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Instant food awakes, noodles boil

The change of consumption scene in
is the situation of deconstruction of different consumption demands. From hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot to pig bone ramen, “convenience food” is no longer purely convenient.

You may not know that from January to July this year, the snail powder sold in Liuzhou alone reached 15.35 million yuan.


This is 16 times of the total export value of snail powder in 2019. This is the official data of Liuzhou customs. Not only in terms of export volume, but also 52 batches of snail powder were exported.


During the epidemic period, the supply of snail powder brands increased, which is good news for overseas students, because last year, in the Chinese supermarket in London’s Chinatown, they may only find one brand of snail powder; even if they move to the online Zhongchao supermarket, they have few choices. At the price of more than 40 yuan a bag, most people choose to go back to the domestic online shopping platform and find overseas transport companies to make orders. However, when they grow up in two weeks, the psychological compensation for food is greatly delayed.


The floating of snail powder across the sea seems smooth and reasonable. In July of this year, Du Hua of Lehua entertainment was picked out by netizens and invested in a Guangxi snail powder enterprise. In August, Li Ziqi announced that he would build a factory in Liuzhou. In the first half of the year, the snail powder, which had 26 hot searches, made it difficult to determine who was rubbing heat.


So, why is it always snail powder? We want to follow this question and discuss it


  • What is the driving force behind the snail powder out of the circle
  • Breakthrough of other instant noodle brands
  • Imagination space of Chinese flour noodle market with local characteristics

Why is only snail powder out of the circle
Source: Guide to penguin eating and drinking
Why is snail powder on fire?
Snail powder is a special rice flour of Liuzhou, with sour bamboo shoots, fungus, peanuts, fried beancurd, day lily, fresh and tender vegetables, moderate sour and spicy taste and soup of boiled snails. It has sour, spicy, fresh, cool and hot flavor and the special smell of sour bamboo shoots. This kind of food with regional characteristics adds a new note to Liuzhou.
In 2012, snail powder appeared in China on the tip of the tongue, but there was no big splash at that time; on March 8, 2013, the Taobao store of “Mr. snail powder” was launched, and Mazhong became the first person to sell snail powder in bags on Taobao. Now, the monthly sales of “snail powder”, “haohuanluo” and “luobawang” on Taobao are all 300000 + and the monthly sales of “liziqi snail powder” have reached 1.5 million +.
In the comment area, “same as eating in the store” and “authentic” become the key words, while the hot and dry noodles evaluation of the brand next door is full of such comments as “not as delicious as the store”.
To achieve the same taste of fresh and instant snail powder, it depends on the standardization of snail powder production line.
First, rice noodles. Before the industrial production of snail powder, dried rice flour was a mature commodity. In the southern part of the country, vendors soak the dried rice noodles in advance, then fry and cook them; while in the north, the noodles are fresh.
Secondly, ingredients. Liuzhou has formed a set of “snail powder +” production mode. Three years ago, Baisha acid factory, located in Baisha Town, Yufeng District, Liuzhou City, was still a small workshop. Now its output value has reached 10 million yuan, and more than 6000 mu of beans have been planted alone.
Finally, the soup. “Listen to the opera, listen to the tune, eat noodles and eat soup.” The powder is tasteless. It’s all about a bowl of good soup. Instant snail powder concentrates the bottom of soup by distillation, which is the last small step of industrialization.
With all the elements of fire, lighting this fire still depends on the brand ambition of Liuzhou government.
Five years ago, Liuzhou municipal government started the work of “Liuzhou snail powder” geographical indication certification trademark, which lasted for three years. In 2018, “Liuzhou snail powder” was approved and registered. In addition, Liuzhou has formulated a local standard for bagged snail powder, and has taken out real gold and silver subsidies to encourage everyone to develop e-commerce.
So far, every organ of snail powder has a powerful function supply behind it
The first is the mature supply chain, which has almost the same taste as the restaurant food; the second is that a large number of exposure in various social media and variety show advertisements have squeezed out the sense of existence of noodles in other regions, and quickly seized the opportunity of instant noodle track; the third is the solid Foundation created by the local government.
So the heavy taste monster was able to run hard, and constantly dropped high heat bombs on the animals.

