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Rabobank announced the shortlisted brands of incubators to see how the food “Xiaomeng Xinren” are going to subvert the industry?

recently, foodbytes, the food industry incubation platform of Rabobank, announced 45 food start-ups shortlisted for 2020 foodbytes! Pitch, mainly involving FMCG, food technology and agricultural science and technology. Now foodaily will take you to find out!

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Will the uncontrollable global epidemic situation worsen the investment environment of the food and beverage industry? If the risk tolerance is lower, will investment become more cautious?
In response, Anne greven, head of global food and agricultural innovation at Rabobank, said: “there are still funds for promising and promising start-ups, especially those key technologies or products that can address systemic challenges in the food sector. Although the financing cycle of start-ups will be prolonged under the epidemic situation, we believe that the investment environment of this industry is still better than that of other industries due to its anti cyclical characteristics. “
Recently, the food industry incubation platform foodbytes of Rabobank announced 45 food start-ups shortlisted for foodbytes! Pitch in 2020, mainly involving FMCG, food technology and agricultural science and technology. Now let foodaily take you into foodbytes! Pitch, mainly through FMCG and food technology. From a global perspective, which food start-up areas are worth paying attention to?
On the FMCG field of the shortlisted Enterprises
Plant based, sustainable, healthy, are still key trends
Foodbytes is a subsidiary of Rabobank, which aims to promote the development of food, agricultural integration and agricultural science and technology. Through this platform, leaders and investors in the food industry can be connected with start-ups, which can promote the connection between the whole food and agricultural value chain, boost the innovation and subversion of start-ups in the food chain, and solve the future facing of mankind in a sustainable way More food challenges.
There are 15 enterprises shortlisted in the field of fast consumption of foodbytes
Three health drinks, including h2ops
Edible tableware planeter
Vegetable protein and dairy products: Evo foods, sweet foods, etc
Gluten free frozen food — Cocina 54
Sustainable food agricycle Global
Sustainable drinks – Agua Bonita and other 5
H2ops: hops + water, make indulgence and social health
Image source: Google
Founded in 2014, h2ops was founded by Paul tecker, a US brewer with 15 years of experience, and won the annual beverage industry innovation award in 2018.
H2ops products are made of hops, Zero sugar, zero alcohol, water and refreshing, pursuit of aroma, no bitterness. The taste and aroma of hops can be refreshing. It is very suitable for office, party and other scenes. It is an excellent alternative for drinking. In addition, whole food supermarket also listed hops beverage as one of the hot trends in the future.
Currently, h2ops products are sold in craft retailers and natural food supermarkets in the United States, with an online retail price of $8.99/4 bottles.
Planeter: can a spoon be eaten?
Planeter is a manufacturer of edible tableware, which uses plant-based non transgenic materials, such as wheat, oats, corn, chickpeas, brown rice, etc., to produce edible tableware with stable structure in hot and cold food.
At present, this edible spoon is available in Amazon in four flavors: black pepper, chocolate, vanilla and pepper, and the price is $14.49/20 sticks.
Evo foods: in the future, can plant-based foods replace all animal bases?
Image source: Google
Evo foods is a sustainable, healthy and delicious food company based on advanced food technology. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India. At present, the first product to be launched is plant-based egg, and other plant-based products will continue to be launched in the future.
Please: plant based cheese pizza, advocating sustainability
Image source: Google
Please is a company specializing in the production of plant cheese. Their cheese is currently mainly used in the production of pizza. While adhering to the concept of healthy diet and environmental protection, they do not forget to meet consumers’ demand for delicious food, and are committed to creating plant-based cheese that can replace traditional cheese.
The main features of plexe cheese are allergen free and environmentally friendly. The main raw material of its cheese production is soybean protein, and the production process is free from common allergens such as wheat and nuts, so that all children and adults can enjoy the sweet cheese products without worry. In addition, the company has launched a “reforestation” program, in which a tree will be planted for every box of cheese sold to help promote environmental sustainability.
Cocina 54: Delicious crispy dumplings with maximum nutrition retention
Image source: Google
American brand Cocina 54 was founded in 2017, and the company mainly produces crisp dumplings. Taking “starting from scratch, inheriting inspiration” as the tenet, the company insists on making dumplings from scratch with the minimum processing materials, and retains the original flavor of the ingredients. In addition, the company uses gluten free food materials for baking processing, providing more diversified consumption options for special groups.
At present, the company is selling crisp dumplings with four flavors: beef, spicy beef, cheese spinach and pepper chicken. The price is $59.99/12 packs.
