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Coax the baby’s artifact — love Mo dissolves the bean to attack, is the heart feeling

In 2020, with the rise of “healthy China” as the national policy, China can be said to be the first year of upgrading the national health awareness. The whole country is worried about health, and the pursuit of health has become a national consensus, “health” has also become the core keyword of the current stage of the consumer market.
Shandong Ai Mo Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shandong love Mo”), from the perspective of consumer health, uses pure authentic materials to study innovative product technology. The series of products that are released are not added preservatives, flavors, pigments and other substances, and become children’s favorite products that are nutritious, healthy and delicious.
Win by quality and innovate constantly
“A gentleman’s dispute, such as archery, is not to blame for shooting himself if he is not hit.”. Shandong Aimo has been advocating healthy competition and won the favor of consumers with its unique advantages.
At present, the biggest advantage of Shandong Aimo is to develop raw materials together with upstream suppliers. General manager Yang En said: “in the category of baked and dissolved beans, we are the only enterprise that can achieve such deep integration of resources. This also shows that our quality and taste have a certain threshold.”
Raw materials are the key to the quality of products. Shandong Aimo selects high-quality protein powder produced by Zhongnong Xinghe standardized layer breeding base and New Zealand milk powder from New Zealand Fonterra group as raw materials to mash carefully selected high-quality fruits.
From raw materials to finished products, aimodu Shandong implements the strictest production monitoring with the highest safety standards, and uses modern production processes and automatic equipment to produce food that gives consumers the most confidence.
At the same time, Shandong Aimo is about to pass ISO9001 and HACCP management system certification. As an enterprise focusing on food production for many years, “Aimo” pursues excellent creative spirit and quality spirit of striving for perfection in every production link.
At present, the company’s star products are small yellow hat Aimo dissolved beans and small fresh bean boxes. These two products implement Aimo spirit, convey the correct food safety concept to the public, produce safe and reassuring food with conscience, and serve the society with first-class detection technology.
Under the guidance of Aimo spirit, xiaohuangmao Aimo Douer and rongdouer small fresh box have carried out the following innovations:

1. Airtight, oxygen free, fresh lock;

2. Double sealing to keep nutrition;

3. One box at a time, light and convenient;


1. The process food materials are upgraded and melted at the entrance;

2. Upgrade the original overseas probiotics strains suitable for infants and young children, which is safer and more effective;

At the same time, Shandong Aimo is cooperating with the top domestic nutrition fortifier manufacturers to develop new products, committed to providing more nutritious and delicious new products for babies.
Follow the trend and focus on the production of baby’s favorite soybeans
Everyone in Aimo Shandong has a heart that really wants to make a good product. Yang En said, “we have always been making Douer with awe. We hope to provide high-quality and healthy products to children all over the country, so that they can grow healthily and healthily.”
It is in this mood that Shandong Aimo has invested 20 million yuan in upgrading the production environment and equipment, continuously strengthening production management and introducing more and more excellent partners.
Shandong Aimo adheres to the business policy of “taking category innovation as the guide, professional management as the basis, and consumer satisfaction first as the purpose”. It adheres to the business philosophy of “love gives food and food like moral character”. From the beginning of its establishment, it has paid attention to the first-line marketing of the market, and has invested a lot of supervision and maintenance on the market price coil, and truly cares about the core interests of cooperative dealers Benefit.

Over the years, Shandong Aimo has always focused on product quality, adhere to the business philosophy of excellent quality and intimate service, and attract investment from all over the country.
In order to provide dealers with more high-quality products, Shandong Aimo, aiming at 1-4-year-old school-age children, adopts foreign traditional technology and unique baking technology to research and develop instant soya beans. It is the most rapidly soluble product among the known products in the market at present, with no risk of food safety.
At the same time, add fresh puree and compound probiotics to the dissolved beans, and supplement vitamins and other nutrients when children are inconvenient to eat fruits, so as to promote the healthy growth of babies.
Of course, Aimo Douer is small and cute, which is easy for children to grasp. It can be called a new kind of baby coax artifact of Baoma, which is deeply loved by consumers.
3. Pragmatic foundation to improve product quality
Shandong Aimo rongdou is suitable for stores, CVs, circulation, and Tetong (mother, baby, bakery) channels, especially in supermarkets. In this regard, Yang En explained: “the main reason is that there are no similar products in the market. Once they are tasted and displayed, amo rongdou is widely sought after by consumers.
At present, RT mart, Yonghui, Suguo, and his wife are very fast. ” At the same time, Shandong Aimo started operation in Jingdong self operated, tmall flagship stores and Jingdong flagship stores, striving to cultivate its own e-commerce team and help the market.
Shandong Aimo, founded in 2013, is still a young and dynamic innovative enterprise. Yang En said: “our enterprise is very young. Although it is the first brand of baked and dissolved beans, we are still in the stage of laying foundation. Only by consolidating the foundation can we have a tall building.
In the future, we will continue to increase investment in Aimo brand, continue to improve product quality, and gradually enrich our product categories, so as to bring more and better products to consumers who like Aimo brand. “
In the future, Aimo food, which is known as the food market with exquisite technology, scientific management, strict quality control and excellent quality assurance, will continue to stand among the strong with the enterprise spirit of integrity, innovation, unity and pragmatism in the process of rapid development and meet new challenges.
Investment telephone:
Cao zhigang-13633169339 – Sales Director

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Editor in chief: Li Jun

Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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