Break through of flour brand segmentation
When snail powder almost instinctively occupies all people’s attention, if your taste is more subtle, you will naturally turn to other flour brands. What they lack is only an opportunity and ambition to break through the regional restrictions. On the premise that the fried flavor can not be copied, soup cooking and sauce mixing are the most benevolent ways to present instant noodles.
According to the “report on consumption trend of tmall food 2020” jointly released by cbndata and tmall food, the growth rate of convenience food is rapid. Through modernization and taste optimization, more and more brands have sprung up in the new track of instant noodles, such as “baijiachenji” of Sichuan and Chongqing hot and sour noodles, “Ramen theory” focusing on Japanese style ramen, and “Baman beef powder” represented by Hunan Changde beef powder.
Ramen said that it was established in 2016 and received 10 million round a financing in March 2018. For Ramen said, it stepped on the right Taobao live. According to official data, sales in 2019 will be 250 million, which is inseparable from Crazy live sales.
Data source: melon
In 30 days, 1854 live broadcasts were conducted, involving 456 bloggers. The crowded numbers constantly suggest that Ramen is growing on a large scale, so that even now it is still flying its taste video.
The fixed price of 20 yuan makes Ramen become a luxury. In the market scenario created by ramen, the main product “pig bone Ramen” is from Japan, and the price in the physical store is at least 30 yuan, which is higher than the acquisition cost of Lanzhou beef noodles and Suzhou noodles.
Therefore, on the same e-commerce pricing, ramen said that they saw the psychological conflict that some people wanted to reproduce at home, which quickly occupied the consumer’s cognition of “pig bone Ramen”. As a result, other brands could only reap the market capacity of the second cognition.
To enlarge the brand map of instant noodles, Baman is definitely a case worth studying.
Funiutang, the predecessor of Baman, was founded in 2014. Hunan beef powder was used to enter the hot Internet catering market at that time. From 2018, the company began to focus on online prepackaged beef powder. In April 2018, the company received tens of millions of RMB round B financing, with the investors of SEMAR investment and shared investment. The official data revealed that the current valuation is 500 million yuan.
At present, the business of instant rice noodles accounts for 30% of the total revenue of Baman, and the company is still a catering company mainly engaged in takeout and catering business. But from the perspective of growth, the business boundary of prepackaged products will be larger.                                
The similarities between ramen and Baman beef powder lie in that they first find a large category of high public awareness as a breakthrough point, and then expand other flavors and varieties horizontally. Porpoise bone ramen and Hunan rice noodles grown up in Changsha relying on net reddening belong to this category.
The opportunity of “big single product” often grows in the immature market. Since Haidilao, Xiaolongkan and other hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot brands launched self heating hotpot in 2017, the whole track has been on fire. Since the launch of hi pot in 2018, it has been on the whole line since the beginning, and it will start to promote offline in 2019. Since “Hi pot”, the brand name is the food itself; then it was highly exposed in film series such as “settling down” and “lost mother”. In addition, Yu Shuxin’s magical oral broadcast quickly opened up consumers’ brand awareness.
From this way of delivery, we can see the secret method similar to the taste of herbs: a large number of focus on the release of star resources, focus on popular TV series, restore the different scenes of food. Cai Hongliang, the founder of zihi pot, is also the founder of baicaowei, one of the “three giants” of Internet snacks.
After a company has a large single product, the ability to expand the category is very important. In this regard, instant noodles should be in line with zihi pot and Xiaolongkan.
At the beginning, the price of “hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot” and “hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot” have been expanded since the “hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot” and “hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot” have been developed since the beginning of “hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot” and “hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot”.
Guangxi and Hunan have their own brand of instant rice noodles, while Jiangxi, which is also a big rice noodle Province, still has akalin for a long time. Two years ago, we searched the e-commerce platform for Nanchang mixed rice noodles, and all the products were dried rice noodles in bulk. “Yangjishanye” is a new brand of instant rice noodles emerging in recent years.
Yangji mountain, located in Yingtan, Jiangxi Province, focuses on local beef noodles and Nanchang mixed noodles. It also makes soup noodles for other parts of Jiangxi Province. The last live broadcast was in July. Li Jiaqi’s 5-minute live broadcast brought sales of 5 million yuan.
This is not the first time that yangjishanye has carried out live broadcasting with goods. Since May this year, yangjishanye has invited the head anchor to carry out three live broadcasts, two for Li Jiaqi and one for Liu Tao.
On its Taobao home page, there are also other local specialties such as “roast beef” and “Guixi nacai”. Yangjishanye obviously needs to expand its cuisine with Jiangxi characteristics.
According to the daily economic news, the company’s current monthly sales volume is about 11 million yuan. The sales volume brought by Li Jiaqi accounts for half of the company’s monthly sales. If the return customers brought by star effect are included, the proportion will be higher.
In the aspect of supply chain, different from the traditional company which takes several years to build factories, the growth of new brands depends on the mature supply chain system and OEM production. In recent years, both Yuanqi forest and Li Ziqi, which have become popular in recent years, rely on OEM production to quickly land their products.
Nowadays, although it is not necessary to have our own supply chain, the supply chain management ability must be good enough to ensure the stability of supply. In 2019, zihi boiler has experienced two out of stock. The first is in April June 2019, with limited capacity leading to out of stock; the second is in the double-12 period in 2019. At 11 o’clock on the evening of double 12, tmall flagship store of self hi pot emptied all products, saying “the whole store is sold out”.
Source: solution consultation
According to the analysis of solution consulting, the market share of the top three companies in the traditional instant noodle market is as high as 80%, which means that it is very difficult for new brands to break through from offline. At this time, the online channel without rent and labor cost becomes the appropriate choice. At present, there are more than 10000 off-line businesses. According to the data released by zihi boiler in January this year, 70% of its sales come from offline dealers.
Since hi pot, ramen said that quickly occupied the top five sales. This is inseparable from the product barriers with special dimensions, and the increasingly rapid consumption upgrading makes the taste barriers between regions more and more blurred.

