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The stock price of Maotai plummeted. The law enforcement officers of lucky special group were praised. The legal representative of Diageo in China was changed. Zhong said that it continued to cultivate the water and vaccine industry, and Danone newdihia was newly acquired

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Maotai, Guizhou Province, fell 5.6% today. As of today’s closing, the decline narrowed to 4.22%, and the stock price was 1643 yuan.

Guizhou Maotai made a net profit of 33.827 billion yuan in the first three quarters, and Guizhou Provincial Department of Finance may cash in more than 28 billion yuan (China Securities Journal)

Yesterday, Guizhou Maotai three quarter report, operating income and net profit maintained double-digit growth year-on-year. In the first three quarters, the company realized a net profit of 33.827 billion yuan, equivalent to a daily profit of 124 million yuan. It is worth noting that Guizhou state owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd., the third largest shareholder newly added in the fourth quarter of 2019, reduced its holding of 16752585 shares in the third quarter of this year. If the average price of Guizhou Maotai in the third quarter was 1678.75 yuan / share, the reduction would realize 28.1234 billion yuan. At the same time, Guizhou Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd., which ranked as the 10th largest shareholder at the time of the interim report, has withdrawn from the list of top 10 shareholders in Maotai, Guizhou in the third quarter. Guizhou Provincial Department of finance is the ultimate beneficiary of Guizhou state owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Auspicious team’s outstanding performance and law enforcement officers praised (China market regulatory daily)

Today, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued a circular praising 43 outstanding law enforcement officers who participated in the Ruixing coffee ad hoc group. According to reports, in April this year, after the financial fraud problem of lucky coffee was exposed, the market supervision administration quickly set up a special group, and transferred more than 100 local law enforcement personnel to launch investigation on Ruixing coffee suspected of false trading and unfair competition in Beijing, Shanghai and Fujian at the same time. From June 1 to 10, the ad hoc group carried out the second stage of on-site investigation, suspended the change and cancellation of 72 enterprises, inquired about 58 people involved in the case, made 106 records, retrieved and sorted out the bank transaction flow of 117 accounts of 62 enterprises, improved the chain of evidence, and comprehensively checked the details of the capital flow of lucky caffeine and the whole process of fraud.

Zhongpei, chairman of Nongfu Shanquan: the future will continue to cultivate the water and vaccine industry (daily business daily)

According to the news of the day before yesterday, the fourth world Hangzhou business conference held its launching ceremony online and offline for the first time. Zhong Zhen, the winner of “meritorious Hangzhou business” and chairman and general manager of Nongfu Shanquan Co., Ltd., revealed at the meeting that in the future, the enterprise will continue to cultivate the water and vaccine industry and make an article on human health. “The embodiment of Hangzhou business spirit should be to firmly achieve the ultimate goal of one thing, to be the industry first and to be the world leader.” He said.

Change of legal representative of Diageo International Wine Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (industrial and commercial information)

According to the industrial and commercial information, the legal representative of the company was changed to Ingber Randall David on October 23, and the original legal representative was Gabor zeisler. The record of directors also changed, including Jiang Leifeng’s withdrawal and the addition of coppin Glen Alan.

Net profit of three squirrels increased by 161.72% (company announcement)

On Friday, three squirrels released their third quarter 2020 results. According to the financial report, the company’s revenue in the third quarter was 1.979 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 10.16%; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 76 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 161.72%.

Wandashan Dairy Party committee held a special meeting to promote listing (company news)

On the afternoon of October 22, Wandashan Dairy Party committee held a special meeting on listing work. Wang GUI, member of the Party committee and deputy general manager of Beidahuang agricultural reclamation Group Co., Ltd. (General Administration of agricultural reclamation), Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Wandashan Dairy Industry Co., Ltd., presided over the meeting and stressed that we should act with one mind and do our best to accelerate the listing work, further broaden the financing channels, enhance the enterprise value, and strive to be the leader and high-quality development of the “capital + industry” integration development in the reclamation area Advance army.

Nestle withdraws from shareholders of Shanghai Nestle drinking water company (financial sector)

According to financial reports, tianyancha app showed that on October 21, Shanghai Nestle drinking water Co., Ltd. underwent industrial and commercial changes, and the original shareholder Nestle Co., Ltd. withdrew and a new shareholder, Qingdao beer Youjia health drink Co., Ltd., was added. In addition, the enterprise type is changed from a limited liability company (wholly owned by a foreign legal person) to a limited liability company (solely invested or controlled by a non natural person); the legal representative is changed from Matthias wolfram Riehle to Lu Xujun. In general business items, the original “wholesale, retail (branch only), online retail and import and export business of food, Nestle and its brand gifts are cancelled, and relevant supporting services are provided.”.

PepsiCo and Nemo reach strategic cooperation (company news)

Recently, PepsiCo (hereinafter referred to as “Pepsi”) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nemo to speed up the layout of dining scenes. PepsiCo believes that the cloud lifestyle created in the special period is breaking the boundaries of online and offline consumption scenarios. Digital life is a trend of mass consumption and an opportunity for business development. The company hopes to link the online and offline channels of famo line, deeply penetrate the whole chain of near-field consumption of dining scenes, and upgrade the experience of consumers’ digital dining scene, “aiming to boost the development pattern of Pepsi everywhere.”.

