also simple: it is possible to make a mistake to raise an objection, and certainly not to pander to the opinions of decision makers.
Even if brand decisions are wrong, it’s safe to cater to the position and salary of one side. This determines that decision makers receive real information very much. The main focus of the court drama is the mutual speculation, catering and trial between the emperors and ministers, because there is such a reality in enterprises now.
Fortunately, Coca Cola did not. They knew that consumers were buying energy drinks, not coke. No matter how well-known Coca Cola is, it can only be equal to coke instead of functional drinks. The best way to let consumers know that magic claw is a functional drink is to put it next to red bull.
We reinterpret the concept of “brand loyalty”: brand loyalty is not the loyalty of consumers to brands, but the loyalty of brands to consumers.
If consumers are loyal to the brand, there is no need for Coca Cola to acquire new brands to make functional drinks. Instead, using new brands to make new products is the loyalty of the company and brand to consumers. The view that consumers will “buy my products, pass on my reputation, buy all the products of my brand” is the arrogance of internal thinking.
But why do people believe this view? Because it caters to the arrogance of decision makers.
The talons are on the right side of Red Bull
What consumers buy is category, and brand is the representative of category. In other words, consumers buy functional drinks, and Red Bull has become the representative of functional drinks. At this time, consumers will choose red bull.
If it is necessary to talk about consumer loyalty, then consumer loyalty is category rather than brand. So for magic claw, the best way to let consumers know that they are functional drinks is to put them next to red bull.
Why is it on the right?
Because it’s easy to handle. 99% of Chinese people are right-handed. We all say “left-handed” and no one says “right-handed”. It is said that in ancient times, human beings used their left hand to protect their heart and fight with others with their right hand, thus forming the right-handed habit.
In the channel fees of the supermarket, the bottom and top positions are cheap, and the location convenient for consumers to take during walking is the highest. And this height is placed on the right side of mainstream brands, which is the most convenient for consumers to take off the shelves.
According to the data survey, many consumers originally went for red bull, but they took the magic claw by mistake because the right side was more convenient. What’s the number? 13%。 Just because of wrong taking, it increased the sales of magic claw by 13%.
The color of the claws is the same
Why the same color?
Because humans are born to like things with large color blocks, which is a habit formed by long evolution.
Foods with obvious colors and larger color blocks are often nutritious and mature. On the contrary, those with disordered color blocks – green on one side and red on the other side – mean that they are not mature or even toxic.
Therefore, the centralized placement of color blocks is more likely to attract attention and become the first choice. If you ask the wandering consumers whether they will choose the products with concentrated colors, they will be at a loss, but this is our subconscious and our habit instinct.
Because those early humans who didn’t collect nutritious, mature foods are gone, and their genes won’t be passed down. This is also the reason why modern people are addicted to sugar. In the evolution of millions of years, sugar is not easy to get, and fruits containing sugar are easy to rot. the most reasonable way is to eat as much sugar as possible.
This leads to modern people’s dependence on sugar even if they are not short of sugar. All the people who can survive are those who are addicted to sugar and pay more attention to big color block food. Their survival strategies are concentrated in genetic genes and passed on to consumers in modern society.
Talons pay more attention to their own visual hammer
If you look closely, you’ll find that the bottom two shelves are packed in large packages. A bag of six or eight bottles, the purpose of this packaging is to facilitate consumers to buy the whole package.
Magic claw put its own visual hammer in a more important position: first, the visual hammer was printed on the large package, and then placed outward.
Red Bull also has its own visual hammer, which can be seen in various extreme sports. But it is not reflected in the product design and channel placement.
Human beings collect information by sight, not by hearing, not by words.
However, in the information environment of decision makers, they all rely on words and hearing to collect information, and then they will think that consumers will be influenced by words.
During World War II, U.S. General Eisenhower said that the end of World War II had to wait until the printing paper of the Warring States ran out. It can be seen that modern companies are deeply affected by documents. If we measure the internal information environment of the company, we will find that we are surrounded by documents, words, tables and data every day.
Naturally, we would think that the same is true of consumers. This makes us ignore the value of visual information transmission.
Instead of listing a lot of data and cases, just do an experiment now: think about the name of your high school monitor. Most of the time you can’t remember, but usually you remember what he looked like.
Visual memory is more powerful than verbal memory. In all writing courses, you will be told one important point: make the text description have a picture. Good words are the words that make the picture in your mind.
Obviously, Coca Cola knows this. Even on cans, there are visual hammers for curved bottles. Because the curved bottle is their valuable brand asset.
The best one in China is tmall mall. They use their own visual hammers at all points of contact that reach the consumer.
Magic claw is another energy drink
That’s the most important thing.
Red Bull is a short and strong model of appearance, with the red and yellow visual design, gives a strong impression. The talons stand on the opposite side: tall and thin, green.
Of course, it’s not just these. Red Bull sponsors skydiving, racing and other extreme sports, while magic claw sponsors video games. The latter is what young people are paying attention to. The Coca Cola Company obviously learned Pepsi’s moves: Pepsi cut its own market with young coke, but now magic claw uses its young energy drink to cut red bull’s market.
The success of Lehu and Dongpeng is due to their low-cost flanking battle. Low price products with large packaging occupy the low-end market.
These two products obviously launched an offensive war against the leading brand, but we think it is the wrong strategy. Because we can’t see any difference in product packaging: consumers will regard canned Lehu and Dongpeng as imitations of Red Bull.
This phenomenon also exists in herbal tea category: Deng Lao, Bawang, Huang Zhenlong and other brands that follow Wang Laoji have failed. The only thing that breaks through the blockade of leaders is Heqizheng, whose main product is large packaging. The slogan is very clear: the big bottle is more enjoyable.
Magic claw is another functional drink different from red bull. This is the most important point. You have more experience and execution in the channel display, and you embody the visual hammer in the packaging, which may be seen and copied by red bull.
However, the unique packaging and positioning of magic claw cannot be imitated by red bull. Just like Banu hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, Maodu hotpot emphasizes that products are its own characteristics, which makes Haidilao unable to follow: Banu has five kinds of tripe, Haidilao also has it, and banau has 10 kinds of tripe? Haidilao continued to follow him and became a Banu.
In short, magic claw’s brand strategy is very smart. After all, Coca Cola has lived for more than 100 years. It can’t be all luck.
Author: Zhang Zhiyu; source: Zhiyu brand positioning (ID: zhiyupinpaidingwei), reprinted has been authorized.
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