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Recently, British National yogurt brand m ü ller launched a Icelandic yoghurt light skyr with 0 sugar, 0 fat, high protein and low calorie under its classic light series. The protein content of each cup is as high as 14 g, which has become the highest protein content product launched by the company so far, which is deeply loved by fitness and sports enthusiasts. The product currently contains two flavors: mixed berry fruit (strawberry and Brazil berry) and sea salt caramel flavor with less than 90 kcal per cup.

Friends who have been paying close attention to m ü ller yogurt may know that this is not the first time m ü ller has launched skyr Icelandic yogurt products. As early as June this year, the brand officially entered the skyr yogurt field with m ü ller corner series, and achieved good market response.

In fact, m ü ller, which has a history of 124 years, has occupied a whole European market under the careful management of several generations of family members, and has produced a number of classic pop-up items. It is also affectionately called “British National yogurt” by British consumers.

So, what are the “national products” of this century old brand? Why did m ü ller choose skyr on the way to accelerate innovation? What are the characteristics of skyr yogurt and what are the differences between skyr yogurt and ordinary Greek yogurt? What are the main players in the market at present?

One is popular,

What did m ü ller yogurt do right?

The m ü ller family is quite large. There are corner, light, bliss, rice, frijj, milk, butter and cream. Among them, corner, light, bliss and rice are yogurt product lines, while rice and corner series are often referred to as “net red hot” ones, with rich taste and excellent taste. If you are afraid of the high calorie yogurt, you can choose the light series, which is also very suitable for weight loss and fitness people to enjoy.

Photo source: Honglingjin

Now foodaily would like to introduce some star products of M ü ller family~

1、Müller Rice

M ü ller rice has the “appearance” of yogurt, but its “belly” is a mixture of rice, milk and other ingredients. Strictly speaking, it is not a yogurt product, but a dessert snack. Many British locals like to call it “rice pudding”.

M ü ller rice is not high in calories, about 110 calories per 100g, and low fat content; it is rich in dietary fiber and calcium, and has many flavors, including original, green apple, raspberry, vanilla, strawberry, etc. When eating, you need to mix the pulp and milk evenly, and the taste is very satisfied.

What’s more amazing is that this product is different from ordinary yogurt products. It can be eaten cold or heated. If it is heated in the microwave oven, it also has the feeling of Chinese rice porridge, which is full of milk fragrance.

Image source: Google

2、Müller Corner

M ü ller corner is another star product of M ü ller family. Like its name, this product is to add various ingredients to the corner of the yogurt box, including pulp, chocolate beans, cereal, etc. when eating, just break the corner and pour it into the yogurt and stir it. In this way, the yogurt and the food match are packed separately. The separation of dry and wet is conducive to ensuring the freshness, and the consumers can decide how much to add. They can also enjoy the freshness of pouring the matching food into the yogurt and stirring it, which is delicious and fun.

Previously, m ü ller corner had two series, namely fruit corner and crack corner. In June this year, m ü ller announced the launch of skyr yogurt product corner skyr in the UK in order to meet the growing demand of consumers for skyr products. In particular, this product claims to be the highest protein content in M ü ller corner’s history, with a protein content of 13g per box.

Source: instragram

Michael inpong, director of strategy and marketing at m ü ller yogurt & dessertss, said: “m ü ller corner has been in the UK for more than 30 years and we also want to bring higher quality, delicious yoghurt & Nut & cereal mixed yogurt products to consumers, so we decided to launch an attack on skyr category, and market sales proved that this decision was right.” This move is also aimed at making skyr yogurt snacks and helping m ü ller expand more consumption scenarios.

3、Müller light

M ü ller light is a product line specially designed by M ü ller to capture people who exercise, keep fit and lose weight. Compared with m ü ller corner, in addition to its high protein feature, it has a lot less calories, no more than 99 calories, and no fat.

M ü ller light also launched skyr Series in the middle of this month on the basis of the original m ü ller light? Goodies, green style and other series. This m ü ller light skyr product we introduced at the beginning of this article has become a new attempt of M ü ller light skyr brand in skyr field after m ü ller corner skyr, and has successfully surpassed corner Skyr set a high protein record of 13g, which raised the protein content to 14g again.

Photo source: packaging of the world

“Corner skyr’s positive feedback has given us confidence, coupled with the fact that the country is still in a difficult time, people urgently need reliable brands to provide more and better snacks and snacks that can be eaten at home, so we launched this new product,” Michael inpong said. This is a landmark product in the highly competitive skyr market. M ü ller will change the status quo through first-class product innovation, capability and marketing activities, and drive the development of low-fat yogurt Market in the UK! “


From the speech of Michael inpong, director of strategy and marketing of M ü ller yogurt & dessertss, we can deeply feel the importance and ambition of the brand in skyr field. So, what are the driving factors behind the frequent layout? Let’s first look at skyr yoghurt. Is it possible that skyr yoghurt is also human?

From Iceland to the world,

Skyr yogurt’s brilliant way

As a brand food of Icelanders, skyr can be traced back to Iceland in the 9th century. It is known as “Viking’s super food”. It has the characteristics of no fat, low sugar and high protein. Like the popular Greek yogurt before, skyr is also a whey free yoghurt, but its milk taste and taste are more strong and more acceptable to consumers. Generally, the protein content of Greek yogurt is 2-3 times of that of ordinary yogurt, while the protein content of skyr yogurt is as high as 4 times of ordinary yogurt.