I am ground: looking for new business opportunities in abandoned coffee fruits
Image source: Google
I am ground is a company specializing in coffee fruit recycling and snack sales. In the process of processing coffee beans, the surrounding materials will be discarded, but it is rich in polyphenols, which can help to strengthen the human immune system and has potential nutritional value. I am ground uses this as raw material to produce natural healthy snacks, which not only reduces waste and improves resource utilization, but also enriches the value of coffee planting industry chain.
At present, the company has only launched one product, which has three flavors, namely, sesame coffee, coconut lemon and almond cocoa, with the price of 44.95 USD / 10 packets.
Riff cold brewed: a sustainable natural energy drink made from coffee pulp
Image source: Google
Riff cold brewed is a coffee making company in the United States. In 2018, the company launched the ready to drink coffee series, and recently launched alter ego, a natural energy drink made from coffee pulp. Riff cold brewed hopes to achieve 100% utilization of coffee, increase the sustainability of the coffee industry, reduce the impact on the environment, and provide consumers with a clean label energy drink.
Agua Bonita: Sustainable cold pressed juice
Agua Bonita is a company mainly engaged in the production of cold pressed fruit juice in Mexico. Different from the production of traditional fruit juice, the company makes the waste agricultural products into a more healthy and 100% fruit juice instant drink with the local flavor of Mexico. It really brings fresh agricultural products and the concept of sustainable development to consumers. At present, the company is selling two kinds of drinks, watermelon and cucumber, at the price of 10 dollars / 4 cans.
Preliminary study on the shortlisted Enterprises: the field of food science and technology
The newly established companies shortlisted in the field of food science and technology have developed unique meat production technology (cell-based), natural coating technology (extending food shelf life), sustainable antibacterial packaging technology (replacing plastic with animal shells), sustainable packaging, food safety and traceability, cleaning label colorants, etc. In addition, food safety technology, improved nutritional products and online store market also provide effective supply and timely service for the special needs of Xinguan epidemic, fully reflecting its broad market prospects.
Carapac: replacing plastics with animal shells
Carapac was born in the “inventing the future program” of the University of Sydney. Its founders Michelle Demers, Jared wood and Kimberly Bolton combined their expertise in agriculture, chemical engineering and commerce to develop a sustainable antibacterial packaging technology for food and tableware packaging using animal shells instead of plastic.
The utilization of crustacean shells is in line with the concept of sustainable development. The natural embedded antifungal properties can effectively prevent the growth of mold, thus extending the shelf life of food. In addition, the packaging is highly and rapidly degradable in both soil and sea, and will not have a negative impact on the environment.
Future meat technologies: cellular artificial meat
Image source: Google
FMT, founded in 2018, has developed the technology of directly extracting cells and tissues from animals and cultivating meat products in the laboratory. Traditional cell culture meat technology needs transgenic production, while FMT technology can produce cell culture meat without gene editing.
It is reported that in the past two years, the company has completed seed round investment and $14 million of round a financing. Next, FMT plans to launch a blend of plant meat and cultivated fat to provide safe, healthy and nutritious artificial meat that can restore the aroma and flavor of real meat.
New development trend
From the main business scope of the 45 startups shortlisted by foodbytes! Pitch, we can see three new development trends in the global food field: more and more attention and improvement of health and safety, sustainable development of environmental protection, and intelligent development of industry.
Improvement of health and safety level
Food safety has always been the focus of food industry development. The broad sense of “food safety” includes food quantity safety and food quality safety. In terms of food quantity, in view of the global food shortage and food shortage, upgrading the development of technologies such as reconstituted food technology and artificial meat can help reduce food waste and ensure food supply; in terms of food quality and safety, Food Traceability Technology and clean label type food ingredients can be seen in the shortlisted food start-ups, which also shows that the food industry has great potential Production is moving towards transparency and standardization.   
The heat of “sustainable” can not be lower than
At present, green environmental protection is the general trend of economic development in various countries, and the food industry is no exception. The application of edible tableware and sustainable packaging in the field of food reduces the manufacturing cost and pollution control cost of related enterprises, and promotes the production and manufacturing of food into a multi profit process.
Development of industrial intelligence
At present, the Internet, machine learning, big data, Internet of things and other new information technologies have achieved continuous breakthroughs, which also laid the foundation for the intelligent food industry. Among the agricultural technology start-ups shortlisted by foodbytes! Pitch, there are many enterprises that use image analysis technology, machine learning technology, agricultural big data and other advanced technologies to monitor agricultural planting. The development of intelligent food industry will greatly reduce the labor and operating costs, improve the production efficiency and product quality of enterprises, and achieve the improvement of overall benefits.
In addition, from the product categories operated by many companies in the field of sustainable consumer goods, it can be found that a large number of food products such as plant meat, gluten free snacks and health drinks are emerging in large quantities. This also reflects that under the guidance of the concept of healthy consumption, food manufacturing companies are constantly promoting the transformation and layout of green health products, and their categories will continue to expand.
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