Imaginative space for instant food
In the 1990s, McDonald’s and KFC entered China and had a huge impact on Chinese food, which was not devastating, but stimulated the standardization process of Chinese food.
Macon’s standardized production and operation is a textbook example. It is the world’s largest frozen French fries manufacturer with more than 60 processing plants on six continents, producing nearly one third of the world’s chips. This kind of factory style mass production has stimulated the standardization and branding of Chinese fast food such as rice, noodles and dumplings.
The epidemic is the turning point of the whole convenient food market, which has educated the market and consumers. Emerging brands enjoying a wave of growth should speed up the laying of all channels, and expand horizontally through product innovation, so as to realize the growth.
For instant noodle brands, in the market where new consumer brands gather, it is necessary to have the sensitivity of social media communication.
For example, Sprite noodles. It was originally a creative dish made by Huang Lei in the variety show “yearning for life”. The same recipe appeared on the Internet as soon as the program was broadcast. Single grain saw this business opportunity and cooperated with Sprite and Huang Xiaochu to create “Sprite noodles”. In pinduoduo’s official flagship store, at 0:00 on August 12 last year, this “wanghong noodles” which caused a sensation among netizens was put online and sold out by 2:00 p.m.
Secondly, the product iteration ability of prepackaged food needs to be strong enough. Three and a half coffees, which are considered to enjoy the aesthetic dividend, have been rapidly followed up by Eagle Set Coffee half a year after its launch. The latter has a number of offline stores in Shanghai, and after launching the same cup of 3-second instant coffee, it has grown rapidly.
And then switch to the perspective of consumers, and take instant noodles and other convenient foods which have been growing rapidly in recent years as a whole, we can see the changes within the category.
Behind the change of consumption scene is the situation of deconstruction of different consumption demands. From hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot to pig bone ramen, “convenience food” is no longer purely convenient. You may also need a pan to cook noodles instead of pouring 500ml boiling water into a paper bowl and waiting for five minutes.
In this kind of additional conditions layer by layer, at the same time, more and more people will feel that it is better to order a takeout.
At the end of the day, we will have more refined solutions with Chinese characteristics.
Author: yinwaterfall; source: Wu Juei (ID: esnql520), reprinted with authorization.
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