Tianrun dairy and Bachu County cooperate to build 5000 dairy farms (China Securities Network)

Tianrun Dairy Co., Ltd. announced a few days ago that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Bachu County People’s Government on dairy farming projects. The latter, according to the company’s dairy farming needs, designs and builds 5000 standardized cow breeding demonstration projects and supporting ancillary facilities, and leases them to Tianrun dairy industry. The construction period of the project is from January 2021 to December 2021.

Donne Dole may be sold to inspire brands (Reuters)

Dunkin ‘Donuts and Dunkin’ Brands Group Inc, the parent company of Baskin Robbins, are in talks with inspire brands, which owns a number of catering brands, on the sale of the company, according to foreign media today, but no deal has been guaranteed. Sources said the deal under discussion valued Dunkin ‘Brands Group Inc at $106.50 a share. Inspire brands declined to comment on the news. It is understood that a deal could be announced as early as Monday. Inspire brands was founded in 2018 and is controlled by private equity firm Roark capital.

Coca Cola Europe plans to buy Coca Cola Australian bottling company for us $6.6 billion (Reuters)

Coca Cola’s European partner CCEP has made a $9.28 billion (US $6.6 billion) bid for Coca Cola amatil Ltd., a European partner, according to Reuters today. The price was lower than the market valuation in February. The deal will combine two companies that bottle and distribute coca cola drinks, providing scale, operational efficiency and greater geographical expansion. In the long run, the deal provides a platform for further integration in Asia, an analyst at investment bank Jeffrey said in the report.

Unilever plans to invest more in digital marketing

According to foreign media news, Unilever CEO Qiao Anlu said in a conference call last week on the third quarter financial report that the company plans to increase spending and strengthen digital marketing. The company increased marketing spending in the third quarter and plans to continue doing so in the next quarter. The company also plans to help employees develop “human intensive marketing” skills.

Kraft Heinz chief growth officer leaves (company news)

Kraft Heinz announced on Friday that Nina Barton, its chief growth officer, has decided to leave the company to look for other career opportunities. She agreed to continue to work in the company until May 31, 2021, and will assume a new position as strategic adviser from November 30, 2020.

Danone Nutricia acquires professional tube feed catering supplier (Foodbev)

According to foreign media news recently, Danone newdichia announced that it had acquired real food blends, a professional tube feeding catering supplier. The latter provides a range of meals for people who need tube feeding and is committed to providing nutritious food and 100% real food ingredients through its product portfolio.

Diageo launches Guinnes non alcoholic beer (Foodbev)

After four years of development, Diageo will launch its flagship brand Guinness beer in the UK later this month, foreign media reported. Guinness 0.0 is a low calorie option, with 70 calories per 440 ml cans, according to the brand. Starting from the spring of 2021, the product will be sold in pubs in Ireland and the UK, and further promotion is planned for the international market in the second half of 2021.

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Amendment to criminal law of the people’s Republic of China

The 22nd Meeting of the 13th Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress deliberated on the amendment to the criminal law of the people’s Republic of China (11) (Draft for the second deliberation). From the content of the second review draft, the provisions on the crime of dereliction of duty in food and drug supervision have changed significantly compared with the draft issued in July this year, and the provision of “failing to discover the major hidden danger of food and drug safety in the supervision and management area” has been cancelled. Article 39 is shown in the figure below.

Beijing opens cold chain food traceability platform, no sales without traceability data

Today, Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision and administration and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued a circular to promote the application of “Beijing cold chain food traceability platform” to realize the traceability management of imported frozen meat and aquatic products. The circular requires that, from November 1, 2020, the production and operation units of imported cold chain food in Beijing should truthfully upload the traceability data of imported frozen meat and aquatic products in the “Beijing cold chain”, and implement the electronic traceability code assignment and labeling. For the relevant products that have not uploaded the traceability data, the production and operation units of imported cold chain food in this city shall not purchase, sell and use.

The inspection team of Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau went to Chenzhou to inspect the operation and supervision of special dispensing and infant formula powder (official website of Chenzhou Municipal People’s Government)

According to the official website of Chenzhou Municipal People’s government, the deputy director of the food evaluation center of Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau recently led a team to Chenzhou to inspect and guide the operation and supervision of formula food for special medical purposes and infant formula milk powder. The inspection team successively went to Chenzhou Economic Development Zone, Beihu district and Guiyang County to conduct on-the-spot inspections on infant distribution wholesale enterprises, retail pharmacies, supermarkets, mother and infant stores and other business units, focusing on the business qualification, operating conditions, implementation of purchase inspection record system, establishment of purchase and sales account, product label identification, display and sale of special area (counter), in store advertising and food safety Implementation of relevant systems.

Ant group’s fund raising reaches a new high (Reuters)

Chinese financial technology giant ant Technology Group announced today that its initial public offering (IPO) on the Shanghai Science and technology innovation board was priced at 68.8 yuan per share. Based on this calculation, regardless of the over allotment option, ant raised 114.945 billion yuan, a new record of a shares. According to sources, ant group’s IPO in Hong Kong and Shanghai is about $35 billion, which will surpass Saudi Aramco’s record of $29.4 billion in December last year and is expected to become the largest IPO in the world.

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