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How should distributors manage the 10 billion market of impending food

Interviewing a dealer, he said that we should try not to choose temporary food for special sale, but in reality, many supermarkets have “temporary food counters” for consumers to choose from.
Temporary food refers to the food that is about to reach its shelf life but still within the shelf life, which belongs to the scope of safe food.

our country is mainly divided into six situations:
1 1. Marked shelf life ≥ 12 months, the critical period of food is 45 days before expiration;
2. 6 months ≤ marked shelf life

And the packaged snack drinks sold on the Internet will be longer from the critical period.

For a long time, impending food is a big problem that perplexes dealers and terminals. So, how should we solve this problem?
broaden sales channels
The sales of temporary food is limited by time. If you want to sell better, you can’t do without all kinds of publicity and communication means. Dealers can form a certain scale by establishing wechat groups.

Timely release of food information within the group, guide consumers to order in the group and pick up the goods in the store. Through close cooperation between online and offline, we can quickly complete the sales of temporary food.
At the same time, the sales channels of temporary food are more diversified

1. Channel of old community. The occupancy rate of this kind of community is higher, generally retired elderly people, or, the old community is generally school district housing, the residents have no mortgage pressure, have enough consumption capacity, and have higher acceptance of temporary food.
2. School channel. The school has a large flow of people and is limited by the school, so consumers have less choice, so they are more likely to accept temporary food.

3. Agricultural market channel. The flow of people in the farmer’s market is very stable, and most of them are housewives and elderly people, so they are also trying to get cheap. Temporary food can effectively improve the sales volume in the farmers’ market channel.
4. Pedestrian street channel. The general office workers in the weekend or evening, will concentrate in the pedestrian street. When walking, buying some food is a way for many people to relax. In the face of low-cost products, few people can resist the temptation.
special treatment attention scale

Cheap products will naturally attract consumers to stop, but in many people’s subconscious, low price may not be equal to Wumart. Considering the safety problem, many consumers are deterred. Many consumers agree that impending food belongs to the scope of safe food, but they will still avoid it when choosing. More people will choose food with more reliable safety and fresh production date.
Therefore, when making special sale, we should pay attention to the scale. We can quickly sell the temporary food in combination with the way of gift.
In daily life, the most common products such as cans, biscuits, instant noodles, etc., generally have a shelf life of 6-12 months. However, according to the official temporary standard, if the shelf life is one year or more, the critical period is 45 days before the expiration. If the shelf life is 6 months to less than 1 year, the critical period is 20 days before the expiration.
General e-commerce warehouse shelf life more than one-third is difficult to put into storage, general supermarket shelf life more than two-thirds have to be off the shelf.

Therefore, the real on-time goods, not only three or five days, are generally within 1-6 months, they have to be processed in advance. Therefore, many dealers and consumers are worried about safety.
At the same time, dealers should always understand that the sales of temporary food are more dependent on product word-of-mouth and need to rely on stable consumer groups.
Therefore, the special sale of temporary food needs more rapid sales speed, more clear marketing and more extensive publicity than the traditional fast food.
free try

By bundling the temporary food with the normal food, we can not only let the consumers taste the food, but also avoid wasting the temporary food, so as to solve the problems of Le distributors and terminal stores.

strengthen the management of products
Food should be put into storage reasonably, and the products with different shelf life and production date should be classified and marked to avoid confusion of new and used goods.

First of all, it is necessary to establish an interim food self-examination system, and deal with it as soon as possible.

Secondly, special personnel should be assigned to manage the temporary food.

Finally, the dealers should strengthen the management, arrange the salesmen to check the temporary food in the terminal system regularly, and check the inventory regularly to avoid the occurrence of expired food.

To a great extent, the distributor is troubled by the vast number of distributors. The dealers should constantly find effective ending methods to reduce the loss of temporary food.

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Editor in chief: Li Jun

Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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