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“The beginning of the people” high speed rail special train starts a new journey with strategic layout

Start a new journey

High speed rail is the perfect combination of speed and quality; high speed rail creates a happy China. What kind of sparks will come from the combination of China’s high-speed rail and domestic brands? We have the honor to witness! According to the heavy news, the new brand of China’s dairy industry, renzhichu, was launched in October of the golden autumn with the first launch of the “renzhichu” high-speed railway, opening a new journey of enterprise strategic layout and brand upgrading.

Inauguration ceremony of special high speed railway at the beginning of the people

On October 26, 2020, the launching ceremony of the special high-speed rail train at the beginning of Renzhi was held in Nanchang West Railway Station. In his speech, Mr. Fu Xiaobo, general manager of renzhichu group marketing company, said: under the leadership of chairman Li Guoyong for more than 20 years, renzhichu group has achieved rapid development by adhering to the principle of quality first. This high-speed railway named train will be heading to all parts of the country, which undoubtedly adds more multimedia assistance to the brand promotion at the beginning of people’s life. The launch of renzhichu high-speed railway will further enrich and deepen the brand operation mode of Renshi group, and continuously promote the strategic layout of renzichu group driven by quality and innovation. Use global good resources to make Chinese milk powder. For many channels of customers, for thousands of consumers to provide quality products, for the family health services!

General manager of renzhichu Group Marketing Company: Fu Xiaobo gives a speech


With the successful launch of g488 “renzhichu milk powder” high-speed railway from Nanchang West to Beijing West, the high-speed railway will also sail to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen and other parts of the country, covering Beijing Guangzhou line, Yangtze River Delta and other regions, radiating the surrounding areas along the line. All the way, will “China’s good milk powder” to more consumers.

China speed, high speed rail quality

The development of China’s dairy industry has always been ups and downs. Since 2020, domestic brands have focused on offline maternal and infant channels, accelerating the growth in infant powder mixing field, and obvious localization trend. Chinese people also have special expectations for “guofen”. The iterative upgrading of brand communication and quality upgrading are the key points of strategic layout of domestic brand enterprises.

The choice of strategic cooperation with high-speed rail is precisely through the “quality of China’s high-speed high-speed rail” displayed by high-speed rail, and directly reach consumers with high-frequency, so as to rapidly improve brand exposure, recognition and consumer trust. Over the years, through CCTV / Satellite TV, high-speed road signs, Outdoor Wall brand, roadshow / mother class and public welfare activities, combined with the strategic investment of the high-speed railway special train, the brand has been integrated and spread from all aspects and angles, adding more momentum to the enterprise brand construction.


High speed rail in China: the beginning of Chinese brand

As a partner of China’s high-speed rail, we have inherited the classic “Three Character Classic” at the beginning of the people’s Republic of China. Since its establishment, we have always carried out the business tenet and concept of “making China’s good milk powder with global good resources”. We have selected high-quality global resources according to pharmaceutical standards, and standardized the production of nutritious and healthy food such as formula milk powder and nutritious rice flour with excellent quality. The company has extensive exchanges and cooperation with scientific research institutions at home and abroad and many scientific research institutions. It has “academician workstation”, “Jiangxi nutrition functional food engineering technology research center”, established “Human Nutrition Research Institute”, and “Youfu inspection and testing center” with food / agricultural products dual inspection qualification, which can give enterprises sustainable high-quality products in R & D, production, inspection and other aspects The important guarantee of quality development.

It is understood that the company is still actively promoting the product research, formula development and registration of formula food for special medical purposes, so as to inject new vitality into the transformation and upgrading and strategic layout of the group.


Make Chinese milk powder with good global resources

It is reported that the three series of formula milk powder, namely, jingjiabeibi, aijiabeibi and Youbang, are specially added with precious nutritional elements such as Bb-12 probiotics, OPO structural grease, hydrolyzed whey protein, prebiotic combination, DHA / ARA, taurine and other precious nutritional elements in the product formula; the series of products have been upgraded in the past 20 years, with the help of a unified brand VI system to create a brand new package It has been paid attention to and appreciated by many channel customers and consumers for its scientific and advanced product formula and consistent excellent quality. In October 2020, the new packaged milk powder products will be launched in all major terminal stores in an all-round way, giving thousands of consumers a better quality choice.


New quality, brand set sail

Adhering to quality is the eternal pursuit of enterprises; cooperation with high-speed rail is the starting point of brand new journey. In 2020, with the help of the east wind of the special high-speed railway “milk powder at the beginning of people”, we will take the new speed of China’s high-speed rail, carry forward the good quality of products, and carry forward the mission of “innovating nutritional food with science and technology, serving the health of the whole family”, and open a new chapter of brand upgrading! We have reason to believe: the beginning of people in 2021 will certainly bring better expectations. In 2021, the domestic brands represented by “the beginning of people” will continue to make efforts, and the revitalization of guofen is on the way!


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