Image source: Google

With the improvement of living standards, consumers pay more and more attention to their own health. Especially since the outbreak of the epidemic, high protein food related to human immunity has attracted wide attention, which also makes brands turn their attention to foods with higher protein content and better health. This makes skyr Icelandic yogurt the focus.

From 2016 to 2019, the price of milk in the United States continued to decline, and the category of yogurt also showed a downturn. According to Nielsen data, U.S. yogurt sales fell by 3.4% in 2019 compared with the previous year, but the compound annual growth rate of Icelandic yogurt in the past four years has reached 51.2%, which is enough to illustrate the consumer’s buying tendency.

Image source: Google

According to innovamarket insights data, since 2014, the number of new skyr yogurt product releases in European market has increased rapidly year by year, with sustained market growth. It is expected that skyr yogurt will soon break away from the niche market and enter the mainstream market.

According to Nielsen data, in 2019, skyr accounted for as much as 24% of the UK yogurt Market, and 20% of the Danish market, while its share in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands was still low, 7%, 2% and 2%, respectively. However, it also shows that skyr Icelandic yogurt still has great market potential and broad development prospects.

Thus, skyr products in the whole yogurt market share is growing, is fully showing its charm to the market. Next, we will introduce some representative skyr brands and products.

With “high protein, low fat and low calorie” highlights,

What’s the big deal with skyr yogurt

In addition to m ü ller, many dairy brands attach great importance to the innovation of skyr yogurt. As the founder of skyr, siggi’s has been playing an important role in this field.

Source: siggi’s

As early as 2004, siggi’s founder siggi’s in the United States began to produce his own low sugar skyr yogurt because he missed his hometown Iceland’s low sugar skyr yogurt, and siggi’s was born. By 2015, siggi’s has become the fastest growing yogurt brand; in 2016, it has 25000 retail outlets in the United States; in 2018, the fast-growing siggi’s joined the French dairy giant Lactalis; by 2019, it has become one of the best-selling yogurt brands in retail stores in China

All along, Siggi ‘s products do not add flavors, coloring agents, artificial preservatives, thickeners, sweeteners, etc., following the traditional practice of Iceland yogurt, using the simplest raw materials and less sugar.

At present, siggi’s products mainly include the cup-shaped thick skyr series, bottled ready to drink filmj ü LK series and portable tubular tubes series for young people, as well as the groundbreaking plant-based series and siggi’s Kids series for children. Among them, skyr has the most varieties, including zero fat yogurt, 2% low-fat yogurt, 4% full fat yogurt, 4% sugar free full fat yogurt, lactose free yogurt and triple milk fat yogurt, as well as skyr products with almond butter dip.

Image source: Google

At the beginning of this year, siggi’s first launched a plant-based skyr product, using coconut milk with low sweetness as the plant base, and adding pea protein and macadamia to it. It contains 1.9g protein per ounce, which is three times that of standard yogurt substitutes, while sugar content is reduced by 40%. The product has five flavors, namely strawberry, Vanilla & Cinnamon, mixed berry, mango and raspberry.

Click on the picture to see the details

Image source: Facebook of siggi’s

Together with plant-based skyr, there are siggi’s Kids series low-fat skyr products for children. The packaging is especially bag and strip, which is easier for children to grasp. The product formula is simpler, and the sugar content is reduced by 50% compared with ordinary children’s yogurt. The bagged taste has strawberry & banana, mixed berry fruit, and the strip flavor is strawberry.

Image source: Google

In addition, the world’s largest organic dairy supplier, dairy giant Danone, general mills, Icelandic provisions co founded by MS Iceland dairy, and Czech brand Bohu š ovick á ml é karna, are all players that can not be ignored in skyr Icelandic yogurt.

In 2015, Elsie Chenxi launched the Arla? Skyr brand, and launched skyr products in the UK and Denmark, focusing on breakfast and snack scenes, and providing consumers with dessert or dish formula with skyr products; in 2016, the brand launched skyr for modern busy office workers Drink series of drinking yoghurt products make it easy for them to enjoy in the process of commuting; in addition, ESR morning sun also introduces skyr yoghurt products with oats, which has a richer taste

Image source: Google

Danone has launched a new light & free skyr series, including blueberry, raspberry and strawberry flavors, with 0 sugar and 0 fat, and 14 g protein per can; liberte, a yogurt brand of general mills, has also launched skyr series yoghurt, including original, vanilla and raspberry flavors.

Photo source: Light & free

MS Iceland is the oldest and largest dairy cooperative in Iceland. It has been producing skyr and Icelandic dairy products since 1927. It is the partner and largest shareholder of Icelandic provisions. Icelandic provisions launched skyr series products at the early stage of its launch in June 2016. The flavors include classic original flavor, vanilla and derivative flavor of Strawberry & Blueberry, Peach & yellow berry and Blueberry & wild mulberry. In August, two new flavors of coconut and raspberry were introduced.

Image source: Google

Bohu ššššššššššššššššššššššššššššš.

Source: Bohu š ovick á ml é karna

It can be seen that in the field of skyr Icelandic yoghurt, various brands compete to increase the price, and the product variety is repeated. From the innovation of formula taste to the differentiation of target population, and then to the expansion of consumption scene, the competition is very fierce. We are also optimistic that, as more and more brands enter the market, skyr yogurt with fat-free, low sugar, high protein and rich flavor and taste will surpass Greek yogurt and become a more popular form of yogurt.

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